Friday, January 18, 2013

Iimori Patisserie + Mini Reunion!

A couple of weeks ago I was contacted by an old high school classmate who I hadn't seen in 10+ years (*YIKES* I'm old hahaha).  After high school she moved back to Japan and as fate would have it is now currently working in London and decided come play in Germany!  WOOT!

I was sooo excited to see her! hahaha.  I looked up cute cafe's and found an ADORABLE Japanese Parisian bakery in Frankfurt called Iimori Patisserie.

Petite Fours, Green Tea Torts & Pumpkin Pudding

Aren't the desserts soo cute?

Petite Fours

The petite fours were so adorable there was everything from the normal like fruit & custard tarts to green tea macaroons, green tea opera cakes and even red bean filling!

Heh... sometimes stereotypes persist for a reason. bahahahahahahaha.

Seriously it's like on cue all of us whipped out some sort of photo taking device bahahahahahaha.

Hysterically laughing about the fact that we are all simultaneously taking pictures of our food! :p

Everything here is sooo cute from the feline ballerina's to the vintage baroque stools and the piano that actually plays by itself!!  You can sort of see some of the keys pressed down.

BTW this really freaked out the Hubs he was NOT a fan of the self playing piano bahahahahaha!

Pumpkin Pudding & Chai Tea Latte

Omgosh my pumpkin pudding was soooo nommy!  It's a cross between pumpkin pie and pumpkin cheesecake.

The top part was like a super light marscapone whipped topping, the center was pumpkin pie filling and underneath was a light cheesecake and on the bottom was a soft shortbread biscuit.

Again with the pictures hahahah!

Everything here is so adorable.. I just want to buy and eat everything hahahaha!

They even had some really yummy looking Japanese sandwiches... it looked like some of them had tonkatsu (fried pork cutlet) inside!  Will definitely be back to sample these!

Noriko and her adorable furry ear muffs w/ a bow and pearl embellishments! 

LOVE sooo cute!

She was thoughtful enough to bring me a box of delicious truffles all the way from London!

These chocolates were created to celebrate the recent Diamond Jubilee festivities in London in honor of Her Majesty The Queen!

Prestat chocolates is a favorite of one of my favorite childhood authors Roald Dahl (of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and James and the Giant peach fame!)

The Queen Mother even gives these chocolates as gifts.  Fancy! hahahaha

They are sooooooooooooooo good. Omg good. Truffles are my FAVORITE types of chocolates and one of them was a champagne truffle.  Out of all the truffles in the world I LOVE LOVE champagne truffles the most! LOVE! :)  Thank you so much Noriko!

I had so much fun seeing you again after all these years Noriko!  It was nice meeting you too Rie!  

So looking forward to visiting you girls in London! :) 


  1. You can call this post " NOM NOM " as onky that is in my mind right now :D

  2. Japanese desserts are always so dainty and pretty <3 love anything green tea flavor! And those chocolates..omg looks like to die for!

  3. Really beautiful pictures, and delicious food!


  4. Isn't it nice seeing old friends? I contacted my college roommate yesterday too, and it's been like 10 years. And we instantly connected. I think that's how it goes with old friends.
    Girlie Blog Seattle | Casual Clothes for Less

  5. I want these desserts!!
    The food look delicious and the pictures are beautiful!


  6. What an adorable little bakery! Everything looks so delicious and too cute to eat! Catching up with high school friends is the best, too.

    xoxo, Julie @ OBSESSED

  7. what a cute little place...i love that it's a japanese parisian cafe in germany, lololol!!

    glad you had a nice time!

  8. the desserts look soooo yummy! i love high tea, everything always looks better
    omg truffles!!! so pretty!!! can't control myself i could probably finnish a box in one day...and then get very sick afterwards

  9. Noriko's earmuffs are so cute. I literally gasped when I saw them and I think I might need a pair for when I move away.

