Monday, May 30, 2011

OOTD: Colorblocking & Leopard Print

I promised you guys an OOTD wearing my new black Prada slingbacks and my new blue YSL clutch that I did reveals for a little while back here and here.  Well I thought I'd combine them into one OOTD :)

This outfit is my take on colorblocking.  I'm not entirely sure I really followed this current trend correctly. 


I'll be honest with you guys I'm not really one to follow trends - I kind of just wear things that I like - how I like to wear them.  Mostly because I'm not 6 feet tall and or a size 2.. some trends are just not made for everyone.

ie. Harem pants.  Or as the hubs calls it HAMMER TIME PANTS!

I looked like a total turd in them.  

(In case you were wondering they have since become really comfy PJ's but the hubs still affectionately shouts out "HAMMER TIME DUN NA NA NAH" whenever I wear them heh.)


Top: H&M Grey Tissue Cardigan, Forever 21 Hot Pink Tank
Bottom: Forever 21 Navy Bodycon Skirt, Spanx Leggings
Scarf: Zara
Jewelry: Louis Vuitton Inclusion Ring, Gold Hoops from random boutique
Shoes: Prada
Handbag: YSL Belle Du Jour Clutch

Friday, May 27, 2011

Staycation - Vintners Inn brunch

The resort grounds.. so romantic to wake up and look outside and see vineyards!

Of course I could not wait to break out my brand new clutch!  I took her to brunch the very next morning and what do you know she matched the plates! hahaha.

How cute is this place it feels as if you're eating in a tiny cottage in the country somewhere in Europe!

The breakfast includes one entree and an all you can eat buffet bar with fresh cut fruit and various yogurts, cereal, pastries, cheeses and juices.  All of the pastries are made on sight.  They had some of the most delicious croissants I've ever had!

Waffles & cream w/ boysenberry sauce and veal sausage

The waffles were soooo good they were buttery and crisy on the outside and slightly soft and a bit custardy in the inside.  I wasn't too keen on the veal sausage but to be fair I don't really like veal or sausage for that matter but the hubs thought it was delicious. 

Eggs Benedict w/ Hashbrowns

My eggs benedict were extraordinary!!!  The in house english muffins really took the benedict to a whole new level!  I also gotta show some love for the crispy hash browns.  I find it really annoying when I go to a brunch place and the hash browns are soggy what's up with that?!

Look at that egg.. sooo freakin' yellow.. you don't get egg yolks that color in the city!

After brunch we took a stroll on the resort grounds.

A quickie preview photo to show you what the clutch looks like size wise I cropped out the top you don't need to see my scary no makeup morning face hahaha.  Don't worry a real OOTD with the clutch is coming next week!

A strawberry shortcake bar for the road :)  Back to reality. *sigh*

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Staycation - YSL Reveal!

The silky shiny dustbag!

Inside the silky black dustbag is actually a white cloth dustbag.

Before I reveal here's the backstory.

I've been OBSESSED with this _______ since seeing it on Katy Perry during an episode of How I Met Your Mother.  She was carrying it in a bright fire engine red and then just recently I saw it on Nikita - Alex played by Lyndsey Fonseca she carried it in a gorgeous grape purple.  Well I was obsessed and all I wanted was this particular item in red or purple.  Unfortunately it was sold out EVERYWHERE!  All they had left was a yellow (not a good color on me) and a white (which I thought was just ho hum.)  I wanted a really bright eye catching _______ for spring and summer!

TADA!  YSL Bella Du Jour clutch in Large.

Does my man have good taste or WHAT?!  This is the color my awesome hubby chose for me.  Now I know he really does listen ahahaha.  I went on and on forever about how I couldn't find it in purple or red and how much I wanted it a bright pop color!

There's actually two different sizes of the same clutch - mine is considered a large and it measures 11in by 6in.  The smaller size I think is a few inches smaller both length and height wise and wears more as a wallet.

They even include a tiny square of the material in case something happens to your clutch.  Although I'm really not entirely sure how you could sew the square onto the purse without it looking like a totally horrifying patch.

This is the color with flash so if you were to wear this in the daytime it's definitely more of a bright cobalt blue.  It may not be red or purple but I think I may love this color even more! :)

Monday, May 23, 2011

Staycation - Ash & Co.

The hotel's on-site restaurant.

Shrimp and Crab Ceviche

Cornbread & Jalapeno Cheese Bread

Both came out piping hot and delicious.  The cornbread was perfection it was buttery, savory and sweet.  The Jalapeno Cheese bread you could really taste the cheese and it definitely had a nice kick in the back of your throat.

Hog Island Oysters w/ Cocktail sauce, Lemon Granita and Hogwash

SERIOUSLY GOOD.  I would expect no less from Hog Island.

Pork belly and Quail Egg w/ Fried Fingerling potatoes and Frisse Salad

This dish was definitely the star dish of the evening.  The fried pork belly was melt in your mouth good and the soft boiled quail egg was divine.

I'm super obsessed with soft boiled eggs.  Don't ask why it's just delicious.  Crack a soft boiled egg over anything and it's instantaneously a 100 times better!

Grilled Shrimp Brie Orrichetta Pasta

This I thought was just ok.. honestly I felt like I could have made this at home.  Pass.

Pork w/ Foie Gras, Cornbread Stuffing and Brussels Sprouts

This dish was good but a bit too rich and the flavors kind of melded together so they weren't very distinct.  Halfway through I think the hubs palette went kind of numb and said everything tasted the same. 

Coconut Cream Brulee,  Caramel Popcorn, Snicker doodles and Lilac Sorbet


Haha we're city folk k'?  A fireplace is REALLY exciting for us.  I mean my parents house has a fireplace but I don't think it's ever been lit.  NOT EVEN ONCE.

I couldn't help but yell "FIRE FIRE FIRE" after the hubs lit it up. AHAHAHA.  You get a cookie if you can tell me where that's from :p

Then I spent 10 min walking around our hotel room trying to find pieces of paper that I could throw into the fireplace.  (I tossed in a bunch of shopping receipts.. better the hubs doesn't see them anyways AHAHA jkjkjk)  

So yeah.. we've come to the conclusion that perhaps I'm a bit of a pyromaniac so in the future when we do decide to move to the suburbs it's probably best that our home doesn't have a fireplace.

After the whole fire ordeal this conversation ensued.

The hubs: Honey will you grab my toiletry bag from the luggage
Me: Sure
Me: *Rummaging around in luggage*
Me: What is this?
The hubs: *smirking*
The hubs: I don't know, what is that?
The hubs: I have no idea
The hubs: UHHH why don't you open it.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Staycation - OOTD: Sheer Cream Blouse

I picked this up recently in Neiman Marcus's cusp department (thanks Holly!)  I'm so in love with it because it's SOOOO sparkly and I love that it also combines the great turquoise colored trend that's going around.

I decided to keep the outfit simple because I really wanted my statement necklace to shine (literally!)  I'd been wanting to try the sheer white blouse w/ black bra trend for awhile but always felt a bit self conscious like I'm channeling Sharon Stone in Basic Instinct. LOL! Anybody? Just me? tehehe.


Top: Asos Sheer Cream Blouse
Bottom: Forever 21 Jeggings
Jewelry: Neiman Marcus Statement Necklace
Shoes: Christian Louboutin Black Patent New Simples 120
Handbag: Chanel m/l Lace Flap