Friday, January 4, 2013


Those of you that follow me on twitter and or facebook saw a pic of my Christmas gift from the Hubs!

These absolutely gorgeous yellow & white diamond earrings that the Hubs surprised me with a couple of weeks ago.  We sadly didn't get to spend Christmas together because he had to stay in Germany for work but I did get to spend it with my mom and extended family (love love my little cousins!) which was really nice. :)

Anyhow I couldn't resist snapping about 29873987294 photos of these puppies haha.  I think I've found my new obsession - yellow diamonds and Hubby has nobody to blame but himself bahaha!

Seriously after I opened the box I felt like my heart was going to burst out of my chest because it was beating so fast!  I was shaking so hard I actually DROPPED one of earrings on the floor.

The Hubs said immediately after I dropped it. 

"OMG please don't tell me you broke them already I haven't even turned in the paperwork to the insurance company yet."

My bestie from San Francisco sent me the Alexander McQueen Savage Beauty coffee table book! DIE!!  Seriously DIE!  This is going to be a phenomenal addition to my dressing room!  I've always dreamed of one day having this giant gorgeous Louis Vuitton Monogrammed Luggage as a coffee table and then having a slew of designer coffee table books sitting on top of it!  #OBSESSED.

BTW bestie if this is the first of many designer coffee table books to come I would definitely not object  *cough cough* hahaha #justsayin! :)

Thank you so much hon! 

I LOVE IT!!!!! 

BTW how adorable is the reindeer Christmas card?  

It's covered in red glitter too! 

And you KNOW how I love my sparkles!

The pictures inside are AMAZING.

I seriously DIE over this red feathered dress. 

Before I left for the states I picked up some chocolate related goodies for my little cousins!  The giant eggs you see on the bottom are actually giant chocolate eggs that have toys inside of them! They've actually been banned in the USA because little kids were swallowing the toys -___-  You can read all about them here and about how they were outlawed haha.  Inside the Santa bag of the Kinder "Maxi Mix" are various different chocolate bars that Kinder company makes including a mini sized chocolate egg inside that also has a mini toy! muhahahaha. 

The Nutella & Go is a little convenient to go plastic container w/ nutella spread and these cookie/cracker sticks that you dip into the Nutella.. and if you're Asian or are familiar with Asian markets these might remind you of "yam yams"!   Anybody remember eating those as a kid?? hahahahah. My favorite were the strawberry flavored yam yams muhahah :p

My favorite cousins ever!!  They're so cute!!  Heart them :)!

Decorating Christmas sugar cookies!

I loveee shrimp hahaha.. especially shrimp cocktail muhahaha!

<3 them!

Love the festive red and gold holiday plates!

Om Nom Nom!! 

Presents time!


So excited :) 

We also got her a ruffled fuchsia dress from the Target x Neiman Marcus collab by Marchesa!  

Which I was so excited about but I failed to photograph it :( 

Seriously if only I were skinnier I might have bought one for myself muhahahahaha!

The mini chocolate Kinder eggs w/ toys inside!

Assembling the toy inside!

She might be chocolate wasted hahaha.

Sisters <3

One of my favorite desserts ever Tiramisu!

Couldn't help but wish the Hubs and my fur babies were with me in the states but nonetheless loved spending time with my mom and extended family :) 

I hope all of you had a wonderful Christmas & New Years and wish you all a blessed 2013!


  1. Those earrings are to die for! Lovely! Can't wait to see them on you.

  2. Oh my! Your husband is so sweet. I'm so jealous. Haha! As Beautygirl24 said, those earrings really are to die for!

    XX, Jenniya

  3. I've always thought it was weird that Kinder Surprises are banned in the US... they are literally everywhere here in Canada. I remember they were being confiscated by Border Patrol too when Americans were trying to smuggle them across the border! Glad you had a lovely Christmas, Lisa! Those earrings are gorgeous.

    xo, alison*elle

  4. Nice family pics :) Your cousins look so happy and funny ! SO CUTE !
    You look gorgeous as always dear !

  5. Those are amazing earrings!!! You have the best hubbie ever

  6. STUNNING earrings. Simply STUNNING! Your husband has fantastic taste :) And I still can't believe that kinder surprise eggs were banned in the US!!!!! That's nuts!

