Friday, January 31, 2014


OOTD - Faux Leather Jacket: UNIQUEEN, Blouse: F21, Blazer: TAIPEI STREET VENDOR, Jeans: UNIQLO,

All you can eat dessert spread!

The tubes at the top left corner were really interesting and exotic jam flavors like Kiwi Mango and Matcha Taro and they came in painters tubes so it was like you're "painting" on your bread lol!

Tea Jelly in chocolate "cups" w/ various alcohol infused creams

Cereal w/ Vodka Milk & Mango & Passionfruit desserts

I was pleasantly surprised when I bit into those purple dumplings above.  They were sweet potato mochi balls stuffed full with pork and shrimp and sprinkled with gold dust on top soooo nommy!

The pink multi-tier tea tray was custom made to imitate Taipei 101!

Matcha Green Tea prawn dumplings!

I love how everything is so whimsical and fun here!


Can I just move into this bathroom please???


Monday, January 27, 2014

Quickie Vintage Chanel Reveal!

One thing I really wanted to do on our return trip to Paris was visit Les 3 Marches Catherine B.

There are many (SO MANY!!) magazine articles/fashion blogs that have long since touted her store so it was on my MUST to do list this time around!

And suffice to say I did not leave empty handed!! :)

My new (to me!) Vintage Mini Chanel flap in pink!!!!!


I haven't purchased a new Chanel bag in a while.. I'm sort of disgusted by the price hikes. It's gotten ridiculously crazy and honestly I've felt for awhile that my Chanel collection is more then sufficient that I actually sold a few in the past few months.)

But I've been looking for a pink Chanel for a few years now and pink is a color that's hard to find with Chanel to begin with.. but compounding the issue was the particular shade of pink I was looking for was more of a orchid fuchsia and I was adamant about it!

I swear my heart nearly stopped when I saw this bag!

Love my new pink mini!!

The best part is the chain on these vintage Chanel Mini's are much longer then they are for the Mini's now.

Which means I can wear her crossbody!!

I have a Chanel black mini (revealed HERE over 2 years ago which coincidentally is also the last Chanel bag I purchased.. I must really be into Mini's lol!)

However the chain on that is too short and I'm unable to wear it crossbody.

If you're interested in learning more about the vintage store I purchased my new pink baby at check out this awesome video by ELUXE Magazine about Catherine B and her amazing store!!!

This blog has a fantastic interview w/ Catherine B herself (and ironically in the 2nd photo on the page there's a picture of a wall of all Chanel bags.. and there's a pink mini right smack in the middle.. I wonder if it's the one I took home lololol!)

Friday, January 24, 2014


Waiting for our flight.

(Which means automatic Selfies DUH. hehehehe.)

Back in one of our favorite cities!!

Palais Garnier or more commonly referred to simply as the Opera as it is the National Opera of Paris.

Galeries Lafayette



Angelina Paris

Semi-cooked Duck Foie Gras Terrine w/ Brioche Toasts & Mango Chutney

Angelina Club Sandwich - Chicken, Bacon, Tomatoes, Hard-Boiled Egg, Salad & Frites


Just about died.  

And I mean DIED when I saw this grape purple Balenciaga w/ giant GHW!!!


So tempted.. sooooooooooo tempted but I resisted because we were headed somewhere after this.

(Yup a Paris reveal coming soon!!! :)


They've started carrying some MCM back home @ Bloomie's & Saks.. but it's usually just the beige or black.  None of the really fun stuff so I was kinda sorta totally obsessed when I saw this pop-up shop. 

REALLLY loved these mini pink bags they were studded with different colored crystals and gold beading on it.. so freakin' cute!

Even MCM doggies!

Pellagrino Sparkling water & Canele

Snack time :)

Oh man I'm officially obsessed w/ Canele's it's like eating Mochi w/ a caramelized burnt sugar crust and then soaked in alcohol wahahahaha.

Loved the "view"!

Quickie stop @ Pierre Herme for macarons!

Touted as the BEST macarons in all of France I just HAD to try them.


Macarons Galore!

They have super unusual flavors and flavor combinations even savory ones w/ Foie Gras & Truffles!

Walking back to our hotel!

Hotel Scribe by SOFITEL.

The hotel is a block away from Galeries Lafayette and 2 blocks away from Place Vendome.

Great hotel especially if you want to stay in the shopping district. :p

(Good job Hubby lololol.  The entire trip from beginning to end including our itinerary was a surprise from The Hubs and he did good! :)

Our hotel room!

Yves Saint Laurent sketches on the walls.. or is it Saint Laurent these days.. for some reason "YSL" rolls off the tongue so much easier then "SL". muhahahaha. 

Smallest Hennessy bottle I ever did see :p

Hermes Toiletries!!

#sofancy #lovesit

We had a corner room w/ a fabulous view!!


So gorgy!

Ok now my review of the Pierre Herme macarons.  

I quite enjoyed them they were definitely very unique (I had a Foie Gras & Chocolate one that was quite delicious).  But I have to be honest I still think Laduree wins hands down.  While Pierre Herme has more innovative and unusual flavors Laduree's are more traditional (and I'm a traditionalist through and through when it comes to food) and they just concentrate on making them taste really really good.  I purchased a Rose macaron from both Pierre Herme and Laduree on this trip and while both were exceptional Laduree just had a stronger rose essence.  Ultimately they're both amazing and it really just comes down to personal preference.

Stay tuned for more Paris posts!