Monday, January 27, 2014

Quickie Vintage Chanel Reveal!

One thing I really wanted to do on our return trip to Paris was visit Les 3 Marches Catherine B.

There are many (SO MANY!!) magazine articles/fashion blogs that have long since touted her store so it was on my MUST to do list this time around!

And suffice to say I did not leave empty handed!! :)

My new (to me!) Vintage Mini Chanel flap in pink!!!!!


I haven't purchased a new Chanel bag in a while.. I'm sort of disgusted by the price hikes. It's gotten ridiculously crazy and honestly I've felt for awhile that my Chanel collection is more then sufficient that I actually sold a few in the past few months.)

But I've been looking for a pink Chanel for a few years now and pink is a color that's hard to find with Chanel to begin with.. but compounding the issue was the particular shade of pink I was looking for was more of a orchid fuchsia and I was adamant about it!

I swear my heart nearly stopped when I saw this bag!

Love my new pink mini!!

The best part is the chain on these vintage Chanel Mini's are much longer then they are for the Mini's now.

Which means I can wear her crossbody!!

I have a Chanel black mini (revealed HERE over 2 years ago which coincidentally is also the last Chanel bag I purchased.. I must really be into Mini's lol!)

However the chain on that is too short and I'm unable to wear it crossbody.

If you're interested in learning more about the vintage store I purchased my new pink baby at check out this awesome video by ELUXE Magazine about Catherine B and her amazing store!!!

This blog has a fantastic interview w/ Catherine B herself (and ironically in the 2nd photo on the page there's a picture of a wall of all Chanel bags.. and there's a pink mini right smack in the middle.. I wonder if it's the one I took home lololol!)


  1. OMG THIS BAG IS TO DIIIIIE FOR!!! Amazing choice!!! I just bought a neon pink Rebecca Minkoff mini mac w/ gold hardware so I am all for PINK! :)

  2. Oh my Lisa - this is just stunning! There's a part of me that still wants a jumbo badly but I can't justify 5K on a bag that's not Hermes (hah). I kick myself for not buying a jumbo back in 2007 for 1750. Waaah!

  3. Beautiful new addition to your collection. I adore the color!

  4. That's one hot bag!

  5. Lisa, this bag is soo fun and girly, plus that you can wear it cross body. It's going to be so perfect for summer and spring. And I love that it's vintage too - I'll definitely check out her store.


  6. Congrats on the new bag, Lisa! It's so you =) I refuse to buy new Chanel bags because of their ridiculously prices. Enjoy!

  7. Aw Wow Lisa, this is such a stunning buy and love that you got in a pretty shade of pink, overrules every other colour! I enjoyed reading your thoughts on my last post, thank you!

  8. Your new bag is GORGEOUS!!! LOVE IT!! Congrats!!

    Best, Mree

  9. I love the fun color of this bag! It is truly special. And thank you so much for writing about that amazing store. It's on my to see list no whenever I'll be in Paris :)

  10. Love the bag, Lisa! The pink is very you :)

  11. GORGEOUS bag! I think the best part of the bag is that it's FUCHSIA!

  12. Ugh I'm like squalling right now because this
    bag is ppppperfect! Love that its in fuchsia
    as well c: Xx

  13. So beautiful!! I love the color! <3

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  14. omg!! that purse is amazing!! love the color :)

    Animated Confessions

  15. Love your new bag!! :) If you ever plan on selling any other bags, please let me know!

  16. SHE IS SO FAB!!!!!!!

    R |

  17. Oh my GOD! Darling girl, this looks fantastic on you! That shade of pink is just perfect and looks so chich! I am soooo jelly (as always with your wardrobe ;)) and I can't wait to get my first Chanel piece! I've been eyeing the wallet on chain because of the versatility but we shall see when my birthday rolls around ;)

    Eat. Live. Love. Repeat.

  18. Thanks for stopping by hun!

  19. love the chanel minis and this colour is fantastic!
    Perth finally got a Chanel store last year and guess what, I haven't once set foot in there yet hahaha I'm very afraid I'll walk out broke!

  20. Wow, I love love it, so gorgeous in pink as well.

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  22. Its always great hearing from you hun :)

  23. love the bag!
    Kisses doll SE

  24. It's so cute! I would love to see a photo of your purse collection one day. It must be so impressive. I still need go get my hands on a Chanel before the prices sky rocket too much.

    PS Which Chanels did you sell?

  25. Just perfect ! You know that a Chanel bag is a dream for me ! :)