Friday, October 28, 2011

Shabby Apple Pendant Giveaway!


Shabby Apple recently reached out to me to giveaway this GORGEOUS feather pendant!! 

I'm so jealous because I'm SO tempted to keep it for myself hahaha.

If you aren't familiar with Shabby Apple you should definitely visit their website they have the most adorable vintage dresses it's like the wardrobe you would want to accompany you if you were taking a holiday in the south of France or the Amalfi coast!

You can view the pendant here on the Shabby Apple website. 

The gorgeous pendant is 18in. and retails for $48.   


Open to the U.S. only.

(Sorry the contest is being hosted by Shabby Apple not me!)

Giveaway ends Friday 11.11.11 @ Midnight (CET)

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Disclaimer: The product in the giveaway were sponsered by Shabby Apple.


Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Grocery shopping in Germany & other Randomness!

Snitzel sandwich w/ french fries

I've been eating REALLY badly since I got to Germany.. luckily we don't have our car yet so we've been walking/taking the bus everywhere.. so I've been walking atleast 2 hr. mininum a day.. sometimes as much as 8 hours just touring the city.  These snitzel sandwiches are CRAZY delicious.. I've noticed that the meats here taste a bit more gamey then in the US.. ie. the chicken tastes more chicken-y and the pork really tastes more porky here!  The Germans REALLY love bread and they have the most delicious bread I've ever had in my entire life.  The french fries are also fried well.. I actually think they taste better than American french fries and they sprinkle the french fries with paprika which is SO GOOD!!  I've never tasted french fries with paprika before but now that I've had it I don't want to eat french fries without it anymore hahaha.

Touring our local grocery store called Norma.

Further proof that you can take the girl out of Hawaii but you can't take the Hawaii out of the girl!!

I'm amazed at what you can pick up at your local grocery store. 

Produce, check, Meats, check, Hub cap, check!

Weiner's in jars!  They have them in all sorts of flavors - original, chili, spicy, onion, garlic and many other crazy flavours.  They take their sausage VERY seriously here and for the first time I don't feel guilty when I eat a hot dog hahahah.  But I do think there hot dog tastes a lot better then the american counterparts and I think they're also a lot healthier.  They taste "cleaner" I don't know if that really makes sense but they really do!

The word "Eis" pronouced "Ice" is actually ice cream.  They don't have ice in Germany they don't carry it in the resturants and you can't buy it in a bag at the grocery store like you would in the US.  When you ask for "Eis" they ask you what flavor you want and when you try to explain that you want ice cubes they look at you like you are crazy. 

I can't wait to move into our new place because I miss having a kitchen and I'm mostly crazy excited about trying all the different pre-packaged and conveniance foods from the grocery store hahaha. 

Currywurst is very popular in Germany it's essentially a cut up bratwurst in a ketchip sauce w/ curry spice sprinkled on top.

They really love cold cut meats and cheeses here.  Most of their breakfast's include some form of cold cuts and cheeses with some of their fantastic breads and rolls.

The drinks I've noticed are much less sweet than the american counterparts and are significantly less in calories.  A large soda here is normally at the most around 100 calories.

Cold cuts from your kiddies!!  Cold cuts in the shape of bears hahaha I thought this was so adorable!

See they are really shaped like bears!!!!

They take their prepared deli foods very seriously!

 I feel like in the US the prepared foods section is usually like roast chicken, fried chicken and mac & cheese.  Here the foods are very fresh and the colors are very bright and vibrant.

Halfway through our stay at our last hotel they ran out of hotel rooms!!  We thought we would have found an apartment much sooner but we didn't.  So we had to move (our 10 pieces of luggage and 2 dogs) to the Mecure hotel.  You have NO IDEA how much of a drag that was.. but atleast the new bathroom was pretty HAHAHA.

I don't typically like to order room service food because it's so expensive but sometimes after a long day I have to admit there's nothing better and more luxurious than donning pj's and picking up the phone and having food delivered to your hotel room and then letting someone else clean it up :p

Veggie pasta, Salmon cream pasta, Shrimp bisque

Monday, October 24, 2011

Kreuzberg Beer Monastery

Hubs and I heard about an actual Beer Monastery in Germany about an hour away from our city so we made the trek into the country to visit this monastery!  The beer is brewed by real monks for the last couple of centuries and they also have a church there and they continue to hold services. 

They also have a hotel and restaurant attached to the monastery so you can get your party on! hahah
It's such a random place you can get your drink on and go to church..... haha.

P.S.  It was about 40 degrees F the day that we went and as you can see there are tons of people milling around getting their drink on.  The Germans are very serious, orderly and responsible people but they loveeeee to party! hahaha.

Some of the Hub's awesome new co-workers.  Brad the Pharmacist and Beth the Optomatrist :)! 

Heart them! <3

Me and my giant beer.  HAHA. Yeah right.  You guys know I don't drink.. it's apple cider :p

UMMMM. so.. I ordered the wrong thing.  The perils of living in a foreign country hahaha.  Sometimes you'll end up with scary looking uncooked dinosaur meat.  *sigh*

Pork Knuckle, potato dumplings and saurkraut
This however was DELISH!  The skin has been broiled to the point that it's crisp and delicious it tastes like chinese roast pig and the meat inside is essentially falling apart you don't even need a knife to break it apart..

Lucas's souvenir!  A giant jar of beer freshly brewed by the monks!  I think he's in LOVE. 

This thing is a small monster it's 5 liters!  For perspective I placed it next to the pretty giant beer mugs which are 1 liter.

HAH Sorry Waki couldn't resist :)

We're tourists so obviously we needed a picture under the sign!

but the person taking the picture cut out the sign!!! *ARGH*!!! hahahahaha

Germans become very VERY friendly people after a couple of beers hahaha.  This particular "friend" that we made that evening was VERRRRRY friendly hahaha.

YESSSSS. HAHAHA.  I think it was his bachelor party.  PURE AWESOMENESS!

His drunk bachelors friends took a picture of our legs HAHAHA and not us.  *SIGH*

If you guys visit Germany you must visit a Beer Monastery I think there are actually a couple scattered throughout Germany.  There is nothing like it!

Friday, October 21, 2011

A "sexy" Louboutin Reveal!

Front desk called me to let me know that a package was waiting for me in the lobby!!!!  Hubs knew I've been really stressed out with the move and "knew" that shoes would make everything all better. HAHA.

Isn't that the truth?? :p

Isn't that the sweetest sentiment?



The packaging is SOOOO pretty!!  I loved this wrapping paper so much that I actually carefully peeled it off and then saved it HAHAHA.  It looks like an old fashioned leather trunk w/ jewels on it.  The green part that looks like crocodile has a glossy sheen on it. 

Bows, Crystals and Louboutins, Oh My!


I swear there's nothing so gorge as the deep red color Louboutin is known for!




Very Prive lace peeptoe pumps!

I mean seriously can my hubs pick a shoe or can he pick a shoe?! 

He said he picked them because lace = sexy

HAHAHAHA. It's so easy for guys isn't it.

All they care about is if it's "sexy".

They are 5 inch tall w/ a 1 inch platform so they wear like a pair of 4 inch heels.

They fit TTS however I did find them to be a bit snug but with all Loubie's I've found that they do stretch quite a bit so it's best if they are a bit on the snug side to begin with.

LOVE!  Thanks for the amazing shoes booboo!