Monday, November 21, 2011

Munich Part 1


Can you tell one from the other? :)

AHAHAHAHA isn't this just awful??  I could not stop LOL'ing in the car I practically spilled my soda! :p

Napoleon looks quite annoyed hahaha 

Our Westin hotel room.. the room was typical but the one thing I will say is they have the best beds!  I'm a bit of an insomniac but for whatever reason whenever my head hits a Westin pillow it's lights out fior me!

I WANT ONE!!!  I'm trying to convince The Hubs that I absolutely NEED a Westin bed hahahahah

I want a shiny bathroom like this with gorgeous black shiny marble counter tops!  Something about black marble about it is so understated and elegant!

The shower had a rainfall sprout you know the kind that sprinkles water from the top and it's like really round and big so it falls all over you like it's raining. 

 I WANT ONE TOO!!! bahahahahah I'm having bathroom envy :p

YAY for free slippers!!  

Miso Soup & pretty pink tea!

California Roll, Unagi, Ebi, Hamachi, Tamago and Tuna

This is the Munich Residenz.. pretty much every major city in Germany (that I've seen so far) has a Residenz which is where the original Monarchs use to live.  I particularly loved visiting this residenz because the major shopping district is actually build AROUND this building bahahahaha!!

Hofbrauhaus the most infamous Brewery in all of Germany!  A lot of the Octoberfest activites are hosted in this Brauhaus.  An interesting tidbit is that Wolfgang Mozert lived right around the corner from this brauhaus and claimed that many of his pieces were composed after being "fortified" at this particular brauhaus.  I played piano for many many years so I thought this was particularly interesting!! 

The place is huge and it's a total tourist trap but if you're in Munich Germany it's almost like you HAVE to come here!  The energy's pretty crazy in there and it's not even Octoberfest I can only imagine what it's like at that time of the year.

Suckling Pig

Omgosh this tasted just like Chinese Roast Pork.. you know the kind you get at the Chinese supermarket and they cut it from this GIANT piece of meat?!  It was so yummy it was like being back in San Francisco!!  Oh how I miss you SF!!

Potato Gratin

Chicken & Mushrooms in a tomato based cream sauce w/ Spatzle

Fried Pork Sausage & Sauerkraut

We totally over ordered because I wanted to try everything haha!  

Let's just say the doggies ate VERY well later that evening in the hotel room. 

Munich's infamous Marienplatz with the life-sized cookoo clock known as the Rathaus-Glockenspiel.  

The cookoo clock chimes at 11am and 12pm noon.

The clock contains 32 life-sized figures that re-enact two separate stories from the 16th century.

I was very excited for the lifesize cookoo clock!!  The trumpeters are blaring!

Do you see the jouster and his trusty stead go by? 

Earl Grey & Chai Latte

My Dapper Hubby :)

Absolute awesomeness right?!


  1. Food looks so good, haha dogs are crazy!!! xD

    xo Emma

  2. Yes, total absolute awesomeness Lisa! My fiance loves HB brewery! We went to one in Ohio last year, and it was such a fun atmosphere! He and I both have German in our heritage, so it was a cool experience.

    I have bathroom and bed envy too! I want a big, white, plushy comforter and pillows because I have insomnia too.

  3. PS - your dogs made me laugh out loud ;)

  4. Your DOGS! They're killin' me! Toooo cute.

  5. I really wanted to stop by Munich during my stay in Europe... it didn't work out but it's great to see a glimpse of Munich through your pics!! OMG! The pictures of your dogs are too funny!!!

  6. Yum and wow! I took some of those same pictures when I was in Munich so it was great to see this.
    Oh and I have heard of people buying Westin beds because they are so great. Hope you get yours soon :)

    Chic 'n Cheap Living

  7. looks amazing! keep documenting =)

  8. Your doggies are funny... Do you have a post about them?
    Is that your grey fur coat behind your hubby 3rd last photo? It looks so luxurious.... Mmmmmm.... Poor bunny though.... But it looks sooo soft.

  9. I could go for a California roll right now!! I love that real-life coo-coo-clock!! That would be so much fun to see!!

    I have to say, I have started to use the terms "bahahaha" and "nommy" in my head because of you! :p I actually said "nommy" out load once, and my husband looked so dumbfounded! :p

  10. awww the puppies are so cute!
    i lpove the hotel bathroom, looks so nice. And the rainfall shower thing is getting so popular everywhere! They had it in the taiwan hotel i stayed at as well as the condo my brother just bought. I want one too! hahaha

    your pictures always make me so hungry...

  11. you and the hubs are so adorbs!

    and sf misses you lisa!

  12. those sushi rolls definitely just made me hungry! munich looks like an amazing place! and your dogs are sososo cute!!

  13. OMG HAHAHHAHA your dogs are so funny. i cracked up at that picture.

  14. That suckling pig looks yummy! Looks like you're having a blast in Germany!

    xx Vivian @

  15. heavenly food.. you made so hungry.. craving for unagi now =) haha
    love your couple pic! pretty!

  16. Gorgeous photographs - looks like your really settling in.

  17. great photos. and i want all of the food!

  18. Love Munich! Such a beautiful city. And isn't the HB brewery awesome! It is jam pack during Ockober Fest. Rhine Valley is also a must see, if you guys get the chance.

  19. what a fabulous trip! germany is awesome. love that last photo too! the first picture of the two dogs... i actually thought that was just one super fluffy dog at first! very cute.

    xxo, vanessa (the gal)

  20. LISA!!! Girl oh how I've missed you....looks like you guys are adjusting well in Germany and of course finding the most amazing grub! Yummmm.xo

  21. That last picture is too cool! I wish I was better at taking stalker pictures, but I always get caught! D:

    All the food looks absolutely delicious and I really want to visit Germany! I'm sorry that I keep on saying that, but it's true. :)

  22. Lisa, PHOTO OVERLOAD! and I LOVE IT! Your pups are sooo adorable! I laughed so hard at those pictures! and You had me suckling pig. Oh my gosh. After that picture, nothing could get my attention.

    ♥ laura
    the blog of worldly delights

  23. ps. I got the necklace! It's adorbs!

  24. I'm loving all the pictures of Germany! I plan to visit soon myself. Maybe in the next year or two!

  25. Is it possible to buy a westin bed???? The sights look amazing indeed! :D

  26. OMG!! LOL @the dogs! They are so cute and look like one big fuzzy ball!! I wouldn't have been surprised if soda came through your nose from laughing so hard! Really, too cute!

    And the heavenly beds are AMAZING! Loving all your Germany pics!

  27. Hey, hey! I was there a few summers ago. It must be freezing there now!

  28. you know how i LOVE the westin beads. i've also been coveting one for a while. if you end up with one you must tell me how you convinced the hubs ;)

  29. What a beautiful city! Your hotel room looks so comfy and the food way decadent. =D

  30. Photos look amazing. Your dogs are too cute. The food pictures are making me hungry ;)

  31. Awesome pictures!!!!! Looks look you and your husband have been having a grand ol time. Everything looks amazing! The sites. The food. The hotel. The culture. So lovely. :D

  32. The food and architecture are absolutely amazing. OMG'd the details. Whenever, I stay at fancy hotels I'm always wanting all of that stuff. Don't you wish you could pack it all up and take it with you...back HOME! LOL at the puppies. Too funny!

  33. Whoa, that cookoo clock is awesome!! I visited Berlin a few months ago, and fell completely in love with Germany. Munich is on our list next!