Monday, May 13, 2013


The Hubs surprised me with a "Fur" Mother's Day present because I'm a fur mommy to our two fur monsters!

NO rumors OK?! 

I'm not pregnant or anything!!! 

Felt the need to clarify because I can't tell you HOW often I've been asked if I'm with child lately.. yessh.. I must really really REALLY need to go on a diet. 


The Hubs send me this card.. and truer words could not have been spoken


JKJKJK. sorta. muhahaha.

He signed it w/ a tiny drawling of our "fur son" who is in Germany w/ the Hubs..


Anyways ON TO THE REVEAL! :)

Does it get any better than getting package and seeing  "BERGDORF GOODMAN" sprawled across the box? 

I think not muhahahah :p

I've actually been DROOLING over what's in the box for MONTHS.. but I resisted pulling the trigger because I was/am on an indefinite self imposed bag ban. UGH!


hehehe now you know it's a bag and not shoes... Surprised??? :p 


Anyhow long story short.. this has been on my "want" list for a number of months already and the Hubs graciously surprised me with it.

Thanks so much booboo!  Heart you!

BTW's Can you believe it's not a Chanel bag HAHAHA

Photo bombed by my fur daughter Jojo!

The dustbag is very a very simple white bag w/ a black leather patch displaying the brands name.

A peek!!

Alexander Wang Rockie in Acid w/ shiny gold hardware!!!

A lot of you maybe familiar with the ever popular Alexander Wang Rocco which has been out for a few years already.

I have always loved the Rocco but whenever I tried it on I always felt like it was just a tad too big and "baggy" for my tastes since I was so used to carrying very structured Chanel flaps.

Well apparently I wasn't the only one that felt this way because they recently birthed the "Rockie" for those of us that loved the Rocco but just wanted it in a smaller version :)

The bag measures 8" x 10" x 7" and weighs just under 3lbs. 

I was really concerned about the weight because of the studs on the bottom of the bag.. and while I haven't used "her" yet but I actually find it to be lighter then my Chanel jumbos!

Whenever I'm out with my mom and I have my hands full or something she offers to hold my Chanel bag she never fails to mention how heavy my jumbos are heh.....

So excited because I've been wanting a more "throw around" bag for awhile.. I use my Chanel jumbo's on the daily but I often find them to be difficult to use because of how structured they are... they are really limiting in what can be carried in them.

Whereas the Rockie is a lot softer and smooshy and the bag can expand a bit to fit all your odds and ends :)

On this side of the bag if you see the middle part sticks out a little bit and that is because.....

It has two secret zippered compartments which you can store things like a card holder, cash, train tickets ect!

I tested using the bag around the house and the one particular design detail that I absolutely adore with  is the bowling bag style zipper - it is preciously why I find this bag SOOOO darn cute.  However it is admittedly a bit difficult to open if you're standing up like at a cash register waiting to pay or something.  So you can just stash some of your cards and cash in the side zippered pockets.

The bag handle drop measures 4" and the remove able "crossbody" strap measures 19"

I put the word "crossbody" in quotes because while it may be crossbody for some people it doesn't really wear crossbody comfortably on me and I'm not even that tall HAHA. I'm 5'5 and it rests a little bit past my waistline.. so it's at a really awkward height.  But if you're carrying groceries in.. have your hands full ect. then it can definitely be "crossbody" in a pinch.

I also wanted to mention the Rockie in Acid comes in TWO different versions. 

The version I have is a smooth leather w/ gold hardware and studs and is a few inches smaller in size then the other version.  Also the color is more of a muted lime green.

Whereas the other version of the Rockie in Acid is actually a much brighter neon yellow and is made out of pebbled leather, has nickel colored hardware and studs, is a few inches bigger then my version and is slighter more expensive.  You can view my version here and the other version here.

I also found this comparison photo online of them side by side which you can view here.

I wanted to explain that there are two versions to this bag because funny enough I didn't realize there were two versions and for months I would randomly go into Neimans/Saks/Nordie's to go look at the bag and they NEVER had both versions so whenever I would see the smooth muted lime green versions w/ shiny gold studs I was literally salivating.. and then I would go some where else and I would see the pebbled neon yellow version w/ dark nickel hardware and couldn't figure out why I didn't LOVE it as much as I did the LAST time I saw it.


And then after doing a bunch of research online I finally realized there were TWO VERSIONS. 



