Friday, May 10, 2013


Chanel Poudre Universelle Libre

Basically a fancy way of saying "setting powder" hahaha

My mom got a $25 dollar GC to Neiman Marcus and very generously gave it to me!



Which I used it to purchase part of this... I've been eyeing this for a loooong while but couldn't justify the purchase because it is sooo pricey.  But after purchasing it (and yes while I paid for half of it with a GC) there's SOOOOO SO much product I actually think even full price this plastic tub (the container is HUGE!) will last me a looooooooong long time!  Definitely worth it! 

It comes with a cute little "Chanel" powder puff but I don't use it I use a giant kabuki brush and do a light dusting over my face after I put on my foundation.  It makes my skin look sooooo so good! Gives it just that little bit of extra coverage and makes my skin look sooo smooth I use to use the MUFU HD and this by far is soooooooooooo so much better! There's 4 colors and I got the 2nd lightest out of 4 - Translucent 2.

Also during the day time when I'm in a rush or not wanting to do a "full face" of makeup I use BB Cream and do a light dusting of this product and it gives that perfect fresh faced no makeup/makeup look!

Peking Duck


My cousin is apparently just as excited as I am muhahaha!

Gorgeous mom and daughter duo :)

My adorable cousins!


Beef Chow Fun, Stir Fry Bok Choy, Hoisin & Spring Onions for Peking Duck

Sweet and sour pork

Singapore Noodles

Om Nom Nom!

I rarely think to eat Singapore noodles.. but I really should because it is SOOOOOOOOOOO good!  

Love that curry spice!!

Ridiculous food spread!

Thanks Aunt Josie & Uncle Dave for such a yummy meal!!

A friend of a friend sent me all these AMAZING Shiseido products! 

I mean seriously insane talk about major Shiseido haul!  

She was generous enough to send sooo many full sized products but also sent along lots of deluxe sample sizes in things like eye makeup remover which are perfect for me when traveling!

#soexcited #beautyhaul #mahjor #thankyousomuch #sogenerous

Steamed Char Siu buns, Fried taro puffs, Turnip cake, Stuffed beancurd

Dim Sum!

I'm a city girl through and through and THOROUGHLY look forward to the weekend because of brunch - I love it all waffles, pancakes, eggs benedict.. but I must admit Dim Sum is by far my favorite type of weekend brunch!

Spareribs, Stuffed sticky glutinous rice,  Portuguese egg tarts

Fried shrimp wontons w/ sweet mayo

Almond tofu w/ lychee & cherries

And my favorite way to end to Dim Sum - Almond Tofu!  

Cold, delicious and refreshing especially after all the deep fried goodness that is Dim Sum hahahah.

Shopping w/ the Hubs. :p

Isn't it usually the guy in the waiting room waiting for the girl?


F21, random german boutique, Neimans, F21, Asos

Spring pastel & gold arm party

California rolls, seaweed salad, chicken wings w/ spicy chili seasoning, chicken and shrimp over rice

Nom Nom Nom 

Dinner w/ old friends :)

Crab salad w/ avocado & crostini's

This was so good soo much crab and rich buttery avocado.  I want to go back just to order this entire app for myself.



Mini sliders w/ Gouda, mozzarella and Gorgonzola

So sad because I wouldn't "allow" him take a slider until I was done taking the photo ahahaha.

So happy now that I've given him "permission" hahahahahaha.

Shrimp & Beet salad

Prosciutto & Black mission fig, Pepperoni, Italian Sausage & Bacon, Chicken pesto

My little sister and her roomie came down from Pittsburg to visit :) 


So we went to Shake Shack!


Sooo yums I finally know what all the fuss is about!

And my root beer float was out of this world insanely delicious.. the custard ice cream was SOOOOO RICH AND CREAMY. 

And seriously fries should always.. and I mean ALWAYS be covered with hot melty cheese.

OMG I'm drooling just writing about it now hahahah.

Heh.. my sis "modeling" the inside of her mushroom burger and totally hating it hahaha.

The mushroom burger is a fried portobello mushroom stuffed w/ a blend of melty ooey gooey Cheddar and Gruyere! 



Seriously ridic.. I had a bite and it almost made me give up meat.. heh... almost!

BTW's my cheddar bacon burger was amazeballs amazing hahahaha.

The End!


  1. I would like to live your life for one day just so I can taste all this delicious food! :)

  2. GAWD YUM! All that food and me being at work sucks! LOL :)
    Your sis is so cute!!! I like her hair :D
    I agree, dim sum is by far the best best best brunch ever!

  3. Hihi! Love the food pics especially the dim sum and those mini sliders with that huge mound of onion rings. Hungry. Your arm candy looks good enough to eat - Love the gorgeous mint bracelet and the rose gold spikes.

