Friday, January 3, 2014

TAIPEI - Chiang Kai-Shek Memorial & XiMenDing

OOTD - Faux Leather Jacket: UNIQUEEN, "YSL" Sweatshirt - BOOMBAX, Faux Leather Shorts: F21, Tights: DKNY, Shoes: NORDSTROM RACK, Handbag: CHANEL 

Stumbled upon this all you can eat Japanese BBQ & Shabu Shabu restaurant for $300 TWD per person.. it was about $20 USD for the two of us!

Best part dessert of course!!  

All you can eat mochi ice cream AND mochi that you grilled on the BBQ w/ condensed milk & peanut shavings w/ more ice cream of course.

Marukame Udon! 

An Udon & Fried Temperu chain from Japan (715 stores worldwide!).  I know this is like a cult favorite in Hawaii.  Ppl apparently wait for HOURS in Waikiki to get in.

Luckily I fell upon one in Taipei! 

Fresh in house made Udon noodles!

I asked for a soft boiled egg and they actually took what looked like a raw egg (the plastic container on the bottom left corner) and they cracked it open over my udon and out rolled out a semi cooked soft boiled egg!


I swear my jaw nearly dropped HAHAH.

Apparently I'm very easily amused.

Fried Tempura bar!! 

It's cafeteria style and you just picked out what you want and put it on your tray.

Gyu-don Curry Udon w/ Soft Boiled Egg, Shrimp Tempura, Vegetable Tempura, Chicken Karaage, 



I totally get what all the fuss is about. 

Hubs and I weren't even able to finish one bowl of udon (although it might have been the fried foods we ordered w/ it.... and the fact that we were eating like 5 times a day lolololol) but it's very very filling.  The curry udon comes w/ Gyu-don beef.  It's very rich and delicious!  The runny egg yolk in curry is so so so good! The fried tempura items were all crazy delicious as well!  Love love this place!!

Trying out some Kissue & Sexy Look face masks apparently they're all the new rage right now.  And some Face Q Feet & Hand "masks" yup they're paper masks but for your hands and feet like gloves :)


Lunch w/ Daddy-o

Pumpkin Soup, Garlic Cheese Toast, Sesame Salad

Japanese Tenpanyaki!

Shrimp, Salmon & Bok Choy

Ribeye & Fried Garlic

People say I look like my dad what do you think? 


Thanks for a yummy lunch Dad!

Omgosh seriously gorgeous chandelier and flowers!

Squeezing in a workout between (many many) meals a day!!

My Super Fail Jumping Pic. 

This is how I imagine I would look like if I did one of those swimming with dolphins excursions and the dolphin was pushing me up with his nose.

Someone photoshop a dolphin under my butt.



I kinda sorta totally regret not buying this super blinged out sequin Hello Kitty dress... although I cannot for the life of me think of a place where I could ACTUALLY wear this to HAHAHAH.

Ay-Chung Misua Noodles!

So Noms!

This place is uber famous there's no seats (ok there's like 3) but there were about 30 or so ppl all standing up and holding piping hot bowls of oyster noodle soup and slurping happily away.  Make sure you add lots of chili sauce!

While the Hubs was looking for shoes I found a pair of super sparkly blinged out Korean inspired flats. 


They're so sparkly in real life. 

They were like $300 to $400 TWD which is between $10 to $15 USD.

"Take a picture of me with my new shoes"


Etude house!!  

Supposedly Korea's most famous BB cream company!

James Spader (on that note I'm totes obsessed w/ his new show The Blacklist OMG SO GOOD) even in Taipei!

Bet you didn't know KFC had egg tarts. I'm not entirely sure if they have these throughout Asia but if you see them you MOST DEFINITELY SHOULD WITHOUT A DOUBT GET THEM.

If you've ever been to Hong Kong these egg tarts are the Portuguese egg tart style and are insanely delicious. And KFC made them even more delicious by deep frying them.

