Tuesday, May 17, 2011

E.L.F. Cosmetics Eyeshadow Product Review

A few weeks ago I was contacted by a representative for E.L.F. cosmetics, I jumped at the opportunity because I'm always trying to find great makeup products at affordable prices.  Even though these products were sent to me for review the opinions are 100% my own.

The products arrived to me entirely intact and well packaged - nothing was broken or shattered which has happened to me on more then one occasion.  Don't you hate opening a beauty package to find broken eyeshadow?  What a downer so this was definitely a plus in my book! :)

These were the products that were sent to me for review I've only had time to use about half of these products. 

Today I'm going to be reviewing my top 3 favorite picks from the items above.

HEART THIS!  This shadow is part of their studio line of products.  The pigment eyeshadow is unbelievably affordable at $3 a pop.

I've been using the MAC version of this for a few years but at $19.50 it's a bit painful every time I have to repurchase.   That means you can get the E.L.F. version in all 6 colors and it'll run the same price of getting just ONE MAC pigment!  CRAZINESS!

E.L.F. also runs these crazy promotions all the time like 50% off studio products which is why I actually got this pigment eyeshadow for $1.50! SAY WHAT????!

Ok but let's talk about the product because no matter how affordable the product is if it doesn't do it's job it's useless.

Great packaging - simple, modern and very streamlined. 

Comes with a tiny brush but truthfully it was nearly impossible to pick up any of the loose product with the brush.  I tossed the brush and I used my fingertips and it worked great. 

Innocent Ivory

The eyeshadow container has tiny holes for you to shake the product out.. which I foolishly did and made a giant mess of my bathroom counter top.  The shaker part isn't sealed on and comes right so I took it off and tossed it.  So be warned girls just take the lid off before you use it don't try to shake the product out!

The color comes out really bright with flecks of tiny gold iridescent sparkles in it.  It goes on white iridescent but has little sparkles of pink in different lightening.  I've been using this the last week as a base underneath my darker colored eye shadows and also below my bottom lashes for a great wide eye brightening effect.

E.L.F. Natural Mineral Sea Blue Eyeshadow

This one is a great deal it's two mineral shadows and a eyebrush for $5 bucks!  There are no parabens, preservatives or chemical dyes in these products.  WOOT!

Dreamy & Beachy

Comes with the tiny shaker lid and I just lightly tapped a tiny amount into the cap.

Crazy pigmentation I only tapped a small finite amount and the brush is excellent too it picked up a lot of the color.

I'm so in love with this color it's gorgeous reminds me of a peacock blue!  I was seriously stunned by the depth of the color.

Truthfully the shadow didn't go on all that smoothly with the brush dry.  So what I ended up doing was I actually dipped the brush in a little water and then dipped it in the eyeshadow and it worked amazingly well.  I used this color as as a gorgeous blue eyeliner.

Love this color too!!  Also worked really well just by dampening your brush a little bit.

Love these colors however it looks like this particular combo is sold out on the website right now (they're offering two other color combo's in this line) but I would keep checking back as E.L.F. seems to regularly restock items on a fairly frequent basis. 


E.L.F. Endless Eye Pro Mini Eyeshadow Palette

This palette was $5 dollars!! FIVE DOLLARS!!! 

It contains 32 different eyeshadows, a built in mirror and a double sided applicator which makes this a must for your travel bag!  You no longer need to haul 10 different individual eye shadows in your luggage (which I often do much to the annoyance of the hubs who is actually the one hauling the luggage bahahaha)

E.L.F. sells 3 version of this palette I got the "Everyday Brights" version.  I have to say I'm totally obsessed with this palette there's so many different colors they range from neutrals, pop colors to great smokey eye shadows.  If you can dream it you can create it with this eyeshadow palette.  There's also a great range of varying types of shadows some are matte and some are sparkly, even the sparkles are different some are silver and some have gold specks. 

I very impressed with this palette the colors are extremely pigmented (especially the darker colors and the bright pop colors) and they work great both dry and wet!  Some of the more neutral lighter colors are less pigmented but they are definitely buildable. 

I did a couple of swatches of colors just to show you some of the many different colors offered in this palette. 

