Friday, May 3, 2013


One of the best part about going home FIVE GUYS!


To me this beats In & Out ANY DAY! 

(I know I know those are fighting words hahaha!)

Btw's my burger on the bottom left hand corner was the "child" size... and the Hubs on the top right was the "adult" UMMMM. #soconfused

Midnight snack!

I went in to buy my FAVORITE piece of chocolate from them.  I only buy chocolate from Godiva ONCE a year because my favorite piece of chocolate from them is a seasonal piece and is only available during spring around Easter and that is the Almond Butter chocolate egg.  OMG EFFIN' GOOD.  

Dude Godiva is really generous these days.. I paid $2 bucks for all of the chocolate above!  They gave me 3 free pieces!!! WHHHHAAAT! hahahaha

Hanging out in my childhood bedroom w/ my fur baby Jojo!

And she is TOTES not having it muhahahaha!

Forgot that I send my self a whole bunch of F21 items to my parents house from Texas so when I got home lets just say it was like Christmas all over again bahahahaha!

Tomato bisque w/ extra Parmesan crostini's & Tiramisu

Does anyone else crave Nordstrom cafe like I do? :p

It's funny the random things you'll miss living overseas!

Chicken Pasta Rosa & Balsamic Mushroom Pizza

Seriously this mall is so baller they had Bentley's and Rolls Royce's displayed in the middle!

Chicken & Salted fish fried rice & Honey Walnut shrimp


East Pearl my fave Hong Kong Cantonese style restaurant in the MD area!

Sweet & Sour pork & Seafood mix over fried noodles

Me & my better half :)

Me, My Mommy & My Auntie!

Cupcake mini date w/ the Hubs :p

I just noticed we're matching we're both wearing leather.. well faux leather at least bahahahah! 

And you KNOW I took some home muhehehe :p

I looooooooooooooooooovee going home my mom makes the BEST Chinese food EVER!!!!

Fried catfish, shrimp, mushrooms, onions, spinach w/ oyster sauce & tomatoes w/ egg

BTW my mom made a spread like this practically everyday we were home. 

Uh Huh. That's right my mommy is awesome teheheh.

However less great for my waistline ahahahaha.

Met up w/ Sally to do a "little" shopping muhahahaha!


Congrats Sally!

"She's" a beauty and looks GORGEOUS on you! :)

We should do a girls weekend trip somewhere just so I can see you rock this baby hehehe :p

She made me these AMAZINGGGGGGGGGGGGG strawberry shortcake balls.



So good I wanted to cry as I was eating them. 


Tysons mall is doing renovations and ironically the Hubs spotted something in the advert that I didn't even notice...

Do you see what I see??




Do you think SHE knows that she got photoshopped into this malls renovation advert bahahaha!

Grapefruit froyo w/ mangos & kiwis

Yay!!  Didn't realize Tysons mall has Pinkberry now!! 

Got the grapefruit froyo OMG SO FREAKIN' GOOD!

Obsessed w/ all their summer flavors.. grapefruit.. watermelon. YES PLEASE.


  1. Ahhh Lisa! Drooling over the food photos! This makes me miss America SO badly, but we're due for a trip in the summer, so can't wait! I have a "To buy/To eat/To do" list :)

    And I'm sending stuff already to my mom's house in the States, including forever 21 accessories. :) hehe.

  2. I'm going to DC with the fam in a few weeks so this makes me excited - and so hungry. Walnut shrimp, oh nom nom!

  3. Makes me homesick! I can't wait to see the rest.

    Trying to figure out what mall this is at. Was it Tyson's?

  4. I love the almond butter eggs too! The hazelnut praline chicks are also delicious.

    Apparently, Baked and Wired is a better cupcake place in D.C. However, I haven't tried it yet.

  5. *drool* I'm loving all the food pictures! I also agree with you on Five Guys being better than In and Out! And I can't wait to see what you picked up from Forever21!

  6. love the randomness! our godiva guys are not so generous here, haha! they always charge me for evvvrything!
    $500 Mother's Day Giveaway!

  7. Your blog posts really make my day better. :)

  8. Tyson's Corner!! You're making me miss the DC area, Lisa!! WAAAAAH!! :'-(

  9. The last time I was in DC, I didn't get to visit Tysons mall. It look so awesome tho. It has to be right? because Olivia Palermo shops there =).

  10. Extremely nice foods!
    I love the picture of you
    and your mum and aunt!
    I pretty lol'd about the
    mall advert with Olivia :P

  11. You always have the best pictures, love all your trips!! Love love Tyson's Corner!! Great mall!!! Glad that you and hubs had a wonderful time at home. And Five Guys is awesome!!

    Best, Mree

  12. mmmmmmmmmmmm... foodgasm..... especially since I've been sick and working and i can't be bothered cooking or even blogging :p

    I miss mumma bear. she went on a holiday (very well deserved), but I'm dying ahahah I've lost 3kgs since she's left and it only just hitting the 2 weeks mark.

  13. Ohhhhh my goodness!!!! YOUR FOOD POST makes me HUNGRY hahaha. The cupcakes look amazing and you featured one of your fur babies! haha does it feel like a vacation when your home with your family???


  14. Oh yum! I love eating at Five Guys!! So good. :)

    And nothing beats homecooked meals from mom!

    xo – Sheila
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  15. You always get me with your food pictures, Lisa!! And I'm laughing at Olivia Palermo in that ad - there's no way she knows she got PS'd in, haha

  16. You're living the life as always! Thanks for sharing the most phenomenal food pics!


  17. pictures of food are my favorite!!!
    kisses from milano

  18. FOOD POST!! Yaaaay! I will take a home cooked meal over any restaurant meals!!

    Can you have your mama do a post on her fried catfish (LOL)? Looks soooo good.

  19. allll the food!! look at the cute cupcakes. i need to try the dc cupcakes in the soho location :D

  20. oooh dems definitely fightin' words! i have yet to try five guys because everyone that's tried it says it's meh and that in n out wins hands down. i have tried shake shack and i'm undecided because the only burger i ever got from there was the shack stack. which is an unfair comparison to a reg hamburger.


  21. Your food pictures always make me drool a little.. It's like reading Food Network, hahaha! I also love that you used "baller" hehee. Can't wait to see what you mix and match with all those Forever21 clothes!

  22. your mommy looks so cute:)

  23. OMG sooo much food!

    Don't you just love moms? My mom would sometimes make me drop by her house after my weekend runs and I find myself stuffing plate after plate of my favorite home cooked meals. Sigh.

    Missed reading your posts, I've been off the blogging grid for a while, but I'm back!

    Ps. i need that camo scarf you're wearing in my life. Makes me want to cut my camo blankie and turn it into a scarf, hehe.

  24. Lovely pictures! I love Olivia's style! hahaha the food is soo yummmm xx

  25. I CRAVE nordies cafe! There was a typhoid fever scare recently at stones!

  26. I can't remember when was it opened, but my wife and I have been to Pinkberry for quite a number of times already. They have an amazing topping selection that encourages me to go back each time we go to Tysons Galleria. When you go back, try adding lychee. It'll make your froyo a lot refreshing.

    -Joseph Carr