Friday, November 25, 2011


Hubs and I stumbled upon this SUPER YUMMY organic cafe in Munich.. it was SOOOO GOOD I could not stop talking about it all weekend.. I want to go to Munich every weekend just so I can eat here! I think the company is actually owned by an American corporation because the entire staff spoke English and the menu was in English as well.  The cafe really reminded me of San Francisco..

Ham & Cheese Sammie, Pasta Salad and Greens

One of the best ham & cheese sandwich I've ever had in my entire life.. it's amazing what quality ham & cheese can do for a sandwich.. the toasted bread was so delicious I think they actually buttered the bread and sprinkled parmasean cheese on the outside of the bread.  The pasta salad was fresh and delicious with whole chunks of fresh mozerella it was SOOOO GOOD!!  Even the fresh salad had a delightfully deliciously tang to it!

Cheesecake & Coffee

Their desserts are all made in house as well and this cheesecake was rich tasting but I didn't feel weighed down after eating it I think it had a hint of lemon and orange zest in it.

Some of the delicious take away sandwich options they have as well.. next time I'm so going back for that gorgeous salmon sandwich.. or the curry chicken sandwich.. or perhaps I'll go back to the ham & cheese .. although that roast beef on the top left corner is starting to look really good haha :P

For all you car lovers out there presenting - BMW World!  I suppose if you're a fan of luxury European cars it would be hard to visit Germany without visiting the many many car museums they have there.. BMW, Porche, Mercedes Benz.. I know car fanatics eat this up.. but to be totally honest it really just seemed like a shiny way of getting you to buy a new car hahahaha.  Just don't tell The Hubs that because he ate it all up hahah.


I know this is disgustingly gaudy.. but the gaudiness in me wants this car HAHAHA.

They even have a cafe for you to think about which car you should get bahahaha.. or you could go upstairs to the coffee bar and the restaurant as well.  BMW is so thoughtful they offer you so many places to comtemplate signing your life away haha.  I have the same reaction whenever I walk into a Chanel store bahahahah.

Lychee & Gogi drink,  Procuitto & Mozerella Sesame Sandwich & Fig Custard Tart

The upstairs level also contains a race track where you can test drive the cars it's pretty neat because the track is suspended in mid air.

One of my favorite things to do when visiting a new city is to visit a farmers market/grocery store/gourmet food store.  Munich has a really great indoor gourmet food store that's HUGE and offers some of the most delectable food items!!  Thank goodness I don't live in Munich because I think I would spend so much money at this place every week hahah.

I <3'd this!!!!!  Get it <3'd it? hahaha :)

Pate & Bacon,  Procuitto & Egg,  Turkey, Pear & Horseradish Crostini

These were delicious but the definite standout was the Procuitto & Egg.. a runny egg on anything is absolute perfection.. next time I visit Munich again I'm going to order 4 of them to eat all by myself hahah!

Glazed fruit gelatin tart w/ custard and chocolate

At the gourmet indoor food market I also picked up a bunch of adorable mugs and bowls.  Something about opening my kitchen cabinets and seeing pretty mugs all in a row makes me happy and drinking my daily morning Chai Latte from a pretty mug makes the Chai taste that much more nommier!!!  haha


  1. I love the photos Lisa! There's so many things to look at :) I hope you and the hubby are enjoying Munich!

    P.S. Your pink statement necklace is really cute!

  2. Ooh fun! I love finding cafes abroad that remind me of home.
    Yum to great sandwiches (sigh so hard to find in Asia!)

    Chic 'n Cheap Living

  3. I LOVE your grey/brown fur chubby! I just got [another] grey faux fur coat - I can't get enough. re: the BMW cafe - WOW they really do it up right!

    xx Vivian @

  4. Woot! So many pictures to drool on! It seems like you're adjusting quite well in your new hometown. I'm so happy for you!

    Thanx for your lovely comment! Was grinning while reading it. oops... I've got no more glossy black hair but I hope you still like my new look. I posted it up on my blog. Have you seen? lol

  5. hubs would totally want to check out BMW World! XD All the food and produce there look so fresh and delish!!

  6. OMGGGG BMW WORLD!!! I totally want the yellow one as well :P hahahah
    and so much food porn!!!! droolllll, is it weird that I'm drooling over fresh fruit as well?
    also in reply to your comment: I think they dated for about a month and he gave her 3 pairs of shoes!

  7. omggg i want to go to BMW world!!! My bf would die if he were there! haha

    such yummy foooodd! you are so funny, can't make up your mind about the take out sandwiches.

    my favorite would have to be the apples with the heart, that is so precious!

  8. omg all the food T^T so yummeh!!!!! why are there heart shapes on the apples?!?!?! lol. i think all guys would just die there at the car museums...

  9. Love all your photos and I like your necklace. That sandwich looks delish even in photos. :)

  10. Lisa: thank god I am still full from Thanksgiving dinner!! Look at all the foodies out there and those cars. The BMWs look pretty darn good. I see a lot of black and white ones around here. You are gorgeous as always and a statement necklace is out of this world stunning, you wear it really well missy.

    You and your hub are the cutest couple ever Lisa. I always love how he spoils you rotten, you so deserve it.

  11. ok i didn't think it would be possible for me to feel hungry ever again after everything I ate at Thanksgiving today but...your post actually made me a tiiiiny bit hungry again!!! i love the cute cafe!!

  12. It's so nice stumbling onto places you like. That cheesecake looks like heaven!

  13. Thank you for this post! I last visited Munich when I was like 14 and on a field trip and I've always wanted to go back. So fun to travel back through your eyes!

  14. that farmers' market is huge and gorgeous! I want to go there and live there forever! especially for those heart apples, and I don't even like apples!
    Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving!
    ♥ laura
    the blog of worldly delights

  15. your food posts always make me soooo hungry. -_- yes, your food photos are that good! hahaha! i think i'll go and find something to eat now. :)


    always enjoy reading your blog and your adventure hehe

  17. life in Germany must be great!!! :) love all pics.

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    Miss Kwong - Art and Fashion

  18. Lisa!!! You've made me so hungry girl! HAHAHAHA Can they FedEx one of those sandwiches to the US. HAHAHAHA I love you! You're so adorable. The cars at BMW World were gorgeous. I know your hubby liked that! And how fab is that market!?! Simply impeccable. Thanks for sharing girl. ((HUG)) Have a great weekend. :D

  19. omg! I am so jealous every time I visit your blog! eat so well makes me hungry every single time!! I am at home trying to look for pastries desserts now! I am back in blogging now so come back to my blog and check it out!!!

  20. yummmm! everything looks amazingly delicious Lisa. Im craving cheesecake and fruit tarts now. And i love the necklace your wearing too.

  21. Hi Lisa, so sorry to just now stop by! It's been a few busy days with it being Thanksgiving in the US! Looks like you and the Mister are enjoying life in Munich! The food looks absolutely amazing!

  22. Thanks for sharing the pics! Not really into cars, but the food looks yummy.
    I'd love to go to Munich someday. Went to Berlin recently and loved it!

  23. What brand of Chai do you use for the latte? Your food pictures always make me hungry. I obviously love looking at your fashion posts but I also really enjoy the food posts. I love food too, nom nom nom LOL!!!