Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Tea @ The InterContinental & Central Michel Richard

Tea @ The InterContinental Hotel! :)

The beginning of our girls only foodie day hehe!

Christmas decorations make me so happy haha!

Such a gorgeous tress!!  

And I love loveee the ceiling of this hotel!

To be fair I love ALL InterContinental hotels they are always so pretty inside and out!

Tea time :)!

With a harpist to boot!

Om Nom Nom!  

I just adore tea time!!! 

They had lemon curd too!!  

I loveee lemon curd.. I find the hallmark of a good afternoon tea ALWAYS provides lemon curd.  You'd be surprised how often places in the US don't give lemon curd!

An entire gingerbread replica of the hotel!

Central Michel Richard owned by James Beard winner chef Michel Richard! :) 

I haven't really been able to explore the Washington, DC food scene so I was so excited when Sally suggested we go to CMR!  Because it was delish and now I can't wait to come back and try his higher end restaurant Citronelle!

The bread came out piping hot w/ delicious creamy soft butter.  A nice touch!  I definitely think a restaurants bread and butter speaks volumes about the type of food that will come out of its kitchen.

Gourges (french cheese puffs)

OMGOSH these were DELICIOUS!!  

The outside was crisp, flaky buttery and the inside was filled w/ soft cheese.. omggggg these were nommy.  Loved them!

The restaurant was crazy packed!!  

This is just a small part of the restaurant too!

What can I say I love cheese and I love bread.. So cheese + bread = heaven for me!! 


<3 this pretty girl :)!

YES I'm taking a picture of someone taking a picture.... of food..

Sometimes stereotypes persist for a reason hahahah ;)

Pork Belly confit w/ braised lentils and Mushroom pearl risotto

But omgosh both these dishes were delicious!!!!!

The pork belly was so deliciously fatty and juicy and the skin was so crisp and it sat on a bed of creamy lentils (such a ridiculous run on sentence I know).  I really don't know why I don't eat more lentils because they are so yummy haha!

The mushroom pearl risotto was SO good that I practically licked the plate clean.  Literally.  There was a little bit left over and the waiter came to take it and I practically yelled at him AHAHAHAHA.




Burger w/ bacon & cheddar and fries w/ brussel sprouts and bacon

When we originally ordered we decided to split a burger which turned out to be a wise decision because neither one of us actually even made it to our burger.  The fries were delicious however!  And brussels sprouts + bacon is always delicious!

I ate my burger the next day it was still pretty good but I imagine it would have been much better if I had been able to eat it at the restaurant haha.

Even though we totally did not even touch our entree we did however find room for dessert. 


Banana Split

This dessert was actually a 2 person portion hahaha but it really could have been for like 4 ppl at least!  We barely made a dent before waving the white flag.

It's basically a deconstructed banana split and it.was.AWESOME.

The top compartments features 3 different types of super delicious ice cream and sorbet.  And the bottom is halved bananas - yes under all that whip cream/nectarines/chocolate/pistachios/almonds/caramel/hot chocolate sauce are bananas. ahahahaha.

See mom I had fruit today BAHAHAHAHA.

I highly doubt this is what she meant when she wanted to know if I ate fruit today though ;p

The United State Capital building is literally a straight shot from the restaurant.  

I never realized how beautiful D.C. was until I moved away.  I will definitely have to come back and re-explore DC :)  I think you really do tend to take for granted things in your surroundings until they AREN'T your surroundings anymore hahaha. 

Thanks for a fabulous day Sally I had so much fun now I'm off to attempt to work off my food baby.. and my food baby's baby ahahahahaha!

BTW. I will totes be going back to Central Michel Richard to order ALL of the above + the famous fried chicken! 

If you are visiting D.C. GO HERE!!!! hahahaha :p


  1. Foodie day for the win c:
    The hightea section looks
    really delicious! I like
    that there's a harpist in
    the hotel!


  2. omg. now i want a burger and high tea. yummo!

  3. the christmas tree is so gorgeous!!! and oooh, the cheese puffs look delicious! actually, everything looks so good! :D

    <3, Mimi

  4. High tea looks so awesome, must try one day!

  5. that looks like the best banana split ever !

  6. Sounds like you had a blast with your gf. So much food for just the 2 of you and they all look delicious!

  7. A really fab day indeed. This post is very delish dear.


  8. The Intercon lobby is gorgeous - and those gougeres look so yum!

  9. The continental is truly amazing! I love how big the tree is :) looks like a fabulous tea time you had with you friend. And what delicious looking food!

  10. I loveeee the idea of a girls food day/night out! The food all looks so amazing and that mini burger is cute as!!

  11. Omg I always wanted to do tea time with a girl friend!! How fun!! And your girls' dishes all looked so delicious! :)

    xo - Sheila

  12. It would be so fun hanging out with you! Looks like you know where all the good food is! heeeheee!

  13. Hello it's nice to be back reading your post. How I wish to have more time to read what I skip for the past few weeks.

    Holy! I'm not a sweet tooth person but your banana split photo makes me crave! And yes I do agree how lovely is the Christmas tree and what a wonderful bright color ornament has on it. Your food post always makes me heart pounder and my stomach starve lol. You two are lovelies!:)


  14. Yum, yum, yum! Gougeres are SO addictive and good!
    Oh and your picture of your friend is so funny. My husband took a few pictures of our friend taking pictures of her food and posted it on FB. It got so many like that he thought about making an "Asians taking pictures of food" album, haha.

    Chic 'n Cheap Living

  15. the food you eat never fails to make me hungry :p even if I just had a full meal :)

    Tea is absolutely a favourite past time with girlies, food, tea,a bubbly and some chit chatting.

  16. Gorgeous pictures and now I'm hungry!!!! Next time I'm in DC I will make sure to check these places out!! Love your gold Chanel!!

  17. you look great <3

    - A.

  18. Basically, I mentally prepare myself to drool every time I visit your blog.

  19. oh wow! it all looks so delicious and tempting!! totally llove it!!
    New post abt the Dior collection is up! :D
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  21. Amazing food! l love afternoon tea! Seeing your DC posts have really made me consider visiting this city this year. It would be a first for me!


  22. amazing pictures :))

  23. amazing blog!!! i follow you now ;)
    i would love to follow me back because I really love your blog!!

  24. just once i'd love to have a super fancy day like you had!! i love that you actually got to eat at a place where there was a harp player haha, i'd feel like i'd need white gloves on at a place like that ;)

  25. lovely blog.

  26. Ohhh… ABSOlutely amazing dear!!!And you’ve got a gorgeous blog too!!!

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  27. Omg, these pix are amazing... I've never been to a tea time before... always wondered what it would be like!

    Looks like its lots of fun and deliciousness :)


  28. I think all intercontinental hotels are more or less the same. The one in singapore has a white panels exterior that looks just like the one you visited. The interior too. Oh but I haven't seen a harpist playing before. The harp music must have sound magical.

    I do agree that you could tell from the bread to know the kinda of standard of a restaurant. Totally agree with that. Oh and the French cheese puff look like something I would sink my teeth into. Yummy!

  29. Btw, did you change your camera or something? It seems like the photos on these recent posts look quite grainy and quite unlike your usual high resolution photos. Sometimes my photos look grainy too due to the adjusting of brightness.

  30. So much yummy stuff in one post!

    Great blog; You've got yourself a new follower :)

    STAY AWESOME xxx Pauline