Wednesday, September 4, 2013


Dress: YUMI KIM, Shoes: ASH, Handbag: ALEXANDER WANG

Been LIVING in this Yumi Kim dress lately!  

I purchased this dress over two years ago from an Off Saks (scored it on major sale no less! WOOT!) Been wearing it non stop lately!!  Look amazing both casual and dressy it's funny how a simple change of shoes & handbag can totally change a dress!

I am literally OBSESSED with this store!!!

Where has this store been my whole life??!

I want these Monogrammed lacquered boxes so badly!!  

The orange ones are soooo cute reminds me of Hermes orange!

How ADORBS is this dressing room?!

Might be biased since I'm a fur mommy but this is just too cute.  I want this wallpaper hahaha!

Super cute monogrammed cuffs & bangles.. very similar to Hermes H Clic Clac bangles but with your own initial of choice.

Argh I wanted to buy the teal "L" cuff so badly.. but it was too big for my wrist and kept sliding off 

::sad face::


I still sorta want it bahahahaha.

Love this man like you don't even know.

All-you-can-eat Korean BBQ time!


Bulgogi, Pork Belly, Marinated Chicken

Various Panchan, steamed egg, two types of tofu soup

The Hubs can't handle spicy but I LOVE spicy so we had to order 2 different tofu soups hahahahahaha.




Pork Belly & Bulgogi

I swear all you can eat pork belly and bulgogi makes me one happy girl hahahaha!

I OBVIOUSLY did not get the vest memo hahahahahaha.

#besties #bffs #bromance #mandate 

Breeze Cafe!! 

I love this place.. seriously I want to move into this cafe.

Dark Chocolate ganache cake

Strawberry Mousse Cake

OMGG this was my cake and it was absolutely heavenly!  I'm obsessed with any cakes that are made out of strawberries and light whipped cream/mousse.

This was absolutely divine!  

Light, fluffy and delicious!

Backhanded photo taken on the 1st try too.. WHATTTT!

You get suppppper good at taking selfies from ALL angles when you're a "blogger" bahahahahaha

Picked up some nommy baked goodies for later!

Hot dog, ketchup, cheese croissant bread

The Hubs promptly ate this for breakfast the next morning and said it was delicious!

Walnut cream bread, Apple & Raisin pound cake

I got the pound cake for my mom because her favorite cake ever is pound cake :)   And I picked up this square cake that I have no idea what it's called but it was like a 3 layer cake with SUPER yummy cream in between the 3 layers and covered with huge chopped walnuts.


I'm salivating as I'm typing this and want some right now.. and another slice of that strawberry bliss cake pleasssseee!!! muhahahaha

I LOVEEE this furniture store.. omg I want the teal and crystal chandelier!!  

And I'm obsessed w/ that sofa!!  I love that print.. especially as wallpaper love love it!!  Want to plaster my future house with that type of wallpaper.. does anyone know what it's called??  It's like chinaware.. but for your walls HAHAHAHHA.

Soooo pretty!!

Thai Iced Tea

Roasted pork & Pate Banh Mi sandwich

Vietnamese pork & vegetable egg rolls w/ fish sauce

BBQ Pork chop, Steamed pork and egg cake, Shredded pork & tendon and fried egg

BBQ pork chop, steamed pork & egg cake, Fried egg over rice and fish sauce


She sort of looks like a platypus here!

My sleeping fur monster.

My fur daughter is not having it.. not having it at all. muhahahahahaha.

Watermelon Froyo w/ watermelon, cherries & kiwi

Before the Hubs left he got me some Candy Vites and Spray-On sunscreen!!  

How cute is he?? :p

Btw's The Centrum flavor Bursts are SOOO good it's like eating candy chews with a hardshell!!! 

I swear sometimes I have to stop myself from eating more hahahahahha


  1. I just love it when food tastes just as good as it looks - because that strawberry mousse cake looks sooooo pretty!

    I love C. Wonder & all of their products!

