Monday, September 30, 2013

Evelyn's Bridal Shower!!!

This event was prettier than some weddings I've attended lololol.

Reminds me of super super cute tea/bakery/pastry shops in Japan!!

Um seriously is this not like ripped out of a wedding magazine?!

#Sofitel #Fancy #AmazeballsAmazing

Omgosh I'm obsessed w/ these paper dollies "Eat, Drink and be Married"


Bridal Shower Pictionary!


Chicken Crepe w/ Figs & Fresh Fruit

Mini Croissant & Pain au Chocolat

I will never I repeat NEVER turn down a fresh Croissant and Pain au Chocolat for that matter muhahaha!

And theres was delicious!!



So adorbs!

Eggs Benedict w/ Breakfast Potatoes & Chicken Sausage

I ADORE this chevron coral colored maxi dress!!  

It's like 3 of my current favorite trends all rolled into one hahaha!

They played "Guess-The-Answer" Game w/ the Bride & the Groom pre-recorded :) 

I actually love these types of bridal games because the answers are always so fun-nee!

Heart these 3 gorgeous girls <3 <3 <3!

#ihasprettyfriends #sorrynotsorry

Present time!

Hehehe so excited!!

A Hello Kitty apron that one of the girls MADE!!  She DIY'd it!!

#legit #socute #iwantone

Observing the handiwork :)


Hugging her new #JoMalone products!

I mean really who doesn't LOVE Jo Malone hahah!


OMG this should be framed.

And put somewhere that Jon will see it EVERYDAY. 




#Bvlgari #Bling #SoLuxe #Lovesit #Youfancyhuh

Putting on her new pretty :)

So pretty :) 

Super adorable tea favors matches your lace dress!! 

(Lololol.  So tempted to photoshoot a Soju bottle over the tea favor HAHAHA)

Desserts Galore!

Love this pic for so many reasons hahaha!

#Laduree #Colorful #Macarons #Dolleyes

Groom popped by to say Hi :)!

Aren't they such a cute couple?!!

Such an amazing and beautiful Bridal Shower!!

Congrats Evelyn!!  

I'm so happy for you and Jonathan!  

SOOOO SO excited to celebrate with you on your wedding day!!  

You're going to be such a gorgeous bride!

(Thanks Diane for the AMAZEBALLS pics.. because your camera & camera taking skills are far superior to mine lolololol!)

Friday, September 27, 2013

OOTD: Camo & Cutoffs

Blouse: ZARA, Shorts: F21, Watch: BVLGARI, Cuff: VALENTINO, Shoes: ASH, Handbag: CHANEL

Monday, September 23, 2013

Double Bachlorette in VEGAS Part 3!

Bachlorette Shenanigans!

Near tears because of what we told her she had to do as a Bachlorette bahahaha

Hahahaha look how excited SK is to get Wei to do them hahahahaha!

Dancing in elevators is what we do!

Team Wei!

We got divided into 2 separate groups 1 for each bride-to-be.. and we were sent on a scavenger hunt to help our bride win!

Gangnam Style!

The following pics are different things the bride needed to "find" as part of the scavenger hunt!


Bridal Shower brunch @ The Wynn

The bridesmaids had the grooms write letters to their soon-to-be brides!! 

Hence the happy tears :)!!

Favorite part of any meal muhahaha!

The remaining girls!

Heart u Wei!!!

Me + The two beautiful brides-to-be!

WINNIE!!! :)!

Garrett's Popcorn!!! 


It's Vegas after all!!

Cute.. but who is Nisa?? 




(Although I bet this would be a super pain in the a$$ to carry because you have to handhold it and probably break-your-arm heavy to begin with because of all the metal studs lololol.)

Cutest micro mini bags ever!!  

Especially that little orange Givenchy!! 


One last meet-up with Vicky before my flight home!! 

WOOT :)!

Spicy Miso pleasseee!! :)

Nom Nom Nom!

Mini Pork Belly & Mentaiko Bowls

Seriously has anybody ever posed prettier next to a Mentaiko bowl before?

I think not.


I totally slathered a sh*t ton of chili oil on top.. I like it spicy haha!


Mango Snow Ice w/ a side of egg pudding!

Nom Nom Nom 

To Wei-Wei & SK - Thanks so much for having me along your Bachlorette adventures!!  I had so much fun!! Congrats to you both :) Wishing both of you gorgeous girls a lifetime of love and happiness!

To Vicky - Thanks so much for picking/dropping me off at the airport :) and taking me out to eat lots of yumminess!!  Fingers (& toes) crossed for you!! I know amazing amazing things are in store for you!  How could it not be you're a hottie tottie lawyer w/ a MBA! lolol!

My hope is that I'll get to see all of you crazy & amazing Hawaii/California girls sooner than later!!!!

IDK what it is.. but getting to spend time with old gf's just gives me the warm fuzzies lololol!