Friday, April 27, 2012

OOTD: Crystal pumps & Leopard

I've been *drooling* over Rick Owen's asymmetrical moto jackets for well YEARS now.. but at $3k+ a pop.. that is most definitely out of my price range. 

I've only started "layering" clothes this year and I'm still learning but I scored this amazing faux leather asymmetrical moto jacket awhile back from Bamboo Sky but soon after we moved to 100+ degree Texas and I never had the opportunity to wear it!  Now that I'm in Germany I.CANNOT.STOP.WEARING.IT.  hahaha it really "completes" an outfit and I feel like it makes it seem like I know how to "layer" hahahaha. 

My asymmetrical tiered rust colored dress is also something I would have NEVER bought in the past but I'm loving the interesting color and I find that Rust is a more "interesting" neutral.  Did you know blue is a complimentary color to Rust?  And that when you wear complimentary colors together they actually intensify each individual color.  hahah I've learned all sorts of "interesting" tidbits since I started blogging. :)

Moto Jacket: Bamboo Sky, Dress: Forever 21, Scarf: H&M, Ring: Noir via Gilt Group, Shoes: Dolce Vita, Handbag: YSL 

Friday, April 20, 2012

Easy DIY to protect your fashion jewelry!

I just discovered this little trick and I really wanted to share it with you dolls.  It's SOOOO easy I actually felt silly for 1. not knowing about this sooner and 2. not doing it all these years.  If you're like me you L-O-V-E fashion jewelry.. I can spend hours at Forever 21 picking up the latest and cutest things.

But one thing that drives me TOTALLY crazy is that deep down you know in a few months it's going to tarnish or the color is going to rub off and look yucky :(

The reason why it tarnishes is because of the metal being exposed to moisture.  SO to prevent it from being exposed to moisture all you need to do is create a barrier so to speak - all you have to do is paint over it with a little clear nail polish!!


I have a couple of pieces of fashion jewelry I picked up lately that I'll be using in this demo.  I try to wait until I have a bunch of pieces and then I do all of them at one time.

This is what you'll need

Your fashion jewelry!

Saran wrap, clear nail polish (any brand will do) and some tape.

I take a big chunk of the saran wrap and lay it on the table and then tape down the sides.

Lay all of my fashion jewelry flat on the saran wrap

Then I paint the top visible layer.  After I'm done I let it rest there for a couple hours or so.  Then I gently touch the LAST piece I was working on to see if it's dried (because then obviously all the rest must be dry too.) Once it's dry you flip over all of the pieces and repeat on the other side!

Just a little tidbit - the first time I did this I held the costume jewelry in between my fingers and painted over the WHOLE piece and then set it down to dry on a piece of paper and what ended up happening was the bottom of the jewelry became glued to the piece of paper I laid it on (*&(@*#&$(*#@&$ AND you could see tiny thumb prints that had dried into the clear nail polish from where I was holding the jewelry AHAHAHA :p

And that's it!  Easy peasy right?  Now you'll be able to enjoy your favorite fashion jewelry pieces for many years to come!

Black & Gold pave pyramid bracelet - t+j designs, I <3 Paris cuff - Forever 21, Bamboo crystal bangles - t+j designs, Thin pyramid pave bangles - BCBG, Panther pave bangle - Kenneth Jay Lane, Heart shaped ring & Pyramid stud bracelet - ASOS, Crystal between-the-finger ring - Ted Baker via ASOS

DISCLAIMER - The fashion jewelry will have a slight clear film on from the clear nail polish so some of your high polish looking jewelry will look slightly dull after you do it.. it won't be as shiny as before you painted the clear nail polish on.. but it will prevent it from turning brown or changing color!  So definitely consider this before you do it :)  Also depending on how well .. or rather how patient you are in painting the nail polish on (unlike me.. who towards the end just kind of dumped nail polish all over the jewelry) it'll result in a much better finish if you put on a small thin layer of nail polish on!

Friday, April 13, 2012

Dusseldorf & Other Randomness!

We headed to Dusseldorf for the weekend!!  Did you know Dusseldorf, Germany has the largest population of Japanese ex-pat's in ALL of Europe!  Do you know what that means??  Getting my Japanese grub on!! muhahaha!

I'm currently completely obsessed with this Maxi dress that I got from Forever 21 it's the most amazing Orchid color!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE!  I'm also obsessed with the dagger necklace I found at H&M! :)

Adding in the Hubs (because he's soooo much cooler than me ::CRIES:: hahaha :)!

It's so pretty here!

Please excuse my very scruffy slightly homeless looking dogs.. they are in desperate need of a haircut.. but I've been reluctant to take them to the groomers because it's so cold here.

I LOVEEEEEEEEEE Molton Brown products!

I could not get over how adorable this cafe was!

