Friday, January 17, 2014

Anniversary Valentino Reveal! :)

Woke up to this in my dressing room!!!! 

<3 <3 <3 <3 <3!

So cute!

Hubby knows my love all of things container and bin like.. HAHAHA.  So I can store all of my sentimental knick nacks (I still have birthday cards I received back in high school!!).. and to hide the fact that I'm a total beauty hoarder. Muhahahaha.

This is totes rando.. but so cute that he actually picked these things out by himself for me.  


He wrapped this himself.  

(He was very proud of that hahahah and reiterated it several times. LOL.)


Sneaky sneaky bugger.  What a liar.

Told me all week we were going to Munich for our anniversary dinner. 

PARIS!!!!!! :)

Spent the rest of the day trying to figure out what a "room embellished with crystals" was!

OK ready for the Valentino reveal??! :)


You guys may remember the reveal I did earlier this year on my Nude Valentino Rockstuds here.  And I've worn those in like half a dozen OOTD's AT LEAST!  I love those so much.  They're super comfortable especially considering they're pointed toe (I have wide feet and they normally do not get along with pointed toe shoes at all which is why my pumps are mostly almond toed.)

I've been hunting for the black on black patent ones for awhile but they're always annoyingly sold out in my size everywhere in the US.

So the Hubs made it his personal mission to try and locate these for me.  He actually found them in Italy - ordered them and had it secretly shipped here to Germany.

The Valentino Rockstuds come in sooo so many different combinations.  Multiple leather materials, colors (I've seen black, brown, nude, pink, red, green, blue) and studs (gold, gunmetal, dark charcoal, matte black and the patent black you see above.) So if you can dream it they probably have it in some shape or form.

These stand 4 inches with no platform.

I usually wear a 7 US or 37 EU however for these I wear a 7.5/37.5 I would recommend sizing up 1/2 a size for a more comfortable fit.

Some modeling shots!!

Obsessed w/ how edgy they are so perfect for fall/winter!!

Love love them!! 

Can't believe it's been 5 amazing years (and many many lovely shoes later hehehe!).  

Love you more and more everyday BooBoo. :)


  1. That's legit so cute!!!!! Congrats on 5 years and Congrats on the shoes!!!! ;D

    xo, Lizzie
    The Uptown Girl

  2. UGHHHHH get out of here with your adorable husband!! They're stunning! And the tin thing was so cute LOL I love to collect random containers too so I of course loved it immediately! And wow paris!! I'm excited to see all the DELICIOUS FOOD PICTURES!! >:)

    and how funny that your face masks are from taiwan too LOL its like when you go to paris, you get macarons, in NY, you get the 'i love NY' t-shirt, and in Taiwan, you get face masks!

    and yay for you getting an instagram!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (eventually!) but you absolutely CAN NOT GIVE UP BLOGGING. like I will bitch slap you from here to germany if you seriously quit blogging lol Instagram is great and all but how can i "aww" and "ohh" at your adorable husband and hauls if its only like a few pictures a day?! that doesn't allow me to drool properly enough lol =P

    and seriously, your hubby is just too cute! its not only that he chooses amazing gifts but the lengths he goes to get them! you should do a 'how i met my hubby' post or those cute couple tags so we can all be even more jealous hahahaha

  3. looooove them! and my favorite color combo!!

  4. they are gorgeous on!!!happy anniversary :)

  5. Your hubby is the best Lisa! What a sweet package! I love the hint he left you in the card :) the shoes are so fab, I think I want a pair of these more than CL's. Which are more worth it in your opinion?

  6. Happy Anniversary! Your hubby is so sweet! Love those rock studs. Those are hard to find; I've been trying to find the same one in the low heel version but no luck yet, but I will keep trying.

  7. I've been wanting this SO hard! And I'm so glad that you mentioned sizing because I was going to get my normal 37.5!

    It's so gorgeous darling and happy anniversary! Good job hubby ;)



  8. beautiful shoes!! your hubby is so sweet. happy 5 years to you two! :)

    cute & little

  9. Happy 5 Years! It's heartwarming to see couples working it out with love!

    I like your husband's handwriting in the card! It's so straight and neat!

  10. You are a very lucky lady!! Happy 5 years!! Love your new shoes. Have a great time in Paris!!

    Best, Mree

  11. Wow amazing!!! Love the shoes and your Husband is amazing hahaha I hope you have a wonderful anniversary in Paris =)

  12. Your hubby is the best! These are so amazing. I love that he wrote that cute card for you

  13. They look stunning on you! I love them! :)

    New Outfit Post: Winter Red

  14. Your hubby is so romantic! Drooling over your shoes!

    xo Jo

  15. how perfect?!

  16. lovely!! happy anniversary!! :)

  17. Aww... You have the sweetest and most doting husband ever. Hahaha... Men... They feel so proud of themselves whenever they do their own wrapping and other stuff that men do not proclaim to do. Happy anniversary, hun.

    I forgot if I've pasted my reply to you about the contacts. this is the last one:
    You had a very Christmassy Christmas in Germany with your hubz too. It's a different kind of amazing altogether!

    You're most welcome! Do let me know how's moist. If moist is good enough, I might switch to that instead of trueye as the latter is really the most expensive outta the whole lot of acuvue. The one I used before my cornea infection is sadly GEO. However, I don't think it's the brand of coloured lens per se that lef to the infection. It's a combination of many other factors like my lens hygiene etc or probably even a sheer stroke of bad luck.

    I still have a pair of purple GEO lens which I've not used as I'm not very sure how purple would look on me and I'm not very sure if I would get infection again. I think since I've already tried other brands of colours in between the infection till now, it should be safe for me to try the Geo lens again.

  18. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!! Your husband's handwriting is so amazing! Love the rockstuds! I want those exact ones in flats :)

  19. Happy anniversary darling, you are so lucky ! I really love these shoes ! :)

  20. Happy Anniversary! OMG your new shoes...amazing!

  21. OMG your rockstuds are just amazing, I prefer the models in which the studs are not so noticeable. Lucky girl :)

    Arianna, Nymphashion ♡

  22. Happy anniversary! What a lucky lady to get these beautiful shoes:)

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  23. Your hubby is SOOOOOOO amazing!!!!!

  24. Happy Anniversary darling! You are one of the sweetest kindest people and you deserve the best! I absolutely love your blog and follow your travels religiously! Thank you for sharing your adventures with us, you bring a lot of positive energy into other people's lives! Thank you!!

  25. Aww, happy anniversary! :D the shoes are lovely and I hope you have a wonderful time in Paris!