See gold and silver sparkles!  I love the sparkles it's just enough to give your eyes some depth and definition without looking like a 12 year old who just discovered eyeshadow for the first time did your makeup. hehehehe.

I especially love these three colors you will definitely be seeing me wearing these in my OOTD's!

I was really skeptical about E.L.F. products before I tried them I think in my head they were SO affordable that I just assumed that couldn't be great products well I've definitely been proven wrong.  The eyeshadows are extremely pigmented, blend really well and aren't chalky or powdery as a lot of cheap drugstore products can be.  For the price these products definitely can't be beat!

You can order all of these products and more at E.L.F. Cosmetics.  Make sure you also look for the coupon codes on the top right hand corner of the website.  They do promotions quite often and offer things like free shipping, discount codes and even free products with your order!  Right now they are currently offering ten, yes you read that right TEN mineral shadows with a purchase of $25 with the code MINTEN


  1. WOW! I was just at Target a week ago looking at this product, wondering if I should try it to do a makeup review for my blog.

    The product looks amazing! I must go and try them. The prices are VERY affordable too.

    I'm trying to get out of my I-only-buy-stuff-from-sephora phase! Even though I love Sephora!

    Great review Lisasasasa :)


  2. AAAHHH Thats so affordable!! and the colors are really pigmented,what a steal. Love the reviews! Too bad it doesn't ship overseas :/ Oh well I reallylike the cobalt blue color! looks amazing!

  3. its kinda amazing how affordable it is! too bad they don't have it in my country!

  4. elf PORN! holy crap haha..great review love it!

  5. so many goodies!!!!!!!! so lucky and the mineral eyeshadows look pretty especially the blue one! Too bad elf doesn't ship international and other places rip us off :(

  6. great review lisa! the eyeshadows look so pigmented. :) thank you for the swatches too.

  7. great products :)


  8. thanks for the comment! ^^ heee. I hated every bit of the 3 month National Service camp as it was made compulsory by the government,but oh well :)

  9. ELF lovers Unite! awesome review... and I must say those pigments are super pretty!

  10. Thanks for the review! I've always wondered about their quality and the colors lol great!

    Chic 'n Cheap Living

  11. I really like Elf products, this is a great review :) I might get the 32 eyeshadow set! great value :)

    Love, Vanilla


  12. wow your lucky! im starting purchasing my elf products. i used their eyeshadow natural for my office make up also their blush on. Really love E.L.F ^_^

  13. Ohhh wow! ELF Heaven! Hahaha I looove the shades of those pigments :DDD

  14. They seem highly pigmented, thanks for an in-depth review Lisa. I have heard so many reviews but never try. I wonder if they are better than NYX? I just bought an NYX pallette and it will be a while before I move on and experiment something new.

    I learn a reveal trick from you, Missy..hehe. Unfortunately I came home empty handed (not quite, I came home with just a receipt), I will pick up my items at the boutique later this week. They are running low on inventory. I don't know if you are eying something, better act fast because price increase is on the way baby.

  15. You know, I've never tried ELF but will def. do so now. I really like the vanilla colored loose shadow and can see it being totally versatile. And if it doesn't work on me? For $3, who cars?!

    Also, I can't believe you do your own eyebrows! What products do you use?

  16. Wow- the pigment of the shadows are very dense. Hard to beat the price, too. The ivory looks beautiful against your skin tone.

  17. Woah, the colors are really amazing. I'm very impressed too!! I own their brushes already, but I've never tried their eyeshadow... should give it a try when I do my next order!! Thanks for the review!!!

  18. This is a great review, thank you! I'm surprised at how affordable these products are. I've never used ELF before, but I'm definitely going to look into it now. :)

  19. I love this review! And the colors are so vibrant :)

  20. i remember trying $1 elf products in college and they weren't so great... looks like they have improved their formulas over the years!

    great review lisa! i totally want to give elf another try now. :)

  21. I think I am the only person in the entire world who has not tried e.l.f. products yet.
    I'm ashamed.

    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  22. the eyeshadows looks very pigmented! I super love their sea blue mineral eyeshadow collection and the 'beachy' eyeshadow is oh-so-pigmented, Tho i don't think the ELF stores here (Phil.) sell those. Imma' watch out for it! haha! thanks for the review! :)

  23. wow, those are really pretty colors. i've ordered from them twice and both times i was very pleased. i haven't ordered from them for so long, they have so much new stuff!

