Friday, January 11, 2013

Home is where the Heart is Part 1

Home to me is a lot of different places.  I was born in Taiwan, raised in the Maryland suburbs, moved to Hawaii for school, relocated to San Francisco where I met The Hubs and now I've followed him to Germany.

Home now is wherever my family and friends are.  And they're scattered everywhere at any given time.  So I look forward to visiting friends and family whenever I can. :p

I'm like so many years late but I haven't lived in the Washington DC area for nearly 10 years so I was eager to try Georgetown Cupcakes!  They're amazing and the cupcake shop has expanded to a couple of different locations, books, and now even a reality TV show on TLC!





omg. want this too.

So cute and pink in here!

Cupcakes galore!  

Luckily I was visiting during the holidays so they had a ton of seasonal holiday cupcakes!!  YUMS!

They even have cute holiday reindeer shirts!  So cute!!

Hahah I'm so giddy.

Omgosh.. the family by the Christmas tree with the two little girls.. so cute... 

I just realized I am such a creeper. omg.


Omg this would be such a cute Valentines gift!

"Here's a pot. now cook me something" bahahahaha!

But seriously these are sooooooo adorable! OMG!


We randomly fell upon an olive oil store!  So neat!  

You got to sample like a dozen different olive oils, balsamic vinegars, tapenades and spreads.  

I felt so fancy bahahahahahaha!


Duck Confit, Pommes Frites, Foie Gras, Frisee Salad w/ Poached Egg & Bacon

Banana Foster Crepe w/ salted caramel sauce & whip cream

My girlfriend Sally (she's actually a legit wedding cake baker! You can view her blog & business here) baked me a Pumpkin loaf  and Thomas Keller chocolate Bouchons.  TK RULES!!!!!

Thank you so much Sally they were AMAZINGGGGGGG!!!!! SERIOUSLY DELICIOUS! 

Georgetown Cupcakes!

So freakin' cute right?!

Sweets galore!

I picked up some spreads at the olive oil store to bring home for the Hubs thought this would make for a delicious and awesome picnic along w/ some cheese, meats and bread :)

Milk tea w/ sago tapioca
Didn't realize how lucky I was to live in SF where any type of food that you desire is always readily available!  But I especially miss Hong Kong style Chinese food since we moved to Germany so my mom took me to this place that just opened up recently near our house and it was INSANELY delicious!  Like San Francisco good!  I was so happy hahahahaha.

Fried noodles w/ seafood

Sweet & sour pork

Honey Walnut Shrimp

After dinner my mom and I swung by Target to browse the NM & Target collabo because I couldn't order them from Germany.  But it's luckily I didn't because they were all on sale!!

I picked up some Tory Burch stuff and an Altuzzara coffee table tray at 50% off! :) WOOT!

Btw I'm currently using one of the TB lunch boxes as a traveling makeup bag and it works great!!!! 

Also found these Katy Perry lashes hahaha!  Couldn't resist I love her lashes!

More of my trip "Home" coming soon :)!


  1. Ooh, tell me more about the cupcakes :) What flavor were they, how did they taste, haha. I live for your food descriptions ^_^.

  2. OmG! The pictures are really lovely are a lot of cupcakes *..*So georgeus store.


  3. The last few photos made me hungry.

    XX, Jenniya

  4. I need that mixer in my future kitchen! Haha, I don't need it now..I need it when I start baking for my future kids. I also need the heart shaped Le Crueset pot to be reminded that I heart the people I'm cooking for everyday. :)

  5. all the food = to die for! ;) and ohmygosh, the cupcakes are so pretty!!! i would love to own a bakery like that one day. :D

    <3, Mimi

  6. Aww it looks like you had so much fun! That cupcake shop was so cute, and it's so cool that it is DC cupcakes! The cupcakes looked delicious! Also, the nm and target things you got were so cute! Those eyelashes are very fun, I might get those to try!

  7. CUPCAKES. i got some today and now i'm so excited.

    i also envy the target tray you got... its gorgeous!

  8. Aww!! Thank Lisa for the shout out!! :) I had so much fun with you that day :D Thanks so much for the TB thermos! I love it! ;)

  9. know what you mean about being all over the place. those cupcakes look soooooo delicious. hope you had a great new year. xo

  10. so many cupcakes!!! everything is so cuteee! i really like that blinged out mixer, i'm sure that alone will put you in the mood to bake all the time.

    that christmas tree is so pretty! i still haven't taken my tree down yet, i love looking at it too much

  11. The food looks so good! Also, I want to go back to Target to grab the Rodarte wrapping paper. :D

  12. What a cute place! :) I love that sweater on the girl too! :)

  13. wow , amazing place !!! :D Everything look so perfect there !!! yammy :D;D

    kisses my dear :)

  14. I love all the photos in the post. You're making me hungry. The cupcakes and food look gorgeous!

  15. Oh I love Georgetown Cupcakes! The store is just gorgeous!!!


  16. omg food picture overloaddddd! that bedazzled mixer is seriously the most amazing thing ever

  17. wonderful cakes :)

  18. Georgetown cupcakes are awesome!!!! Fab pictures!!!! Love all the food pics!!

  19. Home is definitely where the heart is (my family is everywhere too!)
    Ooh the cupcakes look too cute and your friend is a talented baker.
    Target is where my heart is. I totally asked my mom to stalk the Altuzarra tray and she got it at the marked down price! I've heard the TB lunchbox is a good makeup case. Does it come with compartments? Either way I may get the Altuzarra glasses and shaker too.

