Monday, October 29, 2012

OOTD: Neon Pastels

Trench Coat & Fuchsia Dress: F21, Tank Top & Belt: H&M, Necklace: ANN TAYLOR,

Still completely obsessed with neons but I'm really loving neons paired with pastels lately.. which is sort of a bummer that I decided to hop on this trend in fall ahahahaha. SMH. *sigh* nevertheless I love it!!  Pastels really help ease some of the color shock of neons in public I think hehehe.  But people do still seem to gawk at my shoes.. heh.. not sure if it's a good gawking or a bad.. but whatevs!  I love my obnoxiously bright shoes!! muhahaha!

Side shoutout - Majority of my friends and family live on the east coast & hawaii.. w/ Frankenstorm/Sandy hurricane and tsunami warnings in Hawaii everyone stay safe!!  Thinking and praying for the safety of everyone out there! Love you all!

Friday, October 26, 2012

OOTD: Arrow

Blouse: ANN TAYLOR, Tank: H&M, Jacket: BAMBOO SKY, Jean Leggings: HUE, Shoes: YSL,
Necklace: TIFFANY & CO, H&M, Handbag: CHANEL

I'm still having trouble letting go of brights as you can see hahaha.. the funny thing is just a year or so ago I was dressing in head to toe black on black on black!!!  All day every day!  Now I find it difficult to not wear something of color.  Ever since I started blogging and have been "documenting" things that I wear I can really see how my "style" has been "evolving" whereas before I started blogging I just assumed my style has stayed pretty much stayed the same the last decade or so!! Funny huh? :p

Monday, October 22, 2012

OOTD: Blue is the new Black

Blazer: ZARA, Blouse: H&M, Jean Leggings: HUE, Necklace: HOUSE OF HARLOW
Shoes: PRADA, Handbag: CHANEL

Blue Overload in today's post hehe!  Blue is definitely one of my favorite colors I love all blues.. navy's, cobalts, sapphire, teals love them all!!  I definitely think instead of wearing head to toe black I like substitute with blue in the fall/winter seasons because I find blue to be a great neutral like black but it's a bit more unusual :)

Sidenote - My hair is getting TOTALLY out of control.  I desperately need to cut it.. we're visiting the states in a few months to see family and I can't wait to get my hair cut hahaha!!  Pretty soon I think I'll be able to sit on it bahahaha! 

Friday, October 19, 2012

OOTD: Studded Gold

Dress: F21, Belts: ZARA & ANN TAYLOR, Necklace: HOUSE OF HARLOW, Arm Candy: ASOS, Shoes: YSL, Handbag: ALEXANDER MCQUEEN

If you follow me on Twitter or my Facebook blog page you might have seen a quickie reveal I did of my new Alexander Mcqueen leopard bag that I scored at almost 60% off!!  I'm obsessed with it I've been using it practically on the daily.  It's so light and small and it prevents me from carrying the entire kitchen sink with me haha.  And I LOVE that it's crossbody really great especially if I'm running errands or going to the grocery store.  And I love that it really gives a pop to whatever I'm wearing I sort of consider leopard as a neutral that can be mixed with anything and everything! hehehe :) 

Have a fabulous weekend Dolls!!

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Quickie OOTD + Guest Post Closet Tour

Skirt: J. CREW, Shoes: TORY BURCH, Scarf: J. CREW, Handbag: BERKSHA

Quickie street shot today before lunch today :) 

Hahaha and yes I'm in flats!!! HUZZAH!! hahahaha

Oh, BTW!  Abbey over at Think Runway did a closet tour of my closet hahah :p  Go check it out! 

Monday, October 15, 2012

OOTD: Cherry Blossoms

Blazer: F21, Top: KISHA STUDIOS, Shorts: OLD NAVY, Belt: J. CREW, Arm Party: T+J DESIGNS, BCBG, ASOS, F21, Shoes: YSL, Handbag: CHANEL

There's a super cute boutique in San Fran opened up by a friend of mine from Hawaii (Hi Cindy!) called Kisha Studio's and that's where I picked up my ADORABLE Cherry Blossom top from!!  I love it.. it's so cute - it's cobalt blue.. (umm.. you MUST know about my cobalt blue obsession by now.. and if you don't know now you know bahahaha) with tiny pink, white and green cherry blossoms and the best part is that there are actually tiny elephants floating on top of the cherry blossoms.




