Monday, January 28, 2013

OOTD: Camo & Purple Skinnies

Jacket: BAMBOO SKY, Blouse: ZARA, Jean Leggings: HUE, Necklace: BAUBLE BAR, Rings: F21, Shoes: PRADA, Handbag: CHANEL

TOTES obsessed with all things camo right now!!  

Something about it is just so edgy and cool!  And makes me feel like a total bada$$ when I wear it.. hahahaha.  I love love this blouse I got from Zara's in Barcelona it has these tiny rose gold studs to give it that extra bit of girly femininity.  I've worn it a half a dozen times already and it seems to go with EVERYTHING!  Skinnies, skirts, shorts, leggings!  I have to physically try to NOT wear it everyday I can't believe I'm saying this but I think camo may actually have eclipsed my love of all things leopard if you can believe it bahahahaha.

Friday, January 25, 2013

Home is where the Heart is Part 2

Brunch @ Mosaic 

Mini high school reunion :)

Loved that we were able to get together especially since this entire side of the table lives in different countries hehe!  Which means our mini group lives in 3 different continents! 

My high school bestie's Hannah & Jane :) 

Ok you too Jonathan ahahahahahahaha 


Chicken pecan salad on waffle w/ french fries

Oh man ever since moving to Germany I've become OBSESSED w/ Belgium Waffles.  But this place was awesome.. it can make whatever sandwich you want on a waffle!!!!


HK pop star coming through! muhahahahahaha! 

Boba time WOOT!! 


Passionfruit ice smoothie & Taiwanese pop corn chicken w/ basil


You made it Chris :)! 

It was really nice to meet you Sita! :)


muhahahaha :p

Starbucks pumpkin spice latte turned 3 hour catchup sesh :)

Japanese curry w/ chicken, mushrooms, carrots & potatoes

Fried Shrimp  & Garlic

Fried Fish & Garlic

I've traveled the world and eaten amazing food everywhere but seriously sometimes nothing tastes as wonderful or feels as comforting than your moms cooking :)

And yes even though I loved eating my moms cooking.. I also missed Trader Joe's haha!

Muhahaha! I HEART TJ'S! WOOT :p


ohhh how I've missed you :p

One of my "Auntie's" - one of my mom's besties :)  She really looked after me when I was younger <3

Hello Kitty amazeballs-ness @ Target!

Valentine's stuffs!!  


So freakin' adorbs!

My Mom & "Auntie" :)!

Like sisters hehehe :)

Taiwanese porkchop rice

Picked up some of the most amazing and adorable dessert plates at Target!!  

They're plastic but they're soooo cute and they were less than $2 dollars a plate!

And the matching serving plate!! 

LOVE hehehe! 

I haven't decided if I'm going to use it as an actual serving plate or use it in my dressing room to put my costume jewelry on. :p

I also picked up some Elf makeup and some NYX black label lipsticks!!!  

Found them at Nordstrom Rack omg I was so excited NYX black label lipstick ROCKS! So creamy and lasts so long!

My mom got me some some of my favorite asian snacks and drinks.

My mom is the bestest :p

Indian food buffet time WOOT! :p

Nom Nom Nom!  

I loveeee Indian food!

My porcupine gloves!!!  


Having fun with my porcupine gloves ahahahahahaha.

Maybe too much bahahahaha :p

Heart these two gorgeous girls :)!

Thanks for coming out guys it was so fun and so lovely to see all of you :)