Monday, November 28, 2011

Limited Edition Jimmy Choo Reveal!

My dressing room is still undergoing major construction I special ordered a vanity mirror (but as you can see it's not up because it hasn't come GRR and I've been waiting for over 4 weeks already!!) so I probably won't post picks until things are more settled in the room but I had to talk about my new vanity it's hard to see them in the picture but the legs of the vanity are MAH-JOR!! They're french baroque design and GORGEOUS.  I'm so totally obsessed with my new vanity table and chair.. (now don't you wish you could see the chair?? tehehe).  Pics to come soon I promise :)

Ok enough blabber on to my new Jimmy Choo reveal!!  These are officially my very first pair of Jimmy Choo's! 

These shoes are actually part of the ICONS collection.  The ICONS collection is to celebrate the companies 15th anniversary so they are reissuing 15 of their most infamously famous shoes from it's archives but the reissued shoes have some new luxurious updates! 

Since these are special limited edition shoes they also come with a special limited edition box which is why the shoe box looks a bit different from a normal Jimmy Choo shoe box.  You guys know how much I love limited edition anything!!  

The great thing about the ICON collection is that a portion of the proceeds will actually go to The Jimmy Choo foundation which gives money to women's rights charities.

Here we go!

Presenting the Marlene!  

The ICONS collection shoes come with a giant fold up poster book to show you all the reissued redesigned shoes and talks about the history of where the shoe came from.

If you're a Sex in the City fanatic and the the shoe looks peculiarly familiar to you it's because this particular shoe is actually the remodel of the infamous feather Choo's that Carrie Bradshaw had stolen from her in the show!

There's a bit of a back story to these shoes.  We are currently living in a much smaller city in Germany than I am accustomed to and it's a bit of a culture shock to me having lived in Washington, D.C., Honolulu, Hawaii, and San Francisco.. where if you want something more than likely you will have easy access to it.  Munich has a luxury shopping street known as Maxamillian it's what Champs-Elysee is to Paris.  Munich is about a 2 hour drive from where we live now and as soon as we dropped our bags off at the hotel the first thing we did was head over to Maxamillian.  I went into practically every store on the street Chanel, Hermes, Christian Louboutin, Valentino, Cartier, Chopard, Dior - and I didn't find a thing that really made my heart stop.  Sadly by then the stores were closing up and I went back to our hotel empty handed. :(

The next morning I woke up and was unwilling to admit defeat so the hubs obliged and said we could go back to Maxamillion as long as I would agree to go to BMW World in the afternoon hahaha.

We were strolling past the Jimmy Choo store and these shoes were prominetly displayed in the store window and my heart literally skipped a beat!  I stood outside and pressed my nose and hands up on the window like a child staring into a candy store and oogled at them for a good 10 min. (I swear I think I drooled a little bit) and finally my husband practically pushed me into the store.  YAY! :)

The shoes are 145mm high roughly 6 inches and are by far the tallest shoes in my collection but the platform is quite big roughly 1.5 inches so the shoes wear like a paif of 4.5 inch heels.

I love love love jewel tones!!  I mean how can you not the gorgeous amethyst purple and the stunning teal and blue sapphire colors!!  The hand applied feathers have little sparkly Swarovski crystals sprinkled on them.  To be totally honest I'm terrified of actually wearing these shoes out.. I'm afraid one misstep and the feathers and crystals will tear off ::CRIES::

I decided to give you guys a little peek at my new vanity chair!!  Tehehehe do you see it?? :)

To see more of the ICONS collections you can here to watch the Behind the Scene's video.

Friday, November 25, 2011


Hubs and I stumbled upon this SUPER YUMMY organic cafe in Munich.. it was SOOOO GOOD I could not stop talking about it all weekend.. I want to go to Munich every weekend just so I can eat here! I think the company is actually owned by an American corporation because the entire staff spoke English and the menu was in English as well.  The cafe really reminded me of San Francisco..

Ham & Cheese Sammie, Pasta Salad and Greens

One of the best ham & cheese sandwich I've ever had in my entire life.. it's amazing what quality ham & cheese can do for a sandwich.. the toasted bread was so delicious I think they actually buttered the bread and sprinkled parmasean cheese on the outside of the bread.  The pasta salad was fresh and delicious with whole chunks of fresh mozerella it was SOOOO GOOD!!  Even the fresh salad had a delightfully deliciously tang to it!

Cheesecake & Coffee

Their desserts are all made in house as well and this cheesecake was rich tasting but I didn't feel weighed down after eating it I think it had a hint of lemon and orange zest in it.

Some of the delicious take away sandwich options they have as well.. next time I'm so going back for that gorgeous salmon sandwich.. or the curry chicken sandwich.. or perhaps I'll go back to the ham & cheese .. although that roast beef on the top left corner is starting to look really good haha :P

For all you car lovers out there presenting - BMW World!  I suppose if you're a fan of luxury European cars it would be hard to visit Germany without visiting the many many car museums they have there.. BMW, Porche, Mercedes Benz.. I know car fanatics eat this up.. but to be totally honest it really just seemed like a shiny way of getting you to buy a new car hahahaha.  Just don't tell The Hubs that because he ate it all up hahah.


I know this is disgustingly gaudy.. but the gaudiness in me wants this car HAHAHA.

They even have a cafe for you to think about which car you should get bahahaha.. or you could go upstairs to the coffee bar and the restaurant as well.  BMW is so thoughtful they offer you so many places to comtemplate signing your life away haha.  I have the same reaction whenever I walk into a Chanel store bahahahah.

Lychee & Gogi drink,  Procuitto & Mozerella Sesame Sandwich & Fig Custard Tart

The upstairs level also contains a race track where you can test drive the cars it's pretty neat because the track is suspended in mid air.

One of my favorite things to do when visiting a new city is to visit a farmers market/grocery store/gourmet food store.  Munich has a really great indoor gourmet food store that's HUGE and offers some of the most delectable food items!!  Thank goodness I don't live in Munich because I think I would spend so much money at this place every week hahah.

I <3'd this!!!!!  Get it <3'd it? hahaha :)

Pate & Bacon,  Procuitto & Egg,  Turkey, Pear & Horseradish Crostini

These were delicious but the definite standout was the Procuitto & Egg.. a runny egg on anything is absolute perfection.. next time I visit Munich again I'm going to order 4 of them to eat all by myself hahah!

Glazed fruit gelatin tart w/ custard and chocolate

At the gourmet indoor food market I also picked up a bunch of adorable mugs and bowls.  Something about opening my kitchen cabinets and seeing pretty mugs all in a row makes me happy and drinking my daily morning Chai Latte from a pretty mug makes the Chai taste that much more nommier!!!  haha

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

OOTD: Purple & Pink

I'm still not really use to the weather in Germany.. it probably didn't help that we just came off of 110 degree weather in San Antonio, TX!!  Just when my body somewhat got use to the crazy heat now it's crazy cold!!

It was about 30 degree's F on this particular day and the wind chill was awful.  I was not dressed appropriately AT ALL to say the least.. I.WAS.FREEZING. hahahaha.  I will have to say though that I'm so excited to be able to wear all my warm and fuzzy coats and boots!!  I love cold weather! :)

Vintage Fur Coat
H&M Dress
Forever 21 Scarf
Express Leggings 
Kie & Kate Necklace
Louis Vuitton Bangle
Colin Stuart Boots
Chanel Flap