Friday, April 5, 2013

S'more's, Hello Kitty & Quickie OOTD's!

Blouse: F21, Handbag & Pendant: CHANEL

Loving red lips lately!

Om Nom Nom!

Pho, Egg rolls, Pork chop, over easy eggs & Rice

Oh Hell Yes. 

I loveee Off Saks!!! 

Cutest french pastry chinaware ever!  Wanted to buy everything hahaha.  But I resisted ahahaha.

Blouse: F21,  Leather leggings: ROMEO & JULIET, Wedge Sneakers: TARGET, Purse:  CHANEL

UGH makes me want a little girl so badly.. cutest little Juicy outfits ever!!


Originally $495 marked down to $120!  WOOT!  

I love it.. it's a little tight around the chest area so I'll have to get it altered.. but it's so gorgeous and so excited by my score! I love the gold metallic filigree!!  Can't wait to wear this for one of the Hubs work functions.

S'more's time @ Cosi's :)

Too much fun hahaha.

Made the Hubs take me to Micky D's for a Happy meal so I could get a Hello Kitty toy hahaha!

There are 6 different Hello Kitty toys and I got......



They only have ONE Hello Kitty w/ glasses and I got her haha.

#meanttobe #geekchic #nerdsrule :)

Had to take a couple of pics w/ my HK mini me :p

Leopard Tunic: F21, Super shiny coated leggings: ASOS, Wedge Sneakers: TARGET, Handbag: CHANEL

Jacket: MANGO 

Pendant: CHANEL

Late night Taco Truck run! 

<3 him!

$2 midnight gordita's are the bestest muhahaha!


  1. Red lips look great on you, Lisa. And that gold dress is gorgeous... can't wait to see you wearing it :)

    xo, alison*elle

  2. Great score on the gold dress. Show us a pic of you in it? You're back in the states?

  3. now i want pho. aaah! i always love reading through your posts lisa!

  4. Oh my gosh it seems like everything is way cooler in America - Hello Kitty toys in happy meals?! Restaurants where you can make your own s'mores?! Jealous!!

    I LOVE that gold dress. Be sure to take a photo when you wear it out - its gorgeous!

  5. Looks like you had such an amazing time. That gold gown is to die for!!

  6. I'm loving the Hello Kitty toy! What a coincident that you got one with glasses :P! It's meant to be :PPP

  7. LOOOVE the gown! What a steal at that price :) And I <3 the mini-me Hello Kitty!

  8. Your posts always either leave me seriously hungry or jealous of the amazing shopping! This one did both :P Can't believe there's a s'more cafe omg

  9. I love my black wedge sneakers toooo~!! :D they're so awesomes. hahaa

  10. I seriously love the way you style your sneaker wedges! More OOTDs with those! And every time I see you wear that jacket I just remember that blog post where you finally found it and it met all of your standards :P

    I think you and the hubster should do vlogs! You seem like so much fun!

  11. I got those French patisserie plates and cups/saucers from my sister for Christmas!
    AND I, too, bought a happy meal just so I can get a Hello Kitty toy! I didn't have a choice and I got the one with the paint brush. It's ok because I love art.


  12. Hi beautiful lady! You look awesome!!! I love the lipstick shade in the first pic, and your Saks dress is an amazing purchase.

    The Fashionable ESQ

  13. Looking good lady and you will look stunning in that gold dress! Hmm will you pair it with a Chanel bag too?
    I'm going to San Diego in June and will wreak some havoc at some Off Saks in the SoCal area! Have a good weekend dear!

    Chic 'n Cheap Living

  14. You look FANTASTIC!!! Love the red lipstick!! I so need to go to Off Saks...I need those plates!!! Hello Kitty with glasses is too cute!!!

    Best, Mree

  15. Amazing food pics (as always). Thanks for taking us on a shopping tour :)


  16. Black looks amazing on you and this looks so delicious! :)

    So much love <3 You look gorgeous as usual, darling!
    Have a great weekend! xo

  18. I like the dress!

    New post on my blog...check it out!


  19. great outfit!! and the food looks good!


  20. That dress looks stunning and almost a steal for the price <3



  21. that dress is so pretty and such a bargain!

    Funny, I had a pork chop with rice just yesterday during a lunch date with Mumma bear :p but your serving looks huge!

    Red lips are so pretty! such a classy lippy ;)

  22. It is so cute that you have a mini mi Hello Kitty with glasses. The only one left just for you!

    That's such a slash down for the gold dress. The price tag is hefty initially. Is it of any brand?

    Haha... When I see children's clothes I would think of dressing my future kid up too. Are you planning to have any kids?

  23. Lisa!! You are totally rocking those leather leggings!!! <3

  24. The dress is so pretty! Who is it by? Also, have you seen baby Gucci and baby Burberry clothing? Whenever I go to the Gucci or Burberry store, I always look at the children's clothing and it really makes me want kids. XD

  25. Fabulous pictures, I love your outfit, you are very pretty :)

  26. Lisa doll you're so pretty and omg that dress!!!! *Drools!!!!!* Have you gotten use to the currency over there? Or is it still *hmm wait gotta convert this in my head to US first haha* I think I'd need to do that for a while before I get used to it if it was me (and be bugging the bf a lot). Whoa that's one fancy pho place!!! Is pho cheap there like over here in my city? It's considered a cheap eat where I live *not in a bad way though) Oh gosh those plates, hello yes I'll take one of everything please~

    Oh gosh smores! so yummy when done right! One time I was so desperate for a roasted marshmallow when I was young I tried to roast one over the stove top, needless to say it didn't work hahahaha Whoa~! That Hello Kitty does look like you! I have no idea what gorditas are but it looks yummy~!!!

    re: Nooo don't stop blogging! LOL I can't believe we're both feeling blogging blues together >< What's so ironic is that right after I read your comment I saw that you published another OOTD post hahahaahaha but I understand, there's the pressure!!!! Do you also "save and collect" posts so you have things to post when you're life is a bore (like mine?) Most of the things I post are not exactly up to date but maybe happened at least two weeks ago =P

    Oh and I am excited to go to wdw and more especially the disney cruise but when I think about the money I'd save not going I cringe! But right now I'm super duper excited for the cruise! My first cruise ever and with Disney to boot! =D

    Hope you and your loved ones are doing well deary!

  27. i CANNOT wait to see you in that dress!!! it is so pretty~!

    what's your signature red lippy?


  28. i love the dress! such a good deal

    thanks for the sweet comments..



  29. Love those Juicy dresses for girls! YAY!