Wednesday, May 30, 2012



MUHAHAHA I'm soooooooooooo "mature" :p

We found an all you can eat Japanese restaurant!!  You order the food from an Ipad.. and you dictate how many orders of anything you want and then they bring it to the table.  Pretty neat! Which is really awesome because the hot foods come out piping hot and the sushi is fresh!

Assorted Sushi

Everyone seems UBER excited to eat all you can eat sushi HAHA.

Getting the party started early!

Bethie's first time drinking Sake.. I don't think she's a fan hahahah!

Fried Duck, Fried shrimpies, Fried Takoyaki, Fried Potato Croquette

Seaweed salad and Edamame

The seaweed salad was really yummy and so were the edamame's - unfortunately the Hub's kept referring to the Edamame as an Enema *sigh* only a group of health care professionals can 1. find that amusing 2. appreciate the Hub's sense of humor and 3. continue right on eating even after an Enema discussion!! EW! (Did you click on the enema link? You did didn't you?! Hahahaha and you are completely grossed out now aren't you? ahahah)

Crab claw & Shrimp Tempura

I am SOOO good at doing manual group shots... hahah all those years of taking my own myspace profile pics has finally paid off BAHAHAHAHA! 

Round of sake shots for the boys!

Hehehehe is there such a thing as having TOO much fun?! :p

Friday, May 25, 2012

OOTD: Mint

Seriously who doesn't love all things mint right now?!  Hahaha or pastel for that matter.. it took everything in my not to buy these leggings in EVERY color possible!  I never realized how much fun it was to wear something so brightly colored on the bottom half of my body HAHAHA.  Does that sound totally weird? :p

And yes I realize I desperately need to clean my mirror.. it looks like I have white stuff on my shirt hahah

Jacket: Forever 21, Tank: H&M, Leggings: American Apparel, Ring: ASOS, Necklace: Kie & Kate, Bracelets: Bauble Bar, t+j designs and BCBG, Shoes: Miu Miu, Handbag: Chanel

Friday, May 18, 2012

OOTD: Silver sequins & Pop colors!

Ending the week with brights and sequins - what could be a better way to kick off the weekend?! :p

I hope you dolls have a fabulous weekend!  

Blouse: Bamboo Sky, Tank: H&M, Jean Leggings: Hue, Earrings: c/o Jewelmint, Bracelet: Vintage, Scarf: Juicy Couture, Shoes: Brian Atwood, Purse: Chanel

Friday, May 11, 2012

OOTD: Polka Dottie

Does anybody else love polka dots as much as me??  Something about polka dots just makes me happy!  I know "polka dots" are technically considered a print but I feel like it's actually a neutral.. which now that I think about it is kinda how I feel about leopard print too haha.  

Which is probably why I wore two different polka dot things together and when The Hubs saw my outfit he went "WHOA POLKA DOT OVERLOAD" hahahaha. Can you possibly have too much polka dots? 

Now tell me how many times did I say "polka dots" in this post. Bahahahahah :p

Cardigan: H&M, Tunic: Bamboo Sky, Jean Leggings: Hue, Necklace & Bracelet: Gilt, Shoes: Miu Miu, Handbag: Chanel

Friday, May 4, 2012

OOTD: Monochromatic & Floral

I picked up this blouse for $10 bucks at a local German store.  I was really excited because I thought this blouse looked like it cost wayyyyy more than $10 bucks!  I'm loving grey and all things floral at the moment I love that they chose a grey background and then went with bright orange flowers very unexpected!  

I didn't really want to post this OOTD because I'm not really a fan of my hips and thighs.. I definitely run on the curvier end of the spectrum that's why most of my outfits involve me wearing more blousy and flowy tops/tunics w/ leggings that run past my hips.  But in the interest of trying new things (and full disclosure!) this year I posted it.  I'm putting on a brave face. hahaha :p 

Blouse: New Yorker, Cami: Forever 21, Jean Leggings: Hue, Necklace: Ann Taylor, Earrings: c/o Jewelmint, Stacking pearl rings: Bluenile, Shoes & Handbag: Miu Miu