    Also, my piano has a self playing option and every time we have guests over, my dad will have the piano play and talk about how I shouldn't have quit the piano. XD

  10. OMG!!! too cute ... I would love to taste one ( or many of them actually ) . And truffles are also one of my favorites, french one of course^^
    des bisous

  11. wow,,
    that look fancy. and yummy!!!

  12. ermahgerdd please stop with the food posts haha. seriously jealous of the amazing looking pastries!!

  13. I love sweet bakeries, they're the best places to take pictures! lol

  14. i love teas! cute photos ;)

  15. This was the perfect spot for reuniting with a friend!

    The food, as always, looks delicious! That's so funny you guys whipped out your phones, I do that for IG all the time! My fiance makes fun of me ;)

  16. Great pictures! I want those truffles!

  17. Have you seen that Tumblr, Pictures of Asians Taking Pictures of Food? Haha, it's so me... and you guys too :p Everything at the bakery looks so cute and delicious!

    xo, alison*elle

  18. Yet another delish post. The dessert looks so yummy!


  19. ohmygosh, everything looks delicious, lisa! and ooooh, i love truffles!!! :D

    <3, Mimi

  20. This looks so delicious and I love your coat! :)

  21. Fab pictures!! Everything looks so good!!! You always make me hungry!! Have a great weekend!!

  22. Green tea torte and pumpkin pudding for me too please! Ahh there is nothing like seeing old friends and eating!

    Chic 'n Cheap Living

  23. Fabulous place, it must be delicious :)

  24. oh gosh, i had got these chocolates in box a while back too oh they were so delish!! totally love it...!!!
    Thanks for your visit! My new post is up :D

  25. I love vicariously eating through you, hehe! ;o)

  26. the creation of the bakery is soo adorable
    definitely would love to try if i travel to germany one day!
    happy weekend

  27. it all looks so good. green tea torte and pumpkin pudding?! ugh....i will happily eat it regardless of consequences.

  28. Your post is making me hungry!!! It all looks so delicious!!!

  29. Those look amazing! It's waaaay too pretty to eat lol

    hehehe stereotypical! XD

    It seems strange to me, but why is everyone seated so close to each other O_O;

    But nonetheless, it looked like you had a lot of fun :D

    nyuu }

  30. Hello dear!
    Yummy cookeis!
    Lovely blog !
    Do you want follow each other?

  31. What an overdose of saccharin sweetness.

    It is great to meet up with old school mates whom you haven't seen in years. I love the photos of the stereotype coz you see the contrast of the Caucasians in the background. That's almost too funny. I wonder if they knew their photos were taken as a backdrop.

  32. OMG!!!! I love love love love love this post! I could eat everything on that tray myself :D~

    Seeing old highschool friends are great, I recently saw a few and it felt like nothing changed except we all have our own career and life.

  33. This place looks amaaaaaazzzzing!!! Nooooo I wanna go too!!! *whines stomps and pouts* At first I thought there was only the two of you before I saw the group photo and read your hubs was there too hahahaha and I was thinking "holy that's a lot of food for two people!" I can see your hubs just sitting there eyeing the piano from time to time to make sure no phantom pops out! You look so pretty here too!!

    I also like the decor especially the plates hanging on the wall thought I'd be scared of it falling in my head.

    The chocolate truffles you got look great! If I ever make it to london I'll try and remember to grab some of these =P Ugh pumpkin! Every time I see or hear pumpkin I remember the very well missed psl, I can't wait till next year lol Perhaps I'll do the count down with you hahaha

    Oh! I hear some people paint the red soles of their louboutins with red polish, does that really work? If not is there anyway you can just get them replaced? Your friend has the most adorable coat ever, I love the soft fur collar!

  34. Delicous desserts! I would love to try this place.


  35. all those desserts look soooooooooo gooood omggg u got me drooling over my keyboard!!

  36. I love kusmi tea!!! And those ear muffs are adorable!!! :D