Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Sunday Funday

My $10 bow flats from Taipei I can't help but smile when I look down at my feet hahahha.

Chicken Salad

French Dip

While walking back from brunch we ran across this uber chic doggy with a Hermes doggy collar!

Kate Spade's pretty window displays

                 Uber cute purple/elephant grey Chanel patent pumps!

The cutest Chanel pink/white gingham dress!

Fraiche some of the BEST FROYO I've had in the Bay Area!

I H & M Cardigan I Forever 21 See Through Tank I American Apparel Tank I
I Louis Vuitton Inclusion Ring I Vintage Pearl Necklace I 
I Pave Diamond Heart Pendant I Chanel Crystal Earrings I

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Hi! My name is Josephine!

We adopted this adorable 3 month old Lhasa Apso and we named her

Josephine because we have a Shih-tzu named Napoleon..

Get it?

Napoleon & Josephine..

ie. One of the greatest love stories in history ever!

hahaha yeah I'm kind of history nerd :p

We wanted to add to our household because Napoleon's brought us such joy and companionship and we thought a 2nd dog would bring us that much more and would have the added benefit of keeping Napoleon company when we weren't home.

However Napoleon REALLY did not like her.  I was so stressed out he started doing this strange half growl half bark we'd never heard him do before and we even saw him crying the first couple of days.  I barely slept because I felt so awful it was like he thought we brought this other dog home to torture him!

But now I'm happy to report now that HE CAN'T get enough of her he loves wrestling and running around with her.  yay!!  I'm so relieved!!  When she's in her doggy crate (we're crate training her) he sits right by her crate to keep her company!  :)

She's the happiest dog ever and she wags her tail like crazy whenever she sees me, the hubs or Napoleon!! :)

Monday, March 28, 2011

My Week in Photos

Deidra, Sweet, Perrie

I think I'm the last person in the world that received her free Zoya nail polishes because mine got lost in the mail.  It took so long that I completely forgot about them until they showed up! hahaha

My Chicken Alfredo with lots of broccoli and corn... so nommy especially on a cold and rainy day.  I made extra sauce and froze it because....

A few nights later I added white wine to the Alfredo sauce tossed in some clams, spinach and egg noodles and you have a totally new dish!

My "monthly friend" was visiting me this past week so the hubs showed up after work with these!

I know I know I have the BEST HUBBY EVER! thanks booboo :)

Cafe Bakery is a local Hong Kong style cafe - they make the most yummiest Doria's.  My dish is the one on the lower right corner it's two, yup TWO fried pork chop smothered in a creamy cheese sauce baked over rice. 

SO bad for you but tastes SO good. 

Why is it that all the bad things for you always taste the yummiest and the worse it is the yummier it gets?!  WHY?! hahahah

My Salmon risotto came out too dry :(  definitely needs more chicken broth next time.

My Baklava - hubs gave this two thumbs up :)

Urban Ballerina - Sephora by O.P.I.

Mushroom Swiss Burger

I absolutely live for brunch on the weekends!

Southwestern Omlette

To cap off the week I made Almond Jelly which is just about the easiest thing to make and it tastes so light, refreshing and delicious!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Miu Miu Reveal #2!

READY?! :)

Sorry no pretty box shot for this one.. unfortunately the box was really ginormous and since we were traveling we opted not take a box for this baby.

I was really tempted to take the box and mail it home.. but when I suggested that the hubs looked at me like I was crazy. ::sad face:: hahahah.

Then he was like 'You don't even store your bags inside their boxes you just store them in the dustbag.' (because I'm paranoid of mold developing inside the box) and I was like
'ok I see your point but............... the box is so pretty.......................'

The hubs looked at me like this


Priorites people am I right or am I right?! hahahahaha.

I wasn't really into this bag when it first came out mostly because the original colors didn't really speak to me but I absolutely LOVEEEEEEEEEE this color.. in real life it's more of a buttery taupey pink color! *sigh* It's so dreamy :)

The Miu Miu Bow Bag!

The zipper flap actually folds over.. it's a bit stiff right now so I'm hoping as time goes on the leather will soften a bit and the top fold over flap will be more soft and smooshy.

If you saw my Kate Spade reveal then it will be really obvious why I'm in obsessed with this bag. 


I really <3 the pink and gold hardware combo.

Love the purple lining on the inside.

Okie that officially wraps up my entire Mexico vacay/shopping pics! 
Hope you guys enjoyed the pics! :)

Monday, March 21, 2011

Kate Spade Reveal!

I've been on the hunt for the perfect pair of grey boots for the last 2 years.  I've looked at DOZENS of grey boots and there was always something that kept me from taking them home.  Whether it was the wrong kind of heel or it was the wrong shade of grey something was always amiss.

Well about 6 months ago I fell upon the perfect pair of grey boots on the Kate Spade website and I just DIED.  The price however also made me want to die ::cries::.  So I bookmarked it and watched it like a hawk.  Every week I would religiously check in to see if they had gone on sale.  They did go on sale sometime in early January but sadly only 30% off which was still too painful for me. 

So I waited some more..

and then one day they were GONE!!!



So I gave up on the idea of owning the perfect pair of grey boots :(

Until L.A...

we happened upon a Kate Spade store and...



I just about screamed in public. 

I didn't though but I did let out a tiny squeal hahaha.

The best part? 


Presenting the most perfect pair of grey boots ever!


One word - BOWS!!!! 

I love anything girly and feminine.  Slap a girly embellishment on it and I'm all about it!

Lace/Sequins/Glitter/Crystals/Ruffles/Bows you name it I love it!

I also really loved that they weren't your typical boots that hit mid calf and I really loved that it cinches around your ankle!


Stay tuned for my last and final reveal!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Miu Miu Reveal!

Presenting my very first Miu Miu purchase! 

I'm not sure if you are familiar with Miu Miu but they only have about 5 free standing stores in the United States and none of the high end department stores carry their accesories only shoes.  Which I find very odd because they all carry Miu Miu's parent company Prada's accessories. 

Anyhow last season I was really impressed with the glitter/bow and crystal encrusted flats they were producing so I wanted to see what their accessories looked like.  The last time I was in a Miu Miu store I was still living in Hawaii (over 5 years ago) so when we flew into LA for our cruise I insisted we make a pit stop at the Miu Miu store :)

I seriously cannot get enough of the gold "Miu Miu" lettering.  So cute!

Ok before I continue the reveal can we just talk about how ADORABLE the packaging is?!  The gold background actually has a shimmery sheen to it.. so pretty and feminine!  Miu Miu definitely has the most gorgeous packaging out of all the designer brands.  I'm a sucker for great presentation!

Sequins galore!

It's a metal frame wallet!  I've been on the hunt for a slim wallet for quite some time now.  My current wallet is a Louis Vuitton Vernis Sarah but when I originally purchased it I was really into big ginormous tote bags.  These days I generally find myself reaching for one of my Chanel flaps and the wallet is so big and bulky it actually takes up more than half the size of my flap.  Booooooo.

The back of the wallet is also completely covered in sequins. 

The S.A. said the little gold metal piece is suppose to be a mirror and as you can see it is actually quite reflective.

The best part is that I scored the wallet for 35% off!!  WOOHOO!!

You know the drill hehehe....