  4. your cousins are so cute. singaporean noodles is one of my favorite dish whenever i feel like eating with just chopsticks. love the arm candy.

  5. ermagosh!! Everything looks so delicious :D
    What is the name of the place where you had the avocado app and sliders?!
    I must remember it for whenever I get to go to DC!!

  6. ooo i have yet to try chanel makeup!! i definitely plan to do so in the future!
    yummmmss peking duck! looks like you had a great time with your family :D your cousins are so cute!!

    alex @">

  7. I always feel hungry after reading your posts! Since you are in Europe try Caron la poudre! It's amazing

  8. Good Gosh you ate well. Love Peking Duck and sweet and sour pork.

    Well, I'd probably get Chanel makeup too if I can afford it. I bought CHanel shadow one time and they rocked.

    Lovely stacking of bracelets. I'm gonna "borrow" this style next time.

  9. I use tha Chanel powder too and one container has lasted me at least 2 years!

    Love all your food pics!

  10. I can always count on getting hungry eyeing all of your delicious food pictures! Mm, what I'd give for some dim sum everyday... hahah!

  11. Peking duck is sooo good! I'm drooling!

  12. You're making me hungry!

    Where do you go for dim sum and Chinese in D.C.?

  13. Such fun pics :-) And the good, oh my, it looks so yum!

  14. Your food pictures always KiLL me! I haven't had good dim sum in a long time and I've craving it now cause of you! And shake shack.. mm I can't wait til I get to visit! Nothing but good reviews all the time.

    & thanks for the review on the Chanel powder, it sounds promising! I'll have to take a look!

  15. Ooh now I'm intrigued by the setting powder. I'll have to try it out some time!

    Mmm Shake Shack is ridiculous and the custard...loosening up my belt now.

    Random I've been thinking of going to Barcelona and totally thought of you. It is SO hard to get a reservation at Tickets!

    Chic 'n Cheap Living

  16. OMG! The food in this post looks SOOO good! Especially the food at Shake Shack. I don't normally care for burgers but this makes me want to eat one immediately!

  17. Thanks for the review of the Chanel powder, I am totally going to buy it!! Great pictures!!

    Best, Mree

  18. Oh really lovely photographs!
    Many products from Shiseido!
    The food looks delicious!
    Lovely family!


  19. LOL love the 'shopping with hubs' pic --- his expression is priceless. looks like you had lovely family time xx

  20. I wouldn't know where to start... all the food pictures are just divine!!!


  21. This post is such a random mish mash of stuff! Hahaha... I was reading through twice to see where are you at now but I can't seem to find. Lots of Asian food I see. Oh my, I come from Singapore and I've not heard of the Singapore noodles but it is so weird that in other countries, I see Singapore noodles, Singapore fried rice, Singapore vermicelli but no, we don't have any dish by those names. Your picture of the Singapore noodles look a little like those "zhu chao" hokkien bee hoon though I'm not very sure.

  22. Lisa,

    I am looking towards white and pink for mine too. It would take quite some time coz figuring out the html coding takes quite some time.

    Oh the noodles are with curry? Thin rice noodles meaning they are mi fen (that's in Mandarin). I think it doesn't have a proper name here. Haha.

  23. amazing bracelets:) yummy food:)

  24. The mushroom burger looks so good! I would love to try that. ^^

  25. ahhh....the food makes me so hungry. I never tried Chanel powders before although I'm interested in getting a pressed powder from them soon. I use Laura Mercier loose powder and I really like it. I feel like loose powder last a long time. i have mine for over a year and not even half way done!

  26. drooling over all of those food and love the shiseido stuff your friend gave you. *envy* :D

  27. Nice photos. Lots of yummy food.

  28. Nice pictures ! And Chanel :D
    Otherwise, I love chinese Food, it's my favorite ! ù-ù

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  30. Delicious pictures ! And Chanel products are fabulous :)

  31. this is my running commentary as I was reading through this post (lol)

    baha your cousins are funny!

    woahhhhh love your arm party! blingy!!

    lol at you taking the photo of the food - i'm like that too, im like WAIT dont eat it, i need to take a photo! people just dont get us :P

    fries with melty cheese - BEST. (but not best for my butt/thighs/tummy. lol)

    & i LOVE portobello mushroom in a burger! theres a burger place in Australia called Grill'd and they make this burger with a big mushroom rather than a meat pattie - it is THE BEST. nom.

  32. Haven't had time to really enjoy food lately. so seeing some good food porn sure is making me super hungry!!!!!

    Love your arm candy! I wish I could wear that much for work, then again I can't :(

  33. Is that the SAME sister with the grandma cats luggage?! I love your food adventures, always :)

  34. OMG... all the food looks so good!! I love ordering Singapore noodles. Nom nom nom.. :)

    xo – Sheila
    Find me on BlogLovin!

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