  7. Awww love the family photos! :) Happy 2012! And your hubby did an amazing job on the earrings!! Those are gorgeous!! I can't wait to see them on you. ;)

    xo - Sheila

  8. Earrings are awesome and I love your family pictures :)

  9. Love these photos! you have such a beautiful family! Happy New Year!

  10. This was such a sweet post! There's nothing like family time!! :)

    And those earrings, breathtaking!!

  11. The earrings are so BEAUTIFUL!! LOL you two, seriously, are the cutest... he hasn't turned in the paperwork... LOL!

    What a wonderful Christmas you had! Cute kiddies too! And oh, interesting that US ban the kinder surprises. Australia still has them, everywhere.

    Happy New Year now - mwah~

  12. happy new year hun! i loveeee those earrings!

  13. The earrings are beautiful!
    Happy New Year! :]

    1. I almost forgot :X
      Would you like me to invite you to join Influenster? They've closed off direct public registration :\

  14. those earrings are SO gorgeous! your dh has great taste ;) lovely photos lisa!

  15. Your presents are amaaaazing! Especially from the hubby haha. And your family is so cute bahahaha

  16. Oh Lisa, those earrings are spectacular. Lucky ducky. :)

    xx Love & Aloha

  17. hi lisa! happy new year! i'm so happy you got to spend christmas with your mom and extended family! :D

    p.s. wowowowowow, those earrings are absolutely gorgeous! i love love love yellow diamonds!!! you are so so so lucky! :D

    <3, Mimi

  18. Wow, they're so sparkly and shiny! Be careful with them! haha
    The book looks amazing :3 And it looks like you had a lot of fun :)


  19. omg! beautiful earrings!


  20. The earrings are beautiful. I'm pleased you had a great christmas with your family.

    Can't believe that Kinder eggs are banned in the US. What is the world coming to. I used to eat these all the time as a kid in the UK. I'm pleased to see they've still come in the yellow case :-)

  21. My goood the earrins are amazing !!! you are so lucky :D

    des bisous !

  22. omg the earrings are adorable and beautiful, lucky you! ;))
    your cousins are so cute! reminds me of my brother and sister! I currently live in germany, pursuing my bachelor degree here, while my family live in Indonesia.. I miss them,and seeing your pictures here warms my heart :)
    love your blog!

  23. Those earrings are beautiful!! Your husband has very good taste lucky you :) Your cousins are so cute as well, I love being with my family at christmas! xo

  24. Fantastic earrings! Beautiful!
    I wish you a Happy New Year!:)

  25. Happy New Year my dear , Wish you a lovely year !

    wow beautiful earrings :)

    Marina ,

  26. Wish You A...Great, Prosperous, Blissful, Healthy, Bright, Delightful,
    Mind Blowing, sweaty & Energetic, Terrific & Extremely ...happy, very HAPPY NEW YEAR 2013. From Never give up

  27. I am sincerely glad that the earrings are just full, because those are beautiful. :)

  28. Hey there! U had a grt time.....lovely pics

    Btw do check out my new post
    Stay in touch

  29. Those earrings are GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Congrats!! Looks like you had a fab Christmas!!! I didn't know that those kinder eggs were banned here, I LOVE them!! Happy Friday!!

  30. aww lucky you...the earrings are beautiful. i bet they'll look even better on you!

  31. Hahahaha you tel the best stories. I probably would have freaked out if I dropped one!!! They are gorgeous. Happy new year!

  32. Your husband always gets you the best gifts! I love the Alexander McQueen book and I let my friends borrow mine all the time. The photos are so beautiful in it! :D

    Also, I can't believe kids actually ate the toys inside...

  33. I love those beautiful earrings! Seriously swooning in a major way! It looks like you had such a lovely holiday!On another note- last time I was in France I bought so many of those "Nutella & Go" to bring home -so good!
    Happy New Year!