So shiny!!!! 

<3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3!

Thank you so much Booboo!

You are seriously the bestest Hubs a girl could ever want!

Excited to wear this baby throughout Spring & Summer!!

Be prepared to see this in ALL of my upcoming OOTD's muhahahaha!


  1. Hello studded neon-ness, what a great bag! Your hubs is too sweet.

  2. that's the sooo cute! Your hubs really knows how to make you happy ^_^

  3. OMG OMG OMG I love this Acid bag - A Wang woohoo! You too cute :p

  4. Somehow I knew this was what was going to be inside ;) Great bag, Lisa!

    xo, alison*elle

  5. its sooo beautiful!!! i love its color and the studds!!!

  6. ermahgerd! this is like... HG of the bag world. i will own one in the future some day.. : p
    cant wait to see how you'll style this!

  7. aww you have the most caring hubby :) Can feel the love he has for you !! ^^ LOVING the bag <3

  8. I was playing with this bag at Saks last week! It is such a great color and just literally feels perfect.
    Love it, Lisa!

    The Fashionable ESQ

  9. i love how the bag is a muted green! it definitely makes it easier to wear! =D

  10. Omg gorgeous bag. Love the color. Your hubby is so sweet.

    New post is up!

  11. Beautiful color! & your fur daughter is the cutest. :)

  12. Lisa, you're so spoiled. ;) Love this bag!

    xo Jo

  13. The most amazing gift! Love the colour.


  14. This is perfection in bag form - love the colour! x x

  15. Enabler! I have stalked the Rocco for a while but also didn't pull the trigger because of the weight. Now I'm lusting after the Tundra color.
    Oh and your husband seriously rocks!

    Chic 'n Cheap Living

  16. Such a fun bag and it's so you =)Looking forward to see you model it. Happy Mother's day, Lisa!

  17. OMG! The bag is to die for... Love the color. Love the studded detail. Your hubs is too good. He's purchased the best gift a girl could ever have!!! :)
    Do stop over my blog too dear...
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  18. LOVE IT!! Congrats!!! What a super sweet hubby you have!! Happy "Fur" Mother's Day!!

    Best, Mree

  19. that is such a perfection of Wang's bag! i love ittt! <3

    Letters To Juliet

  20. Gorgeous bag, and Lisa you're so spoiled :))

  21. such a great bag and what a nice hubby! :)

  22. I love it when the other half sends surprise gifts! Great color - I love how you always have bold colors in your wardrobe. :)


  23. OMG! this bag is amazing beyond belief! that color is crying for me!

    yes, i had the pregger question sometimes. i get mad at first, but now i just realized it's my fault! i need to work on my stomach!


  24. lovely bag! your husband is so sweet!

    Delightful Ideas

  25. Awww! This is a really pretty bag! So sweet of your hubby!

    Jamie Kate
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  27. Look! At! That! BAG! :-D It's perfection.

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  29. OMG Lisa, this bag is SOOOO cute and I love the neon and the studs on the bottom. It's so true how bags can get so heavy and it's even worse traveling. So cute he sent this to you also and the term 'Fur' Mother's Day is so clever. I'd never heard of it, he definitely has treated you so well since the day he met you :)


  30. dear god!!! this bag is amazeballs!! and the colour rocks!!

  31. the color and detailing of this bag = amazing!!
    and the card looks so sweet :)

  32. okay seriously, your husband might be the sweetest husband i've EVER seen - and he has amazing taste as well!! don't ever let him go, girly :)

  33. Love love love the bag!! Your husband is the sweetest! Now I think I need to get a dog with my bf to get this treatment LOL :)

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  35. OMG Lisa!! I was going to get this! Our tastes are so funny similar. I love how your husband drew the picture of your fur-baby. That was actually my favorite part! Happy belated fur-mommy day :))))))))))


  36. hi lisa!!! it's so so so pretty!!! i love the color -- perfect for summer and just so fun! :D

    <3, Mimi
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  37. love the bag:) happy "mother's day";)

  38. happy "mother's day";) love the bag. love yellow:)

  39. Wow stunning i love the bag wow u are such a luckly gal and i love the bold colour. X

  40. This post is full of sweetness!! =) Great idea with the boxes of sweets =)

  41. Perfect bag ! I want it ! :)

  42. I am drooling...:P
    This is gorgeous!!!

  43. Lovely bag!!!