Monday, September 2, 2013


Dean & Deluca!

I'm a gourmet food store addict!

I can peruse them for HOURS!! 

Want to come back here for lunch to sample some of their prepared foods section!

Glorious cheese section!

HOW ADORBS are the little piggy's in Hawaiian shirt marzipan's!!! 


So going back to get some of these super decadent looking brownies!! 

Umm one day I'm going to renovate my dream kitchen and or master bath w/ these light sea foam subway tiles.. omg I LOVEEEE these tiles!!!

Heart these amazing girls!

A selection of tea sandwiches, Croque Monsieur, Dried Beef Carpaccio Salad, Bread Basket

Our ridiculous lunch @ Kafe Leopold's!

Everything there was insanely delicious!!  Want to go back for lunch NOW!!  The wait was fairly insane and I have to admit it felt like I was back in San Francisco hehe.  Even the bread basket was delicious!!  So many different types of fresh yummy breads both sweet and savory!

Nom Nom Nom!

Going to go back to the try the Croque Madamoiselle next time.. cannot resist runny egg yolks.  Seriously is there anything better then cracking a golden egg yolk over crunchy bread? :)


The pastry was a little soft could have been more crisp.. however the rich cream in between was delicious and it was made with vanilla bean you could see little black flecks throughout.  


Look at that adorable baby bump! 


So whimsical it's like Alice in Wonderland :)


So cute!! 

I love doggie motif anything :p 

Omgosh this archway made out of books is AMAZEBALLS AMAZING!


Found this amazing dress at BCBG but didn't take it home.. I wasn't really sure how often I could pull off an all white sequin peplum dress not to mention it was on the sheer side HAHA.

I DID however take home an amazing black crepe dress for an upcoming event that I scored at 60% off!!  I have to admit I have a total weakness from BCBG dresses!!

Couture quality dresses without the couture price!!

Serendipity 3!!!

Love this place.. one of my FAVORITE movies of all time.. seriously FELL IN LOVE w/ John Cusack because of that movie haha.

Ironic that I've been to both the Las Vegas AND Washington DC branches.. and yet I still have not been to the original one in NYC hahaha.

Heart all the replica Tiffany & Co. lamps :)!!

Their famous frozen hot chocolate!!!  

So yummy!! 

I choose this over a Starbucks frappacino any day!

We ordered 1 for 3 girls and still barely finished half of it!

Nachos & Foot long hot dog

OMGGGG I could eat their nachos all day long.. seriously why is it when you eat sweet and savory together it is SOOO GOOD.  

Like my waistline needs the extra calories bahahahah!

Back to eating rabbit food.

Except my amazing baker friend made me these AMAZEBALS red velvet, vanilla & chocolate cupcakes hahaha.

 Seriously how cute are the iridescent sprinkles and I LOVEEE the chocolate malt balls yum!! 

Rabbit food I SWEAR...

once I polish these off HAHA.

Thanks so much Sally & Ya-ya for an amazing day in Georgetown!!! 

I had so much fun eating and shopping!!


  1. those marzipan pigs are super adorable!!!

  2. Love your BCBG dress! The food looks amazing as always; luckily I just had breakfast, otherwise I'd be starving.

  3. Another great photo diary, I love all the photos! The food looks amazing. And so do you and your gal pals :-)

  4. Oh my gosh, now I'm hungry! Haha seriously, all of that food looks amazing. That frozen hot chocolate looks incredible! I love Anthropologie displays too! They are so cute! You girls look like you had such a fun time and I love your necklace! You all look very pretty!


  5. I would love to shop at the gourmet store, looks wonderful! Great photos and thanks for your kind words.

  6. Happy Labor Day! And those Hawaiian pigs are the best. They're too adorable!

  7. Can I have a bite out of that napoleon? mmm :) those marzipan piggies are so cute

  8. That sequin peplum dress is really pretty!

    I also adore that archway made of books and is that a pig in hawaiian shirt I see? Cute!


  9. waah that archway made out of books! I like it :)
    those cupcakes <3 omg I want one haha

  10. droooollll! lotsa yummy foodies ^_^ and yeah I have to agree that Archway is definitely uuuhhhmmaaazing!
    Random Beauty by Hollie

  11. WOw! This actually made me hungry! Awesome photos!

  12. Hi sweety, thanks for sharing your fashion verdict with me on my last post :)

  13. it looks like you had so much fun with the grils in Georgetown!!!
    i absolutely jealous on your Serendipty cafe visit!!!

    I love that movie

    The Sweetest Escape 
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  14. Oh really cute pics, your outfit is really lovely and the food looks so delicious *..* yo make hungy now, hehe
    Many thanks for your post!
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  15. cool pics and the food looks delicious!

  16. All the food looks so good and I love gourmet food stores. I'm thinking of applying to Georgetown and I've noticed that you go to the area a lot, so I was wondering, how is it? I was only there for 1 day a long time ago and I can't remember much.

  17. All these photos are so funny and...yummy! ;)

  18. Lovely blog. Now I'm your new follower. I would like you to follow me back!Thanks!

  19. Oh my all of this food looks simply amazing. You look beautiful. I love your necklaces.

    Tracy @ Sunny Days and Starry Nights

  20. love, love the photos dear ♥ ♥ what camera are you using? :))
    I'm a new fan!! following you now via gfc, hope you could check out my site and do the same dear ♥ ♥ :))