Friday, January 24, 2014


Waiting for our flight.

(Which means automatic Selfies DUH. hehehehe.)

Back in one of our favorite cities!!

Palais Garnier or more commonly referred to simply as the Opera as it is the National Opera of Paris.

Galeries Lafayette



Angelina Paris

Semi-cooked Duck Foie Gras Terrine w/ Brioche Toasts & Mango Chutney

Angelina Club Sandwich - Chicken, Bacon, Tomatoes, Hard-Boiled Egg, Salad & Frites


Just about died.  

And I mean DIED when I saw this grape purple Balenciaga w/ giant GHW!!!


So tempted.. sooooooooooo tempted but I resisted because we were headed somewhere after this.

(Yup a Paris reveal coming soon!!! :)


They've started carrying some MCM back home @ Bloomie's & Saks.. but it's usually just the beige or black.  None of the really fun stuff so I was kinda sorta totally obsessed when I saw this pop-up shop. 

REALLLY loved these mini pink bags they were studded with different colored crystals and gold beading on it.. so freakin' cute!

Even MCM doggies!

Pellagrino Sparkling water & Canele

Snack time :)

Oh man I'm officially obsessed w/ Canele's it's like eating Mochi w/ a caramelized burnt sugar crust and then soaked in alcohol wahahahaha.

Loved the "view"!

Quickie stop @ Pierre Herme for macarons!

Touted as the BEST macarons in all of France I just HAD to try them.


Macarons Galore!

They have super unusual flavors and flavor combinations even savory ones w/ Foie Gras & Truffles!

Walking back to our hotel!

Hotel Scribe by SOFITEL.

The hotel is a block away from Galeries Lafayette and 2 blocks away from Place Vendome.

Great hotel especially if you want to stay in the shopping district. :p

(Good job Hubby lololol.  The entire trip from beginning to end including our itinerary was a surprise from The Hubs and he did good! :)

Our hotel room!

Yves Saint Laurent sketches on the walls.. or is it Saint Laurent these days.. for some reason "YSL" rolls off the tongue so much easier then "SL". muhahahaha. 

Smallest Hennessy bottle I ever did see :p

Hermes Toiletries!!

#sofancy #lovesit

We had a corner room w/ a fabulous view!!


So gorgy!

Ok now my review of the Pierre Herme macarons.  

I quite enjoyed them they were definitely very unique (I had a Foie Gras & Chocolate one that was quite delicious).  But I have to be honest I still think Laduree wins hands down.  While Pierre Herme has more innovative and unusual flavors Laduree's are more traditional (and I'm a traditionalist through and through when it comes to food) and they just concentrate on making them taste really really good.  I purchased a Rose macaron from both Pierre Herme and Laduree on this trip and while both were exceptional Laduree just had a stronger rose essence.  Ultimately they're both amazing and it really just comes down to personal preference.

Stay tuned for more Paris posts!


  1. You take the best travel pictures. I love reading all your adventures with the mister. Wow. That purple bag! Gorgeous!
    Beauty Fashion Skin Care Blog -Girlie Blog Seattle | Casual Chic Style

  2. Do you have new glasses? They're lovely! You're looking very Parisian with your coat, faux fur and pink lippy :) Oh how I miss Paris! x x

  3. I just booked my trip to France a few days ago and I am SO EXCITED!! This blog post is making me even more excited now! xx

  4. never been to this place...but i so want to now...the pics are amazing...and u look adorable!

  5. Mah!! so jealous! If I ever go to Paris one day, I can see myself going poor just from shopping.
    You know I tink Macarons are pretty but never really been a fan of them, I find them too sweet. The ones I really eat now is the salted caramel ones :p

  6. You look like you belong in Paris! You look SO elegant. I'm loving your flawless face and gorgeous lip!!! =D

  7. You must wear red lipstick all the time Honey! J'adore Paris :)

  8. Gorgeous pictures!! So so jealous you were in Paris!! Looks like it was an amazing time!!! Looking forward to seeing what you bought! lol

    Best, Mree

  9. It's good to see you and your husband are traveling about again! I have to remember the Sofitel hotel - it looks like it's in a fab location!
    Ooh and macarons - yum! I gotta say I love Pierre Herme - their salted caramel is so much more complex than the one from Laduree and I just like the texture as well. But I always try both brands ;)

    Chic 'n Cheap Living

  10. what an awesome post! I like how you share an experience in such makes viewers experience the trip with you...I almost feel like I was there with you, not only you gave me ideas on cool places to visit for my next trip but I could feel the experience with you down to what kind of soap is in the bathroom and what is the view like from the room ( it makes us imagine the trip so it so much.....thank you Lisa!!!

  11. Shut the front door, I just posted about Paris today also! And Laduree too, at that! :) I guess great minds post alike ;)

  12. I just love to read all about your trips and i can't wait to see more pictures from Paris! Loved the macaroon review and your outfit was to die for :) Xo

  13. Ahhhh Paris.
    Dying to see what you got there!

  14. cool place! i rally wanna go there :D


  15. I love these pictures! :)

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  16. Wow, I am so enthralled by these beautiful photos, thanks for taking us on this magical journey with you through these amazing pics. Have an enjoyable weekend dear Lisa!

  17. I was in Galeries Lafayette last weekend ! Paris is a wonderful city. Did you eat at the Westin (next to rue de Rivolie) and Café Lenôtre on the Champs-Elysées, the food is delicious !
    You must have a wonderful time :)

  18. Your husband is honestly so sweet, planning out a whole trip for you! And you look gorgeous with the bright lip color.

    I used to eat caneles for breakfast in elementary school (when I wasn't eating instant noodle instead). I wish I had tried the Pierre Hermes macarons because Lindsey Wixson loves them so much, but I just failed to do so unfortunately.

    The MCM pop up is so cute! I have to check out their other bags.

  19. Will wait for Paris deux!

    Hermes toiletries and YSL sketches on your hotel room! Could it get even fancier? :)


  20. Dang, I miss Paris! Miss those walks and buildings.. the Balenciaga color is delish, hats off to you for resisting! The last time I was there I snagged a Bal from GL.. bad will power :( Enjoy Paris and you look great with the super red lips and black coat.. tres chic and very Parisian!

    Mrs Jack Of All Trades

  21. I always love reading through your travel posts. You are just so cute, Lisa. So are you and the hubs still living overseas? Or are you back in the states? Hope you're having a great weekend!

    xx Love & Aloha

  22. Ermahgerddddd so much food, so much shiny stuff *_* The view from your room is so pretty. Can't wait for part 2 :D

  23. OMG! I think you secretly posted those MCM pictures because you know I'd D.I.E!!! Just like I'm dying over that Balenciaga bag :) So much fun travels! Love it and the hotel is so adorable!

    R |

  24. Lisa, you're gorgeous! Red lipstick looks so good on you... and so does pink! lol. I love the Paris photos. I can't wait to see it myself in a few months. xo