Friday, January 25, 2013

Home is where the Heart is Part 2

Brunch @ Mosaic 

Mini high school reunion :)

Loved that we were able to get together especially since this entire side of the table lives in different countries hehe!  Which means our mini group lives in 3 different continents! 

My high school bestie's Hannah & Jane :) 

Ok you too Jonathan ahahahahahahaha 


Chicken pecan salad on waffle w/ french fries

Oh man ever since moving to Germany I've become OBSESSED w/ Belgium Waffles.  But this place was awesome.. it can make whatever sandwich you want on a waffle!!!!


HK pop star coming through! muhahahahahaha! 

Boba time WOOT!! 


Passionfruit ice smoothie & Taiwanese pop corn chicken w/ basil


You made it Chris :)! 

It was really nice to meet you Sita! :)


muhahahaha :p

Starbucks pumpkin spice latte turned 3 hour catchup sesh :)

Japanese curry w/ chicken, mushrooms, carrots & potatoes

Fried Shrimp  & Garlic

Fried Fish & Garlic

I've traveled the world and eaten amazing food everywhere but seriously sometimes nothing tastes as wonderful or feels as comforting than your moms cooking :)

And yes even though I loved eating my moms cooking.. I also missed Trader Joe's haha!

Muhahaha! I HEART TJ'S! WOOT :p


ohhh how I've missed you :p

One of my "Auntie's" - one of my mom's besties :)  She really looked after me when I was younger <3

Hello Kitty amazeballs-ness @ Target!

Valentine's stuffs!!  


So freakin' adorbs!

My Mom & "Auntie" :)!

Like sisters hehehe :)

Taiwanese porkchop rice

Picked up some of the most amazing and adorable dessert plates at Target!!  

They're plastic but they're soooo cute and they were less than $2 dollars a plate!

And the matching serving plate!! 

LOVE hehehe! 

I haven't decided if I'm going to use it as an actual serving plate or use it in my dressing room to put my costume jewelry on. :p

I also picked up some Elf makeup and some NYX black label lipsticks!!!  

Found them at Nordstrom Rack omg I was so excited NYX black label lipstick ROCKS! So creamy and lasts so long!

My mom got me some some of my favorite asian snacks and drinks.

My mom is the bestest :p

Indian food buffet time WOOT! :p

Nom Nom Nom!  

I loveeee Indian food!

My porcupine gloves!!!  


Having fun with my porcupine gloves ahahahahahaha.

Maybe too much bahahahaha :p

Heart these two gorgeous girls :)!

Thanks for coming out guys it was so fun and so lovely to see all of you :) 



  1. Love your pictures! The food looks so delicious!

  2. I love to see these amazing pictures of your family and friends. omg that food looks amazing. My pizza can not get here fast enough!!

  3. Aww - looks like you had a fantastic time with your family and friends! Love the pics of all the food! *drool*

  4. This is a post after my own heart! I LOVE belgian waffles, my mom's cooking is the best in the world, obsessed with TJ's, and one of my favorite foods is Indian! And YOGURT DRAAANK! Hahaha! Love this post and YES keep the tray in your closet! Too, too cute for actually serving.

    xoxo, Julie @ OBSESSED

  5. indian food.. yum!!!

    looks like such a fun trip Lisa!

  6. THE INDIAN BUFFET LOOKS AMAZING AND SO DOES THE PASSION FRUIT SMOOTHIE! That's nice that you got to meet up with so many of your friends and I like how they were using your porcupine gloves as hand puppets. (:

  7. i <3 dim sum!

    and i've been craving boba for MONTHS now--really need to get some soon!

  8. Can we be bffs and eat 24/7? Everything that you have looks amazing. Loved the waffle place and the Taiwanese and Indian food.

  9. OMGOMGOMG ... that waffle place .... I am LITERALLY drooling right now. That looks amazing! Love your photos. Can I live your life for a week, please??

  10. looks like you had fun! + all the yummy food that was eaten looks like the trip was well worth it! =D

  11. Omg you love Indian food? I am glad you like it. *proud Indian dance* :p
    You are absolutely true in saying that no food in the world can be as comforting as mom's food.

    Hope you doing well. ^_^

    Love from India,

  12. It seems like you guys had a lot of fun! :)


  13. wow, looks like you had a great time! drooling over those yummy foodies and a lot of kawaii stuff ^_^

  14. Oh my gosh all those meals look AMAZING!!! Looks like such a good time with friends and family.

    Also ... Those gloves are TO DIE FOR they are SOOOOOO CUTE !

  15. Savoury waffles????? Mind. Blown. All the stuff you bought looks so awesome and I feel pressured to do an equally awesome haul/food post but I have no way of living up to ALL THIS haha

  16. Looks like it was a great visit home! Love all the pictures. Those waffles look so good!! Love all the goodies you got at Target!! I need those plates, way cute!!

  17. mumma's cooking will always be the best no matter how much amazing food you eat. Its the kind of cooking you're always craving when you no longer have the luxury of eating it on a regular basis :D

    Man indian buffet! I would be shovelling butter chicken in me like crazy :p

    I really shouldn't read your food blog posts after I eat, I just suddenly get hungry again ahahaha

  18. Great photos! The waffle sandwich is a new concept for me - I wonder what it tastes like. The fried fish makes my mouth water. Delicious!! Have a great weekend.


