Friday, April 26, 2013

My Favorite DC Museum - National History Museum!

Took The Hubs to my absolute favorite museum in Washington DC - The National History Museum!

Dinosaurs Galore!

This is totally dorky but see the dinosaur on the right with the long tall neck and the long tail?  It's called a Diplodocus and it's my absolute favorite dinosaur in the whole world AHAHAHAHA.

Why?  I don't know but I've liked it ever since I was a small child and I still love them.. they just look so graceful and elegant HAHAHA :p


So freaky.. this female fish as a "parasitic male" attached to her!!!

Korean Wedding clothes!!

So pretty!!

Halfway through doing this post I suddenly realized this wasn't just a post about my absolute fav museum in DC ever.. but it apparently is also a homage to The Hubs bahahah!  Every other photo seems to be a photo of him standing next to something.

The moment of realization when you realize YOUR sightseeing photos have become your parents photo album... and you SWORE you would never EVER let that happen. ::WAHHH:: hahahahaha

And now my favorite exhibit in this whole museum....

The Harry Winston exhibit!

The infamous and supposedly cursed Hope Diamond!


So freakin' gorgeous I die.

45+ carats!

Even the "chain" itself is dripping with diamonds.. btw.. I think each individual diamond on the "chain" is larger then the size of my engagement ring. -___- HAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

The history and the many hands the Hope Diamond has passed through.. you can read all about the diamond on it's wikipedia page here.

This is so pretty too.. I love anything girly and whimsical it looks like a lace bow but made with diamonds what could be better!! hahahaha!

This diamond necklace was a "push present" French Emperor Napoleon gave his from wife the Empress Marie Louise muhahah to commemorate the birth of their first son!

The gorgeous crown was a wedding present from Napoleon to his wife! 

Love love the light teal/turquoise accent stones! 

Gorgeous emerald and diamond ring!

The most amazing yellow diamond set I've ever laid my eyes on!  


The blue sapphire on the right is about the same size as a child's first!!! 


Amazing asscher cut diamond!

*Sigh* Obsessed with all things yellow diamonds.. and this one is just DREAMY!

A reminder that one day we must visit Easter Island to see the famous Moai!!! 


Definitely one for the bucket list!

I'm sure you can figure out why this is my favorite museum in DC!  I mean come on Dinosaurs & Diamonds what could be better muhahahah!  Definitely worth a visit if you're visiting the Washington, DC area :)!

Monday, April 22, 2013

OOTD: Camo & Leather

Jacket: REVIEW, Blouse: ZARA, Leather Shorts: F21, Bracelet: HRH COLLECTION,
Necklace: BAUBLE BAR, Shoes: YSL, Handbag: CHANEL

Camo & Leather just seems to go hand in hand doesn't it?  

It appears my love affair with camo does not seem to be waning in the slightest. muhahaha.  I was a little concerned that I would only be able to wear camo in the fall but I think it still looks cute during spring (and hopefully summer too hehe) with shorts or skirts!

Friday, April 19, 2013


I SWEAAAAAAAAAAAAAR this is my LAST Miu Miu reveal! (at least that's what the Hubs hopes bahahaha!).  I'm sorry I can't help it I think I'm addicted to Miu Miu shoes.. they just make the cutest, feminine, whimsical shoes ever!! 

But these were sooo so cute and they were 40% off and in my size.. and they were calling my name.. and I swear I'll get a lot of wear out of them and


Enough with the excuses. 

And on with the reveal hahah!

A Peek!

Peeptoe pumps perhaps?


I know I've been on a serious wedge kick lately.  I'm obsessed!!

You may remember the reveal I did last year w/ these Miu Miu wedges.  When I first got them in the mail I couldn't stop wearing those they were so comfortable and when I found these I almost had a heart attack.  I mean blush pink and gold sparkles?!  How could I not?! muhahaha


These are slightly different then the black Miu Miu wedges these have T-strap design.

But the back is my favorite part they have two straps of gold glitter on the back they look SOOO cute hooked on to the back of your feet!

They are made out of suede and have glitter on the straps.  One thing I really love about Miu Miu is the attention to detail.  If you will notice there's no glitter near the buckle area of the strap because obviously buckling and unbuckling will cause the glitter to shed so instead they actually coated that particular area with a type of gold metallic paint. 

They are the same height as the black ones they measure 4 and 3/4 inches w/ a 1 and 1/2 inch platform.

And have I mentioned that I love them?? bahaha. 

I love that it's a blush nude color because they really help to give the illusion of a more elongated leg. 

I have to admit I'm a tad petrified about wearing them out because of the fact that it's a blush color and it's in suede!!  It'll be like a magnet for rain and dirt and mud ARGH! hahaha but they were to pretty to pass up!

I'll just wear them only in an indoor mall or something. bahahahahaha

I'm warning you I think you'll be seeing these A LOT in my spring and summer OOTD's!!! :)  muahahaha!!