Friday, May 31, 2013

Grapeseed & Bling (LOTS OF BLING muahaha!)

One of the best parts about visiting home is seeing friends and family!!

Makes me all warm, bubbly and happy inside hehehe :)

Cheeky & Happy w/ all the bling on one finger!

Hehehe this all started because she wanted to see what my engagement ring looked like on her finger.. and then instead of giving it back plopped her own ring on there... and then everyone on the table started piling them on muhahaha!

Peter joining in hahaha!

So excited!!!! 


Taking selfie's w/ all the sparkly diamond rings haha!

Gorgeous bling all in a row! 

#bling #filter #sparkly #love

Hubs testing the out the German Riesling!

Fried Chicken Liver on toast



Butterfish over fried potato croquette

This was the Hubs dish and I TOTES wished I had ordered this... IT WAS SOOOOO INSANELY DELICIOUS!  

The Butterfish was so rich and buttery and the fried potato croquette... I'm telling you ALL potatoes should be made this way bahahahahaha!

The girls!

The boys!! 

So much fun!!!! 

Miss you guys so much! 

Can't wait to see your gorgeous faces soon!


  1. great that you get to see old friends! food looks so good. how was the chicken liver?

  2. OMG so many pretty diamond rings! ><

  3. That's a lot of bling indeed, awesome :-) Great pictures, you look lovely.

  4. nice! you used my edited shot hehe

  5. Blingtastic! I passed through Frankfurt last week. Is that your city? I did a lot of eating and got my first Faerragamo patent heels. You would be proud 😊

    Chic 'n Cheap Living

  6. The gnocchi look great! Looks like a fun get-together!


  7. I'm dying Lisa! You all have such gorgeous, fabulous rings! What a fun try-on session :)

  8. Wow nice ring ! :-D lucky girl :-p all looking so good !

    Beautiful weekend wish you !

  9. Those rings are all to die for! And if you're anything like me, you probably ate 1/2 of the hubs' dish anyway! haha :)

    xoxo, Julie @ OBSESSED

  10. The bling overload is phenom! And I loooove mussels!

  11. So lovely moment ^^
    You look beautiful anad i love your ring ;)

    New post - Kisses

  12. Those rings are all gorgeous!!! Have a great weekend!!

    Best, Mree

  13. All your engagement rings are so bling. My is a simple solitaire. Your friend looks like a Taiwan movie star!

    Was it butterfish that you introduced to me before saying it is one of your favourite dishes and that I should really try it?

  14. Such a lovely photos, Lisa.

  15. All that bling looks gorgeous!!!! Your friend's husband is lucky, she's gorgeous!!! Those mussels look delicious! OMG! I just remembered that I can't have my regular diet for a day or so because I must have caught food poisoning or something else! I was vomiting for the entire night, seriously I counted, almost every hour my body would get me up to heave whatever I had left in my stomach, it was not pretty! Not to mention I also had light diarrhea and you know what was the cherry on top? I had my period too OMG!!! (tmi yet? LOL) It was terrible!!!! I'm so scared to eat out now and will forever carry hand sanitizer everywhere I go!