YUP you read that correctly.  The crust is a puff pastry that's been deep fried.  SO insanely buttery and flaky and the custard is so creamy and rich with a Creme Brulee top.  The mixed box comes w/ original egg tarts and custard egg tarts (that's the white blob you see in the top ones).

I was taking my time enjoying every bite and was still on my first and when I looked back over at the Hubs.. he had devoured 4!!! 

-___- what the eff. 

There were only 6 in the box you do the math.  I had to immediately stuff a 2nd one in my mouth for fear that he would eat that one too.!

Uniqlo mega store!

Got sucked into this insanely ridiculously cute Risotto shop because of the golden retriever and cute cartoons on the wall.

Mushroom cream soup, sweet red ice tea & kiwi soda

Berkshire Pork Risotto & Seafood Risotto w/ garlic bread

My Handsome Hubby :p

Dad hooked it with some new goodies.. especially loving my new pink Quartz crystal bracelet.  The Pen in the back for the Hubs is actually made completely out of carved wood!

Some of my XiMenDing finds.  

The two sweaters came out to $600 TWD = $20 USD!  

$10 bucks a sweater seriously cannot be beat and they're surprisingly soft!

Daiso Beauty Haul!!

Might have gone a little crazy on the lashes :p

And I found a lint remover machine!!! I'm very excited about my battery operated lint remover.  

Hey whenever you have a sweater that has lots of lint on it.. I always think "UGH I wish I had a lint remover."  

Everything above was $39 TWD which roughly translates to $1.30 USD.. so not really $1 dollar like it is in the states lol.

I hope my lint remover actually works. 



  1. You're making me miss Taipei, girl. All the good eats and cheap goodies!

  2. A deep fried egg tart? Holy cow.

  3. The food is making me drool. I miss ay chung misua; there used to be one in Dallas. I loved it and would go all the time. Hubby and I were usually the only ones in there. It just didn't catch on. So sad. Gotta go to Taiwan to get my misua fix ;)

  4. Oh wow, those egg tarts look so good. I can't believe they are just a regular KFC menu item there!

  5. The Japanese BBQ looks sooo good and those are the nicest looking egg tarts I've ever seen.
    Love your pink quartz bracelet and the flower arrangement and monuments are impressive as well. Beautiful architecture!
    Beside the usual Asian features, I don't think you resemble your dad in any specific way?
    Love seeing your travel photos. Happy new year!
    x atelier zozo

  6. great photos! would love to go to taipei one of these days!

  7. Lovely pictures.
    Such a beautiful place. Looks like fun.
    Glitter And Blush

  8. OMG all of your beauty products were $1??? That's insane! Love your travel/food pics. Next time, can you show a close up of your Nordstrom Rack flats? They look super cute and comfy!

  9. My mouth is watering over those deep fried egg tarts! You really scored some amazing goodies :)

  10. Lisa, this post made me so happy! Do you know any links where I could order Asian beauty products to the US? I can't find anything in Nashville. Also, do you know any of the Korean fashion brands that may make things in US L or XL?

  11. Lovely post :) Looks like such a fun and amazing adventure!
    Hope you have an amazing 2014!

    ♥ ♡ ♥ ♡ Creme de la Chic ♥ ♡ ♥ ♡

  12. your pictures make me want to eat all the food so badly! it all looks super yummy. i hope your lint remover works. there is nothing more annoying than lint balls all over my knit sweaters.

  13. Adorable style beauty, your bag is my dream :)
    Food looks delicious as always :)

  14. I have to say you and your dad look JUST alike!

  15. omggg you and your dad look so cute together!! and yepp u look alike!! gahha soo much food i wantt some noodles!! drooling* wow Taipei is beautiful!! i wanna go there!!



  17. hi Lisa! happy new year love. your photos make me miss taiwan! I was just there a few months ago with the beau. def loved it there.

  18. Ah! This post makes me miss going to Taiwan so much! I can't imagine it'll ever be the same now with baby. No more endless shopping in XiMenDing and at the night market... Glad I can live vicariously through you. love love your first outfit! And omg the Marukame Udon in Oahu is INSANE. Like 2 hour lines. wth.

    xx Viv

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