    Chic 'n Cheap Living

  20. Beautiful pictures with lovely places. Those cupcakes are so cute !! :)

  21. Really pretty pictures and descriptions. I bought the Altuzarra tray at full price in Neiman, I wanted to return it, it is sold out now, but later on it was only $24 in Target. I am still wondering if I should keep it or not. I bought the TB bag in Neiman at $6.00.

  22. Hi Lisa!!

    Okay've touched on a subject that is very close to my heart and belly...CUPCAKES!! Now I have not been to Georgetown Cupcake but are they just good or are they better than Sprinkles? Sprinkles is my cupcake I mean I've been to Miette and Cako in SF and I just feel they do not hold a candle next to Sprinkles. As a matter of fact I think they suck, lol. BTW, Georgetown Cupcake has a way cuter store than Sprinkles though.

    Oh, that crispy pan fried noodles with seafood looks sooooo good.

    Have a great weekend!!

    ~Jane B.

  23. the cupcakes looks sooo cute!! i want some! and OMG that Blinged out mixer OMGGGG i wannntttt. wow you have lived in different places!! very awesome!!

  24. Love love love this post! I totally get what you mean about having so many "homes" :) Also, I was freaking out near the middle of the post because I thought you wouldn't show us your cupcakes & I got really sad hahaha. But then I realized you'd never let us down and I was right :)

  25. Lucky you! I was in SoHo and wanted to try Georgetown cupcakes but didn't have enough time to line up! I bet they tasted amazing

  26. When I was in Georgetown this summer, I couldn't get to the cupcake place, there was literally a line around the corner and the cops had to be there for crowd control! I bet the cupcakes were delish!

  27. Delicious food! If I ever go to Georgetown I will definitely stop by this cupcakes shop!


  28. Katy Perry are great for those who love dramatic lashes :D

    LOVE the blinged out mixer! I wouldn't use it though. Just to display it ahahahaha

    Man I feel like cake now... in particular a nice warm chocolate mud cake with a big scoop of ice cream! mmmmmmmmm

  29. Hi dear! You're a miracle! I'm your new follower! I wait for you in my blog!

  30. where was this chinese place?! i am always looking for places to go eat! muahhaha....

  31. Oh my gosh, I was just there in DC! if you're still there, you should check out Baked & Wired and Sprinkles cupcakes! DC has the best food, and I love seeking out their cupcake places.x

    d a n i e l l e |

  32. Your life sounds amazing O__O I want to have that feeling of "home" and it's extra special since it's scattered all over the world!
    The food picture is making me so hungry! lol

    I've always been curious with those katy perry lashes...but it's quite pricey T_T


  33. Lisa! You stayed in so many places in your life! I totally agree with home is where the heart is. It is rather difficult to pinpoint if home should be where you spent your childhood in, where you studied in, the place where you spent the longest time at or where you are currently. It is always lovely to gather with family and friends. That feeling is really remarkable.

    I like all the cupcakes but I must say the one baked by your friend Sally looks the best coz it has a homely feel.

    Your mom is with you right now?


    Oh.. about the taking photos of bling bling items trick, I never knew you took the photo in the dark. I should try it one day. I told my hubby about your tip and he asked if I tried it. hehehe...

  34. i am so so jealous again!! amazing food! especially the cupcake shop is so lovely! i would die if i was there as i am a huge cupcake fun! :)

  35. o0o0o0o Tell me, did you swim in pumpkin spice lattes back at home? OMG They're gone now, it's so so sad and what's even sadder is that I'm so used to going to starbucks I just get my regular now =( I love bling but I have a feeling it'd be super hard to clean that mixer. Can you imagine all the flour that'd be stuck in between the gems then it'd go old and moldy and smells bad then it will rot the glue and the gems will come off....hahahaha okay I'll stop =P You know what's funny? I love looking at cupcakes but am not a huge fan of eating it, I just feel that the icing and cake ration is off hahahaha yes how anal =P

    I love hong kong style chinese food too (no duh suki you're heritage is in hk -.-) My dad makes a really mean fried noodle too! It's really oily actually and I try not to request it too often lol What type of Chinese food is more common in Germany? Mmmmmmm duck confit LOL

    re: I wish I could wear knee high socks everyday but it rains so much here and I only wear them if I'm getting a car ride throughout the day. Plus it's one of those "need to plan" for outfits, do you know what I mean? Like I have to mentally get ready for it verses leggings that I can just do whatever with. Do you have anything like that in your closet? Love it lots but it's high maintenance??? not only is beauty pain but "mah fan" too!!! Oh thanks so much for the tip for shooting jewelry! Sadly I've got no jewelry to take photos of yet hahaha

  36. please tell me your husband got you that blinged out stand mixer!

  37. First of all, that blinged out mixer is so cute and I feel like i need it in my life... even though I don't cook! LOL... that crepe looked delish, but I have to say the noodles at the end made me want to quit my diet for the day.

  38. I lvoe georgetown cupcakes, but it is always sooo crowded!!! Also love ur target buys! u r sooo lucky u find them on sale!