I'm a big statement necklace type of girl.. but I went sans for this outfit because I felt covering up the super pretty crocheted lace neckline would be a total shame :p 

Friday, October 12, 2012

OOTD: Color Bomb

Top & Jacket: F21, Tank Dress: H&M, Arm Party: T+J DESIGNS, ASOS, MARC JACOBS, F21, Necklaces: BAUBLE BAR & ANN TAYLOR, Shoes: MIU MIU, Handbag: CHANEL

I think I'm officially hooked on wedges!!  All the drama and height of high heels without the pain.. well less pain but still.. I can walk in these for much longer then I can wear stilettos!  They are awesome!!!!  Don't know why I didn't try them out a lot earlier!  I actually wore these out on a shopping day and walked around for a good 2 hours before I started complaining bahahaha!  That's a record :p 

Fall's officially over and it's starting to get REALLY cold here again and in a moment of panic I went a little color crazy in this outfit Bahahahaha. What do you think can you still wear all the brights and neons during winter? 

Monday, October 8, 2012


Blazer: F21, Dress: ZARA, Belts: J. CREW & ZARA, Ring: CAROLINA HERRERA,
Arm Candy: ASOS, NEIMAN MARCUS, F21, Shoes: YSL, Handbag: CHANEL

Everyone has a LBD right?  You know that "little black dress" that you can always slip on and you'll feel effortlessly chic and pulled together??

Well I don't. HAH. I haven't found that dress yet.. but I do have a LLD - "little leopard dress" muhahaha :p

I swear I wear so much leopard these days it's like I've started to see leopard as a neutral solid hahaha.  I physically have to TRY to not wear leopard these days.  Oy vey.. perhaps I'm unconsciously channeling Peggy Bundy hahah. 

Friday, October 5, 2012


You may have noticed that I titled this post "DREAM" reveal because these shoes are what dreams are made up!!! muhahah for me anyways!!   I've been STALKING these shoes since last summer.. yes you read that correctly summer of 2011!!!

I'd been stalking and stalking and stalking hoping I would find it miraculously somewhere.. alas NO ONE was carrying this shoe!!!  ::CRIES::

I'd basically completely given up all hope.  I mean let's be real these shoes were from S/S 2011!!

And then I found it. They only had one shoe left. In my exact size. And it was 30% off. 



My new YSL Tribute sandals in fuchsia suede!

These are the very infamous Tribute platform sandal's.  

The first generation of the tribute sandal's came out quite a number of years ago so I'm obviously very late to the party haha.  But for whatever reason I never saw it in a color that made my heart stop.

Until now and I swear when I first laid eyes on these I started hyperventilating the color was just so insanely gorgeous!


I've always been OBSESSED with fuchsia.. a blend of my two favorite colors in the world - purple and pinks.  And though I love all things fuchsia there's a very particular shade of fuchsia which I'm more partial to..  it's when it's leans more purple with a hint of pink mixed in.



They stand 5.5 ft and there is a 1 and 1/4 platform so it would be comparable to standing in 4 and 1/4 shoes.

They fit TTS - my heel does extend past the shoe a teensy ennsy bit but it doesn't really bother me.. and I positive if I sized up half a size it would ultimately result in wayyyy way to big of a shoe. 

Obsessed with the gold and fuchsia combo!

These are surprisingly comfortable for such a high heel.  I'm most comfortable in 5in. shoes because I often find that anything higher than 5in. sometimes I feel like I'm walking on stilts a bit although I didn't seem to have that problem with these shoes.  They feel very stable and it feels like my body weight is very evenly distributed on these shoes.


Suffice to say perhaps my shoe closet is complete.


 Bahahaha :p