Friday, September 30, 2011

D.C. Visit - Satsuma

I missed my 5 year high school reunion 5 years ago.  And considering that I'm leaving for Germany soon I'll probably most likely than not also be missing my 10th year reunion as well haha.

So I was UBER exciting about going to this mini high school reunion dinner!  WOOT WOOT! 

Some of these classmates I haven't seen in about 5 years and some not since our high school graduation 10 years ago!

I cannot even begin to express how happy I felt that you guys all made the effort to come out.  It truly warmed my heart.  It was POURING and when I say pouring I mean that it was actually dangerous for people to be out on the roads.  It had been pouring rain for DAYS and some of the roads were flooded to the point that roads were closed off.  So it meant even more that you guys braved the road to come out for our little meet up.  Thank you so much for coming I loved loved seeing everyone!

Group pic!

Class of 2001 group pic!

Shoutout to Chris for bringing everyone together. 

Shoutout to Jonathan for cooking all the food hahah.
Thank you to everyone that came out I totally had a blast!! 

I know I said it over and over again that night but please please visit us in Germany.

 We'd love to see you guys sooner than later!!

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

D.C. Visit - Wegman's Field Trip!

Ok you guys are going to think I'm a total DWEEB but this entire blog post is devoted to a




Yup!  You read that right a grocery store.  I've been DYING to visit Wegman's if I'm not mistaken it's a chain that started in New Jersey and has locations in NY, MA, PA, VA and MD.  I've long since heard about this grocery store people said it's a mix of Bristal Farms, Trader Joe's and Whole Foods and European grocery store all rolled into one!  SO COOL! hahaha. 

I was not disappointed!

They have rows and rows of ready prepared foods everything from sandwiches to chicken Tikki Masala!  If you look at the top of the photo you'll see the top level is actually a coffee shop/eating area!

So much freshly prepared sushi. nom nom nom!

Soft baked pretzels made in house with dipping sauces! 

This was probably less than 1/10 of the cheese selection.

The desserts!

It looks just like the Parisian bakery that we visited while we were in France!


Oscar the Grouch cupcakes!

Ok don't laugh at me but this looks so nommy I wish I had taken it home hahaha.  It's already pre-made all you have to do is bake it when you get home.  It's basically freshly made crab dip on top of a soft pretzel.  *DROOL*  I can only imagine how nommy this would be freshly baked out of the oven!

Hungry much?  I want to move home just so I can shop at Wegman's HAHAHA.  I told my husband when we come back from Germany I want to move right next door to Wegman's hahahahaha.

They had a running toy train hanging from the ceiling! haha It was so cute because they painted the wall so that when the train runs by it looks like it's actually going through the country side. HAHAHA. ok yeah so I'm a dork ;p


Friday, September 23, 2011

A "mini" Chanel Reveal!

I know, I know I said I was "done" with my Chanel collection. *sigh* but old habits die hard! :p

I couldn't help but pop in for a quick lookie loo just to see what was out for fall.

If you walk into any Chanel store worldwide you'll find that every store has pretty much the same handbags on display.

If you want something unique or a little more one of a kind the key is to sweet talk your nearest Chanel SA and ask if they have anything "special" in the back.

The Chanel SA went to the back and came back out with 3 boxes.  From the first box she pulled out a gorgeous metallic tweed black & white flap w/ Camellia flowers.  From the second box a byzantine leather flap with woven strips of leather actually stitched into the flap. But the third and final box that she opened literally made my heart skip a beat!

The "new" Mini Flap!

I always loved the mini flap because well let's be honest anything mini is SO CUTE but when I first began to collect Chanel pieces I decided that it was really too tiny for my purposes.

But then Chanel did away with them and said they were being discontinued permanently really threw me for a loop!  Randomly they brought it back this fall!  WOOT! Now that I have flaps in a multitude of sizes I felt that perhaps a tiny flap would be the perfect addition to my collection!

Those of you that know me know that I love everything sparkly and shiny!

The bag is made with a sparkly suede material.  It really shimmers in the light!  I love that! 

The mini flap measures 8"H x 5"W x 3"D

The reason I showed you the back and sides first was because the front of the bag is the reason my heart stopped beating! 

This is sparkles x 10000000!!! hahahaha.

The giant CC clasp is actually made up of 100's of sparkly Swarovski crystals!  To open the bag you would simply pull the clasp down and the top flap opens up like a normal flap. The inside is very much like any single flap it has one open pocket and one zippered pocket.

The sparkly Swarovski crystals make the clasp sparkle like 100's of tiny diamonds!!! :)

Like all Chanel flaps the chain can be worn double chained and can be pulled out to be worn single chained.  I'm 5'5 and slightly more ample in the bust area (and everywhere else HAH) so I'm unable to wear it cross bodied but I think if you were a little more petite than me you could definitely wear this crossbodied.

I took a couple pictures at night with the flash on so you could see just how shimmery the suede material is and what the crystals look like! :)

So am I done with Chanel?

I'm truly happy and content with my collection to date but never say never! ;p