  2. Great outfit; the dress looks gorgeous and so do the shoes. And the desserts - such a treat!

  3. I was scrolling and scrolling through the pictures, just slowly taking it all in. And then came that dark chocolate ganache cake. I think I stopped and stared at that for like a whole minute. lol :-)

  4. I love C.Wonder!! Such a great store!!! Those cakes look yummie!!

    Best, Mree

  5. Hi Lisa!! I had all you can eat Korean bbq for the first time last year when I was visiting LA and it was the most amazing experience ever. I've only been twice since then b/c SD has alright Korean food.

    I loooove your blue wedge sneakers. I know you've worn them in other posts but the color is so nice. I'm more of a pink girl so I've been keeping my eyes open for those :-)

    I'm definitely installing a chandelier in our next house. I've always wanted one since I was a little girl, lol.

    Have a great day :-)

    Jane B

  6. You always have the best accessories! Love the pops of colour from your lime bag and blue shoes! x x

  7. I love that outfit. The dress works so well with the sneakers! Very cool

  8. Very cute pictures, and I love love your look, Lisa. SO cute.

  9. I love the comment where you're like... she wasn't having it! LOLOLOLOLOL

  10. that looks so great there. and woah the dessert :-D so great

  11. that store is lovely! would want to go there! Love all your food trips!


  12. I love your dress especially with the blue sneakers and the bangles are certainly cute! I wish I had an H&M closer to me! You have great style and such a cute blog. Would you like to follow each other? Swing by and let me know dear! xx Pip
    Easy Outfits by Pip

  13. The food looks so yummy and I love your outfit Lisa

    My Lyfe ; My Story
    @MyLyfeMyStory ♥ ♥

  14. thanks for also stopping by my blog and leaving a comment, lisa :-)

    yeah, it's obviously a really nice trend - one item of two fabrics. such a fabric mix make an outfit instantly quite fancy

  15. Sorry but the cake was definitely the best of the post jajaja

    Amazing pictures, you really enjoy life!

    Facebook / Instagram /Twitter / Chicisimo

     - Hannah's Heels

  16. oh goodness! you are making me crave for Korean bbq right now! looks so yummy!

    Delightful Ideas
    $25 Paypal Giveaway

  17. The store designers for C. Wonder definitely know what they're doing. First time I walked into a store, I was kind of overwhelmed by the colors, patterns, etc. I wanted to buy everything!

  18. I need that dog wall paper in my life!!

  19. Amazing shoes and bag ! Very nice photos :)

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  21. Korean bbq! Confession!!!! I'm not a huge fan of koren bbq, I KNOW RIGHT like what's wrong with me! But don't get me wrong, sometimes I get some strange crazy urge to have and then I won't give up till I get it hahahaha Oh when it comes to spicy my bf and I are the opposite but the thing is I really like spicy food too HAHAHA so sometimes I'll suck it up and just eat a bit of it, darn and apparently my bf's mom has been upping the dosage of spiciness in my food!

    That store is super adorable and I totally know what you mean about not being able to buy the bangles, I have puny wrists and when the arm candy phase was in I was very sad hahahahaha I still ended up buying some bangles but they're just sitting there looking pretty now =( that strawberry cake looks amazing!!! In the first photo of your furbaby she looks so shocked like "how could you do this to me?!" hahahahaahaha and that's super sweet of your hubs to be thinking of your vitamin intake before he left LOL!!!

    P.S the bf and I use the same account when buying starbucks, so the other day he goes "what did you buy? that was quite the purchase" and I said only a pumpkin spice latte and a yogurt and I was all "omg you're already on my case for spending!" LOL Probably cause all he ever buys is just coffee which is like 3$ HAHAHA when my psl is like 4.50$ LOL not to mention I almost never refill the card LOL ok I shall stop here now

  22. Lisa Lisa! That fabric with the "china ware print" is called toile =) I just found that out and had to come here to tell you kekeke