Monday, January 6, 2014

High Tea @ The Ritz Carlton & Shopping Fun!

High Tea @ The Ritz :)


Egg, Smoked Salmon, Foie Gras & Pear, Chicken in Puff Pasty & Cucumber Tea Sandwiches

Heart this pretty momma to be!!! :)

(Note to self stop taking pictures under harsh recessed lighting. -___-  Always best to take pictures in natural light or if indoors.. near a window NEAR natural light OR with lighting lit BEHIND you.. not in front or on top of you because it can cast shadows on your face and make you look old and angry.. case in point!!!!!!!!)

The two teas we chose were "Tuileries Garden in Paris" and "Night in Versailles" 

They sounded so pretty we just HAD to order them!!  

I'm generally a traditionalist when I have afternoon tea I always order something "typical" like Darjeeling or English Breakfast.. but come on with names like "Tuileries Garden in Paris" and "Night in Versailles".   


Trying to figure out this metal contraption that you're suppose to use to squeeze lemon out of.... honestly it was so difficult to use it's just easier to use your hands to squeeze the lemon HAHAHAHA.

I brought her some choco goodies from Germany :)

Sadly I was unable to attend her actual baby shower because I was in Germany.. I literally missed it by like 2 days.. but it's ok it just meant that we "had" to get together for afternoon tea. LOL. At the Ritz no less hahah!

So time to open my Baby Shower gift to her :)!

I love watching people's excitement when tearing open a gift :)

Gives me the warm fuzzies!



Angelcare Baby Monitor!

Pistachio Madelines, Chocolate covered Strawberries, Opera Cake, Fruit Tart w/ Custard, Chocolate Mousse, Lemon Frosting Cookies, Shortbread, Black Current Scones

Nom Nom Nom!

Their Black Current scones were sooooo so delicious and they came out piping hot too!!!

Sally in all her baby bump glory!!!

She's in her 3rd trimester and I swear when she sitting down or turns around you wouldn't even know she was pregnant lol!

We got so excited because I felt the baby "kicking" it's actually more like a rolling wave feeling and less like a "kick" that I had imagined!!

So amazing!

The Ritz here happens to connected to a mall that houses all sorts of designer stores.  Go figure!  So in an attempt to walk off (some) of the rich desserts (teheheh) we had from tea we headed over to the mall side.

Popped into the Gucci store and saw this AMAZEBALLS over sized patent clutch.

OMG love everything about it.

The size.. the color.. the giant gold horsebit hardware.



How cute is this black patent mini monogram Gucci bag?

And how cute is it with the soon-to-be-momma?! :p

Push present perhaps?? LOL!


Saw these at C. Wonder.. omg C. Wonder has the cutest most adorable things!! 

These "hot dog" smoking slippers are TOTES adorbs!

Popped into the Chanel store and discovered this amazingly sparkly gorgeous Swarovski crystal encrusted mini Chanel flap! 

It retails for $20,000!!!

It's seriously so blindingly sparkly!

#Bling #Insane #Crazy #Beautiful


Black lace bunny ears!


So perfect for fall/winter.. wanted to take this home with me so badly.

However it was almost $30 bucks and I just thought that was too ridiculous to spend on a headband.. especially one made out of lace (that I would most likely tear after just one time.. considering how un-delicate I am with things hahaha.)

But it's sooo so cute *SQUEAL*

Hoping to be able to find a much more affordable option online :p

Even though I was in Germany during my friends Baby Shower but she was thoughtful enough to save me a whole bunch of favors and treats from the shower.

She made the fondant cupcake shaped like a little baby boy by hand!!  So cute right?!  She meticulously hand cut all the little pieces to create the eyes, ears, nose, pacifier ect!

And how adorable are the white chocolate sea foam duckies they had white choco crunches in them!!!!  

She made all the favors seriously amazing right?!

Fur daughter tryin' to get in on the action lololol!!