  34. So many fabulous things! This must be the most amazing Christmas gift ever!!! Lucky girl. I also love Kinder Schokolade and Tiramisu. Great to see that you had such a lovely time. Happy New Year!


  35. wonderful earrings. loving diamonds :))

  36. omg,the earings are amazing,you lucky girl!!!!,so beautiful photos!!i am your new follower on gfc,would you like to follow me back?

  37. Wow, your hubby seriously deserves husband of the year award. The earrings are seriously stunning!! You LUCKY girl!

  38. Those earrings are gorgeous! Great pictures too, looks like you had a lot of fun! :)

  39. hahaha! your hubby is so funny! i can't believe you dropped the earrings. you're so silly! they are seriously breathtaking.

    hope you had happy new year.

    btw, you are looking so good!!! did you lost weight? hot!


  40. such lovely earrings oh beautiful gift!! wld love for you to visit my blog..and follow maybe?
    I have a Chicnova Jewelry giveaway for 3 lucky winners next do visit!

  41. Gorgeous earrings and love the coffee table book! You have the most awesome people around you! Nothing beats spending Christmas with family! :)

  42. Oh my. That Alexander McQueen coffee table book is just lovely and diamonds will always be a girls best friend. Happy New Year, Lisa! <3

  43. Ooh! The earrings are gorgeous! How did you manage to capture the brilliance on camera? I always have a difficult time trying to capture the brilliance of bling blings on camera. Your hubby is so sweet to you!

    I know Yan Yan! We call it Yan Yan here and I love the chocolate one. I also love nutella a lot! Are you serious that Kinder Surprise got banned in the States??? The kids don't know about the toys inside? Or probably bad parental supervision. Our kids here do not swallow the toys.

    It is so heartwarming to spend occasions with your family. Your cousins are cute and they look like really good kids. I think I would heart them too.

  44. Gorgeous bling Lisa!!!! Your husband has great taste and like Jo, how did you capture their blingness on camera? Do you have those special lights like at the jewelers that make the diamonds sparkle? Oh wait! You used to work at Tiffany's, was there some special lighting they used there? Or is that a secret? I would have dropped an earring too, in fact my earrings lose bling(mock ones of course har har) even when I don't drop them =( Confession, I thought that red holiday card with the reindeer was really a red pocket hahaha Oh I remember some lady on the purse forum used a vintage LV trunk as a coffee table (are you a member of the purse forum? I believe so right?)

    When I first found out about the Kinder Surprise being banned from the states I could hardly believe it but now I know it's really true! Looks like you had a fabulous time with your family and I would love to receive a lego set too, those things are damn expensive!!!! Oh and I'm surprised you don't have shelves of designer coffee books already!

    Omg that's one thing the bf and I are sometimes weary of when we eat at restaurants when we're travelling. We try to look for places with menus outside and nothing that screams *I'm here to suck your money* Okay to be truthful I would want to punch the stuffed animal in the face if I woke up to it but in reality I would probably just scream my lungs out which would wake the house/bf up LOL

  45. Ohhh my goooodness those earrings are absolutely GORGEOUS!!! I'm so jealous. They are so sparkly :) Your husband always has such great taste ;)

  46. Cute pictures !! Fabulous earrings :)

  47. Hi Lisa!

    Wow, so many amazing things in this post!!

    First, your hubby needs to give a seminar on how to pick out gifts for the wife!! He has amazing and elegant taste.

    Secondly, I love Kinder Eggs. Sooo much fun.

    Third, the food looks delish and your little cousins look so happy with their gifts. Remember when things like walkie talkies use to make us so happy :-) Those were the days.

    ~Jane B.

  48. lovely pictures!! you have a beautiful family Lisa!! your little cousins are super cuuuuuteee!! and i love that card omg the red dresss is beautiful!!

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  50. Ahhhh c'est absolument magnifique ! Your Monsieur has great taste. I can't wait to see you wear them.