Ebi Fry w/ Tonkatsu sauce
Miso soup & Oyakodon

OMGGGG the Oyakodon was SOOO delicious!! I was literally hyperventilating as I was eating it bahahahaha!  I dunno.. maybe it's because I haven't had good Japanese food in like 8+ months! :p

Found an amazing Japanese bakery with some of my favorite things that I use to eat on the daily when I still lived in Hawaii! YAY! :)

So pretty!  I love cherry blossoms!

It's Ramen time! 

I've been having SERIOUS ramen withdrawals.. like really good and rich ramen.. and I had read that there was a place that had AMAZING ramen!

Had to snap a pic of this because it says "TAIWAN RAMEN" MUHAHAH!  Taiwan pride! :p Coincidentally there were two girls eating behind me that were FROM Taiwan!!  I got all excited hahah it helped ease a little bit of the homesickness :)

Chicken Karaage 


It was soooo nommy!  It was piping hot, crunchy but not too much breading and soooo juicy.

Chicken Karaage Ramen

Look at that GIANT spoon! 

I seriously wanted to jack the spoon.. muhahaha I need a big soup spoon like this at home haha.  

How ADORBS is the Hubs hahahah :p

BTW this was about 15 min after the restaurant opened (and yes we were the first patrons in line hahah).  We tried to go the restaurant TWICE the day before.. but both times they had like RIDICULOUSLY long lines and we gave up waiting both times.. so we decided to get there 30 min before they opened the next day.  The things I will do (and make the Hubs do muhahah) for good food!

Miso Ramen

My ramen was amazing.. the miso was soooo rich and creamy you could tell they threw in some pork bones in there because the soup was way more delicious than a typical miso soup.  The noodles were the perfect texture.. apparently their noodles come straight from Sapporo, Japan.  The best part was the meat.. they had Char Siu.. which was only OK..  but the star was this fried thin fatty pork they threw in there. OMGGGGGGGG the thin fatty pork was SO GOOD it was so good it was almost disgusting hahaha.

Completely obscene shot of my eggs.  And yes it tasted completely obscene as well!!! :p

Our verdict?  The Hub's said this was the best Ramen meal he's ever had in his entire life.. I dunno if it's the best in my entire life.. but I would def say it beats out any place in the SF Bay area and it's definitely on par with the ramen from Hawaii!! WHOOP WHOOP!  To bad it's also 4+ hours away *sigh* I cannot believe I have to drive 8 hours for ramen!! ARGH!  But it was worth it! :p

For MONTHS the Hubs has been walking around our city and pointing at different people wearing Superdry jackets and wondering a loud where they were getting them from.  Well on our LOOOONG 4+ hour drive back from Dusseldorf we fell upon a giant outlet and decided to take a break and check it out.  Low and behold a Superdry outlet store!  The Hubs was ecstatic and found an awesome jacket which he's completely in love with.

Even better is that I went on the Superdry website after I got home to check out the prices.. and the jacket he picked up is BRAND NEW and still being sold on the website.. and he got it for about $30 bucks cheaper!!! MUHAHAHA. I have a sickness.. I NEED to feel like I got a good deal..

Some of you that follow me on twitter may have seen my latest acquisition!  A pair of something blue that I picked up in Dusseldorf!

Which I have since moved onto my shoe shelf! 

Are you totally surprised that they aren't a pair of blue shoes HAHA!!  

They are in fact a pair of Foo Lions and not what is commonly misinterpreted in English as Foo Dogs.. I'm not entirely sure why they are translated into Dogs.. possibly because of the Shih tzu which in Chinese literally translates to "Lion Dog".

Anyways I loooooove love them on my shoe shelf.. especially next to my pair of fuchsia Brian Atwoods.. however now that I've mentioned a "pair of something blue" I am starting to feel that I desperately need a pair of blue shoes bahahahahahaha. oy.

Friday, April 6, 2012

OOTD: Fushia & Leather Leggings

It's funny that blogging has helped me be more experimental with my everyday style choices.  A year ago my closet consisted of black, black and more black and would NEVER have thought to wear two contrasting colors together and now I can't get enough of it!  I absolutely love the sharp contrast of bright pop colors against black. 

Completely and utterly OBSESSED with this shade of purple-ish pink fuchsia!  My tunic is actually a dress but I pulled it up with a belt and bunched it.. something about this color and the draped layered reminds me of a flower. :)  

Blazer: H&M, Tunic: Forever 21, Leather Leggings: Romeo & Juliet, Belt: Ann Taylor, Necklace: House of Harlow, Bangles: BCBG & t+j designs, Shoes: Christian Louboutin, Handbag: Chanel

AND! - Congrats to Lauren of L dot C dot for winning my House of Harlow Leather Stations Necklace!                                                                                                          
                                                    Thank you to all who entered!! :)