  1. Obsession!<3
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  2. Uhm, the food looks so good :D

  3. I NEED THOSE DACHSHUND flats! They're too cute!!! I'm dying over the Swarovski Chanel too! lol I love your blog posts. :) They make me so happy!! You share such fun things. :) Thank you! <3

  4. wahhhh the desserts! your high tea posts never disappoint xP
    Your friend is the cutest pregnant woman ever hahaha I think I would be waddling around like a penguin if I was in my third trimester bwahahahhaa

  5. Seriously Lisa, can I just eat with you some time? I just saw you went to Taipei and we went on a super last minute trip last weekend. It was fun because we just had things like beef noodles and pork chop rice, but I want to explore more next time we are there. I want to have high tea and all those ridiculous looking tea sandwiches!
    Your friend Sally is too cute and looks great! You are so generous to have gotten her a cool looking monitor.

    Ooh and I'm totally checking out C. Wonder!

    Chic 'n Cheap Living

    Chic 'n Cheap Living

  6. Tea party!!!!! OMG the desserts look TOO awesome! And she has one of those lucky-preggos-lady who will give birth and just look like normal again -____- SO LUCKY! I only hope to look like that preggos :) Looking pretty as usual! That clutch is TDF!! Did you see the ombre looking ones?!

  7. Ooooo that high tea is the stuff dreams are made of! And it was so nice of your friend to send you the baby shower favours even though you were away x x

  8. Tea at the Ritz Carlton?! Oh my GOD you're fancy hahaha and your friend is too cute! I had to do a double take when I read that she's going to be a mummy and I was like, WHAT where who? She looks AMAZING.

    andddddddd I want the bunny ears headband!!! they remind me of the big lace ones LV did so many years ago! love love love. shall look on Ebay!

  9. Looks like it was a lovely time!! Who doesn't love Tea at the Ritz.


  10. Oh Lisa you are so cute :P The high tea looks
    so nice and fancy c: Ahhh Ritter Sport chocolates!
    I love them so much! Xx

  11. Looks like such a glamorous outing! It makes me want to go have tea somewhere too :)

  12. u look adorable...and the food looks yummy!

  13. The pastries look incredibly yummy! Glad you had a great time with your girlfriend. She sure loved the gift =) Have a wonderful Monday, Lisa.

  14. C. Wonder slippers are so cute ! I want them !
    Foods looks delicious and the place is amazing ! Love your bag too sweetie :)

  15. looking great Lisa! your blog never fails to make me drool LOL! congrats to your lovely friend too, it was so nice of her to bring you some of the baby shower favors, and they look awesome. ^_^
    Random Beauty by Hollie

  16. You and soon-to-be momma look really gorgeous. I always love seeing tea parties, though I'm not much of a tea but more of a coffee fan. And those hotdog shoes are soooo cute, agree! :D


  17. Everything looks so delicious, especially those pistachio madelines! Those smoking slippers are super cute too.

    I really like those bunny ears, but after seeing how they retail for $30, I don't think I'll be getting them. Too bad because they're pretty perfect looking. D:

  18. those food is so cute and look delicious, love your bag too :D


  19. I couldn't find the comment form and had to refresh your page a few times. I love love love tea food! Simply love it especially when enjoyed with gal pals. I'm also boring with my tea and love English Breakfast, Earl Grey and mint tea. But like you say, come on. With names like "Tuileries Garden in Paris" and "Night in Versailles", I would also try those. How did they taste by the way?

    That's so generous of you to gift your mummy-to-be friend the baby monitor. I'm sure she appreciates it. And the baby shower treats she brought back for you looks so pretty. I wouldn't bear to eat them up.

    The Chanel crystal bag is insane! I would rather spend the money on other Chanel items. I like how your furkid photobombed the goodies.

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    Sorry, I took some time to get back to you. Hope this helps! =)

  20. Wow, amazing! Love it :)
    looks soo delish!

  21. amazing!
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  22. Aww, this is great!! It looks like you guys had a lot of fun! :)

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