Monday, January 30, 2012


Just stunning right?  They projected this color onto the walls it was so breathtaking in real life the pictures really do not do it justice!

Our gorgeous view of Vienna during lunch!

My adorable mom and sister!

Weinershnitzel & Potato salad

Buffalo Mozzeralla, Basil & Avocados

Duck Ravioli w/ cabbage

How gorgeous are these Christmas lights in the shape of gorgeous chandeliers! LOVE!! :)

Obsessed with these green chandeliers they're so neat!

How cute is the sweetheart mirror? haha

Our view during breakfast - the snow capped mountains which you can see through the window is the mountain tops where Julia Andrews does her infamous twirling scenes in The Sound of Music.

Salzburg, Austria where Mozart was born

My new favorite drink Bitter Lemon it tastes like a less sweet version of Lemonade

Cafe Tomasilli the oldest cafe in all of Europe!

Thursday, January 26, 2012

A Jungle Edition Prada Reveal!

I am so excited about this reveal I spotted these shoes on Kourtney Kardashian time and time again on her various TV shows and could not get over how fabulous they looked! 

I stalked these shoes for a full 8 months and they were finally marked down 40% off!



These Prada's run TTS although I've found all Prada shoes to be very TTS.  They are 5 inches but have a 1.5 in. platform so the shoes wear like 3.5in. heels. 

I have these same exact shoes in a dusty antique pink!  The pink version (which I revealed here) are hands down without a doubt the MOST comfortable shoes I own.  So I knew I would love the leopard print version just as much.  Now I definitely don't recommend doing this because it is REALLY bad for your feet and back but to show you just how comfy they are I've actually worn the pink ones out to lunch with a girlfriend and then went shopping for 4+ hours and didn't even realize until I got home that I hadn't changed into flats! 

These pumps come in a MULTITUDE of colors and materials - they keep churning them out season after season because this particular platform pump is such a classic shape. 

Conversation that insued when I revealed the shoes to The Hubs and My Mom.

The Hubs: What material are these shoes?
Me: Calf hair
Momma Chen: CAT HAIR?!



Wednesday, January 25, 2012


AHAHAHA this is how my sister sleeps when we road trip.

Nordsee Germany's answer to fast food seafood!

That snow white flap on the bottom right corner is so perfect for the winter!

The display at Miu Miu!! LOVEEEEEEEEEEEE omgosh crushed sky blue velvet couch w/ mirrored legs and arms rests. I DIE!

Oh and the glitter shoes all in a row too hahaha!  Can't forget about the shoes!

Haagen Dazs cafe!

I picked these notebooks up at the Stadl Museum gift shop!  Muhahaha. 

Ironically it was the HUBS that found me the "Husbands I Had and Liked" BUT he said I needed to cross out the "S" in "Husbands" and "Had"  BAHAHAHAHA.