  19. Aww you always look like you are having so much fun (and eating such great good!)
    I totally bring an empty suitcase to bring back Trader Joe's stuff. I even emailed them to ask them to open abroad!
    Oh and I need to load up on both my Sephora goodies (too faced primer, bare minerals foundation) and drugstore goodies. Do you have any other fave drugstore cosmetics? I used Revlon Super lustrous lipstick and was pretty impressed by it!

    Chic 'n Cheap Living

  20. Thank you Lisa for your congrats! what a lovely post! can see that you guys had a great time together! :D and the dessert plates are sooo cutE! :D xx

  21. fun to be back home! being a transfer myself from half a world away, i absolutely cherish the time when i'm able to be back with my friends and family

    and off topic, but did you notice that guy who was sitting at the table across from you guys when you took that pic at mosaic??! LOL! photobomb!

  22. Cute photos you took, looks like you had fun!!!!! Come see my new daisy skirt :)

    xo Emma

  23. Your posts always make me so hungry!! I really should stop reading them so late at night!
    Your mini high school reunion looks fun :)
    Also your mum is so adorable!!!

  24. THOSE J'TAIME PLATES. Literally just took an iPhone picture and sent it to my roommate telling her we need to make a Target run tonight.

    Dim Sum = my favorite thing ever. Do you have any favorite SF dim sum locations?

    You and your friends are adorable - enjoy your time together!!!

  25. Loving all these photos, Lisa!!! <3

  26. i'm so happy to see that you got to have a mini-reunion with your high school friends! all the food looks amazing (as usual, when it comes to your food posts!) and all of you look so happy! :D

    <3, Mimi

  27. Great pictures love!!


  28. Lovely photos and these waffles look amazing! :)

  29. cuttee pictures Lisa!! love em!! glad u had fun with friends :) ommgg i want those waffles arggghhh that's it i'm making waffles for lunch lol

  30. Great pictures !! Delicious food and fabulous place, what could be better !? :)

  31. Cute pictures, and lovely post, Lisa.

  32. Amazing! Great Pictures :)


  33. The waffle sandwiches sound awesome and remind me of when I was little and used to make Eggo sandwiches with bologna in the middle, hehe.
    And the Japanese curry brings me back! My mom used to make that curry with carrots, potatoes and chicken over rice - delish!

  34. i love the indian food, waffles and noodles!! totally love it! gosh your pictures make me so tempted to have some now hehe..!!
    New post on my style inspiration is up on my blog sweets :)

  35. Omg so much love in this post between you and your friends and your family! Kekekeke To be honest when I saw the first photo I was thining "omg she got to go to afternoon tea againnnnnn???" LOL I was so jelly cause I haven't gone in forever! Actually I was going to go the other day but the cafe cancelled it! Ugh!

    You look soooo pretty and happy! Oh gosh Target has the cutest stuff! Even though Target is taking over Zellers in Canada I highly doubt that the same products will be sold =( I actually prefer plastic plates more than glass cause I grew up using them in my house hold. You can drop them and they won't break, smash them up while putting them in the dishwasher and they don't make that "clinking" sound when you piling them up in your cabinets.

    Oh which blush did you get?!??!!!? I just got my first elf blush in tickled pink(?)! I actually got my hands on a sample size of NARS orgasm and was sooooo disappointed it didn't deliver. I don't know if it's cause I like heavily pigmented blushes recently or what but the colour didn't show at all, nada! I can't be that dark!

    Hope you're doing well girly and shedding those pounds from the psl but don't worry they'll be back next holiday for all of us LOL (*sigh* love hate relationships haha)

  36. It is amazing to know that people living in 3 continents could find the right time to get together. I think that is really heartwarming.

    I agree so much about home-cooked food. For me, it isn't just my mom as my dad cooks just as well and I love their cooking so much.

    You are so fortunate to have so many good friends and love from all over. I dare say that you yourself must have been a very good person to be blessed in this way.

    I always love reading your posts coz it encompasses to many people in your life.

    Blogging bff? What a cute term. I love it! More and more people are saying we look similar or look like sisters. I guess it is really true when I look at features like our noses and smile. We should hang out too if you ever come to Singapore and if I ever go to Germany. How long would you be in Germany?

  37. Aww lovely pictures, looks like you had so much fun! :)

  38. The Hello Kitty blower! Gaaah. So cute!

    This post made me miss my friends back in HS and even college. xD

  39. Again, so much awesomeness going on in your post!!!

    Your mom's fried catfish with garlic looks delish. I looooove fried catfish but we've been trying to cut down and eat other fish that is less fatty...just not the same.

    Your friends playing with the porcupine cracks me up.

    Oh, I can't wait to hit up Target after Valentines day b/c I know all that stuff will be on sale!! I still use them all year round as long as it is cute. lol


    Have a good week Lisa

    ~Jane B.

  40. All your food posts make me soooo hungry!!