Friday, June 24, 2011

My Special Customized Chanel Reveal!

Those of you that have been following my blog may have seen my blog post about a very special Chanel customizing cocktail party I went to last year in this post.  At this cocktail party I received the once in a lifetime opportunity to create my very own custom Chanel flap! 

Finally after 8 long excruciating months my special made for me flap is here!

The packaging *DROOL*  these special white boxes with Chanel printed in black is only available when you purchase Chanel items in Paris.  If you purchase something from Chanel anywhere else in the world the boxes are black with white words.  Since this was a custom order it was sent to me straight from Paris hence the white box :)

Chanel actually brought in a whole team from Paris to San Francisco to specifically package this special order! Talk about fancy schmancy! hahaha

The special white boxes actually sit on a thick black platform.

Single white Camellia

And underneath another layer w/ a single white Camellia

The flap is totally wrapped and taped up in multiple layers of Chanel tissue.


Chanel Jumbo Gold Metallic Lambskin Flap w/ Gold Hardware

I had to wait a long agonizing 8 months for this flap and since we customized our flap we didn't actually get to see a finalized product.  I was really stressing whether or not I made the right choice choosing gold metallic and then I stressed about whether I made the right choice about choosing gold hardware.  Then I started doubting myself that maybe I should have chosen metallic silver hardware to go with the gold metallic color.. and then I thought no maybe I should have chosen a metallic silver flap.. and then I thought maybe I should have chosen a purple flap..  or perhaps a blue flap...

AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA you get the picture. :p


The bag can be worn multiple ways just with a single chain, double chain or cross bodied.

The super exciting part of this whole process is that they actually imprinted my initials in gold onto the bag! hehehe Lisa is my middle name ;)

The hubs and I actually both share the initials L. P. so it's like the bag is already a family heirloom piece.  I seriously hope we have at least one daughter hahahaha otherwise I'll be screwed :p

The hubs says my flap looks like a giant gold bar hahaha.

The metallic bag is made out of lambskin leather with a metallic coating on top. 


For whatever reason getting something for free is SO gratifying AHAHAHAHA.

Chanel included this gorgeous card holder made with the same gold metallic lambskin leather and gold hardware to accompany my bag. 

I was so excited about the card holder hahaha maybe even slightly more excited than my flap.

The little card holder even has it's own serial number and ID card! bahahahaha

There's 4 slots for cards and the middle one is larger which I one could use for dollar bills & coins.

My lovely gold duo :)


Wednesday, June 22, 2011


Hehehe a quickie peek into my Vegas travels.  I essentially shopped and ate.. and ate.. and then ate some more.  UGH SUCH A FATTY!! :p

I wanted to give you guys a quickie update on my life as of late.  I'm going to be a little MIA in the next couple of weeks and I realize I have not done an OOTD in forever.  I'm so sorry about that although truthfully I don't really consider myself a "fashion blogger".  The hubs always tells people I'm a fashion and lifestyle blogger but I always rush to correct him and explain that I just blog about things that I do in my everyday life... I'm an "everyday life blogger" hahaha. 

Many of you that follow my blog also know that we'll be moving to Germany this fall but we'll actually be moving earlier then this coming fall.  Next week the hubs and I (plus the two doggies :) will be packing up our little apartment and driving halfway across the country and we'll be living in San Antonio for a few months before we leave for Germany.  So in between packing up our entire lives and traveling to Seattle and Vegas - truthfully dressing up and putting on makeup is in all on the bottom on my daily to do list.. which explains the lack of OOTD's.

I've got a few posts lined up already on blogger that will upload while we are traveling across the country but please understand if I'm not as responsive in blogger comments or to e-mails because I'm not sure how much access to the Internet and even when I'll have it set up in our new apartment in S.A. for that matter. 

I'll miss you guys lots and I'm looking forward to catching up on everyone's blog posts when I get settled in S.A.  Be on the lookout for Vegas Posts and Reveals!


Monday, June 20, 2011

Seattle Part 4

The Fremont Troll! :)

Exploring the troll's nostrils hahaha.

I love how Seattle has so many pretty flowers and landscaping everywhere!!

Winery tour

Din Tai Fung in Bellevue.  O M G it was SOOOOO GOOD!!!  The hubs and I both agreed that it was even better then the one we went to in LA and in Taipei!!  If you aren't familiar with Din Tai Fung it's basically the brand name Shiao Long Bao restaurant from Taiwan.  They have like a dozen restaurants in Taiwan and scattered throughout the rest of the world. 

BAHAHAHA he smiled for my camera!!! niceeeeee!

Halfway through the meal Kathy said this was by far the best meal we had in Seattle!

Hehe while we were eating we looked out the window and this is what we saw!  HOW CUTE!!  We were saying that they should put one post it in every window on that side of the wall so it would look like a real pac man screen hahaha.

Another Tom Douglas restaurant!

The in house made maple pork sausage was insanely good.  I gave one to the hubs before I even took a bite of mine.. and then I seriously regretted giving him a whole sausage link. AHAHAHAH

One of the best trips ever!!  Thank you Seattle for showering us with fantastic weather, Kathy & Kim for flying out from Atlanta, Shirley for flying out from San Francisco and Ian for showing us an amazing time!!