  24. I want that 32 eyeshadow palette! Haha~ You're so lucky you get to try all this stuff. You should do another post with you actually wearing the makeup. Show us your artist skills. :D

  25. Hey Lisa, I'm so glad you did this review, since I've been on blogger I see so much about ELF and I've never tried it. I know what you mean about how much it sucks replacing MAC products which cost so much more. :) I'd definitely try these eyeshadows and those blue colors will look so good on you. Nice post


  26. Lisa!!! Thanks for the review. I've tried several different ELF products.... many being hits and misses, but I've never tried the products you mentioned here. :)

  27. Good to know that these are great products! There are some beautifuk shades of shadows! xo

  28. I heard that the eyeshadows are their better products and from the swatches it seems very true!Not a fan of their other products though. LoL

  29. Wow - you got lots of great goodies to review! Thank you for doing all of the swatches - I wouldn't have thought their products would be so VIBRANT!

    How are the brush bristles? Are they soft? I really hate the kind that usually comes with drugstore makeup that feels like you'll poke your eye out with it.

  30. the pigments look amazing! must be very eye-catching to wear them!

    Find me on:
    From Catwalk to Classroom.

  31. WoW that is a lot of eye shadow! You're a lucky girl to recieve all this fabulous makeup for review. :) I've seen this makeup at the grocery store for several months now but never had the guts to buy it. Like you, I ssumed it was cheap crap, haha. But now I might actually check it out, now that I know it may be worth it...

  32. Great pigmentation and it's only $5?! I'm sold. XD

    (Great tip, chica! ;)

  33. Okay, that's it, either bf takes me down to the states for me ELF fix or Im finally going to be paying that 8$ shipping fee to order online, I've been dying to get my hands on these but alas, there's no store in Canada that sells them steadily right?! Or I can wait patiently for free shipping! Im glad the products turned out so well! I completely agree with you that if the product doesn't work then it's a bad product regardless of price! Oh girly, I totally know what you mean about paying for "pricey" makeup, each time I run out of my Diorshow mascara it hurts dishing out nearly 40$ for another one, but Im glad it works and I'll pay out of my a** for a mascara that meets my needs, but darn it, being a girl isn't cheap!

  34. Great review! I love being sent free makeup but it doesn't happen often enough! You'd think I'd get loads considering I'm a makeup artist and all, lol! I wish they had ELF over here in Asia so I could try it. I recently 'discovered' Wet'n'Wild eyeliner and can't get enough of it!

    p.s. you are gonna LOVE Spain! The shopping is rather 'meh' but the food..omg..THE FOOOOOD!!!!!!!!


  35. Wow!! they are crazy pigmented!!! I've just placed an order with ELF a week ago and i also ordered the $5 palette!! but in basics i think, so it has more neutrals =] I can't wait to receive my package! it always takes forever to ship to Canada =[.... Thank you for sharing your thoughts =]

  36. Wow, cool eye shadows!:) I like all!:)

  37. All those shadows are crazy pigmented!! I love elf products! They also have AMAZING customer service. I had actually placed an order with them not too long ago, and 2 of my items had a crack in it. So I contacted them and they e-mailed me back right away saying that they will be sending me new items ASAP. No questions asked! LOVE that about a company!

  38. Wow! Thanks for sharing. I had never heard of Elf. Amazing. Need to check this out asap!


  39. ooh love all the eye makeup!

  40. wow, LOVE the shade of the "peacock blue" !!! I wish ELF's shipping to canada wasn't so outrageous though :(

  41. Gorgeous colors!


  42. very informative! i can't wait to see what the makeup looks like on you!

  43. i love E.L.F products! I especially love their makeup brushes. because i'm not a makeup artist and i really don't need a $30 brush!

  44. The colors in those eyeshadows look amazingly vibrant. Hmm maybe I should try one of their products. :) very informative review.