Friday, April 26, 2013

My Favorite DC Museum - National History Museum!

Took The Hubs to my absolute favorite museum in Washington DC - The National History Museum!

Dinosaurs Galore!

This is totally dorky but see the dinosaur on the right with the long tall neck and the long tail?  It's called a Diplodocus and it's my absolute favorite dinosaur in the whole world AHAHAHAHA.

Why?  I don't know but I've liked it ever since I was a small child and I still love them.. they just look so graceful and elegant HAHAHA :p


So freaky.. this female fish as a "parasitic male" attached to her!!!

Korean Wedding clothes!!

So pretty!!

Halfway through doing this post I suddenly realized this wasn't just a post about my absolute fav museum in DC ever.. but it apparently is also a homage to The Hubs bahahah!  Every other photo seems to be a photo of him standing next to something.

The moment of realization when you realize YOUR sightseeing photos have become your parents photo album... and you SWORE you would never EVER let that happen. ::WAHHH:: hahahahaha

And now my favorite exhibit in this whole museum....

The Harry Winston exhibit!

The infamous and supposedly cursed Hope Diamond!


So freakin' gorgeous I die.

45+ carats!

Even the "chain" itself is dripping with diamonds.. btw.. I think each individual diamond on the "chain" is larger then the size of my engagement ring. -___- HAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

The history and the many hands the Hope Diamond has passed through.. you can read all about the diamond on it's wikipedia page here.

This is so pretty too.. I love anything girly and whimsical it looks like a lace bow but made with diamonds what could be better!! hahahaha!

This diamond necklace was a "push present" French Emperor Napoleon gave his from wife the Empress Marie Louise muhahah to commemorate the birth of their first son!

The gorgeous crown was a wedding present from Napoleon to his wife! 

Love love the light teal/turquoise accent stones! 

Gorgeous emerald and diamond ring!

The most amazing yellow diamond set I've ever laid my eyes on!  


The blue sapphire on the right is about the same size as a child's first!!! 


Amazing asscher cut diamond!

*Sigh* Obsessed with all things yellow diamonds.. and this one is just DREAMY!

A reminder that one day we must visit Easter Island to see the famous Moai!!! 


Definitely one for the bucket list!

I'm sure you can figure out why this is my favorite museum in DC!  I mean come on Dinosaurs & Diamonds what could be better muhahahah!  Definitely worth a visit if you're visiting the Washington, DC area :)!


  1. you guys are so cute! love that you took a day to go to a museum =) that harry winston exhibit huh...i like what i'm seeing!

  2. Awwww.. thanks for posting these pics of the museums in DC. I went to DC back in 8th grade for a school trip, and I LOOOOOVED the Natural History Museum out of all the ones in that area. Seeing your pictures of the Harry Winston exhibit brought back warm memories of me taking pictures with my film camera of the beautiful jewels (to share w/ Mama Libbeh back at home, of course, hehe)... except I had the flash on, so a majority of the pictures were either washed out or not that great, haha! Coincidentally, I was looking at those pictures again a few days ago while I was at my parents' house, so it was fun to see them in better quality! :)

  3. Aww. I haven't been outside of the country but if ever and I'd be given a chance to go there I'd definitely visit that museum. Diamonds... Gaaad! Made me sing along with Monroe's "Diamonds are a girl's bestfriend." Hahahaha!

    But I do love going to museums here in the Philippines to. :)

  4. OMG! I watched half of a documentary about that Hope Diamond and its "curse". Looks fun! I'd die with you if I was there :)


  5. ohmygosh, all those diamonds -- i am dying! wow, so gorgeous!!! :D

    <3, Mimi
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  6. Woah, there's an insane amount of diamonds on the chain of the hope diamond necklace! My favourite pieces are the blue sapphire ones. My inner magpie has been very satisfied with this post! :) x x

  7. You guys are without a doubt the cutest couple!!! Museum trips, aww <3

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  9. I die.

    The Harry Winston exhibit is absolutely exquisite! The Hope diamond necklace is BREATH TAKING! WOW! And if I got such a beautiful necklace as a push present I'd consider having a child! lol

  10. omg i love dinosaurs too hahaha but i don't know the specific names like u do! i only know t-rex lmao

    and ermahgerdddd the diamonds!!!!! so beautiful *_*

  11. I totally agree with you, Lisa, the Harry Winston exhibit is to die for !!! Great photos, it've been awhile since last time I was in DC.

  12. What a great day out! The jewellery looks so amazing.


  13. I really really would love to visit this museum! Fly me there quick! This is not the same one as Night at the Museum right? That one is in NYC right?

    Oh no pls, what dorky? Look who is the dorky one. I absolutely love the diplodocus too, along with the brontosaurus which is not defunct coz scientisit found out they were actually similar to some apatosaurus. SOBZ! How can they make brontosaurus redundant just like that?

    Hahahaha a tribute to your Hubz!

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  14. I always wanted to visit Washington D.C. When I was a kid, most of our elementary graduation trips was to go to D.C., but when it was my year we went to Philly instead! -_-

    I really want to see the Hope Diamond. I've read about its curse and it sounds so fascinating but the diamond bow necklace is more to my taste haha :p

  15. That is so cool!!! The dinosaur exhibit looks so awesome, and the jewelry is incredible! That looks like it was an awesome trip!

  16. nice pics!!!! Great!!!!! I love the Histoy museum!!!!

    like your blog. what about following each other??..

  17. I LOVE museums..and laughed at all of your diamond commentary.
    It's cursed.
    Leave it alone.


    The Fashionable ESQ (Esquire)

  18. those diamonds look so amazing! i must go!

  19. o boy, i'll definitely have to visit this museum. is the harry winston exhibit a permanent exhibit?


  20. Awww you guys are in DC!!!! and all those diamonds haha, your little museum trip reminds me of when I was in elementary school and visiting museums were the highlight of my school year hahaha.... annnywayys I cant wait to see a post of you wearing the miu miu blush wedges =)

  21. I love the Harry Winston exhibit!


  22. I wanted to visit this museum the last time I was there but sadly, ran out of time. Looks like it's a great place to visit especially with all the diamonds they have in there =)

  23. Great pictures! I have to put this on list of places to visit next time I'm in DC. I love all those jewels!!!

    Best, Mree

  24. Amazing! Love the one here in NY too :)

  25. Waou, I just love this digging up into history you're showing me right now.
    I have always been a big fan of museums, in particular of reconstitutions of big animals or dinosaurs :)
    Love it!


  26. cool expo, nice post!

  27. Cool post! Loved all the photos!
    Now following (:
    Fashion Ganache.

  28. Swoon!! Diamonds are a girls best friend. There is just something about diamonds...I will always stop by a window display when I'm at the mall or whereever there is a jewelry store.

    :-) Jane B

  29. very beautilf photos

  30. I think I would love this place. And the jewelry and sparkly things are so pretty.


  31. That's so funny. My favorite museum growing up was the Natural History Museum in Los Angeles. I always liked looking at all the animals and gigantic alien-looking fish. Also, the bow necklace is so perfect! Next you go, you should steal it for me! ;)

  32. Pretty photos ! I love museums too ^^ You two look gorgeous as always !

  33. You are literally in night at the museum right now wowser!

  34. I would love to visit this museum !

  35. Who doesn't like dinosaurs and diamonds? Oh my and if I could try on those diamonds, I would never leave!

    Chic 'n Cheap Living

  36. woah! look a tt hat dead fish. it's cute! I definitely haven't appreciated a museum in a long time. I should go back. soon. and btw, your dim sum pictures makes me want to go eat dim sum so bad!!