Friday, May 31, 2013

Grapeseed & Bling (LOTS OF BLING muahaha!)

One of the best parts about visiting home is seeing friends and family!!

Makes me all warm, bubbly and happy inside hehehe :)

Cheeky & Happy w/ all the bling on one finger!

Hehehe this all started because she wanted to see what my engagement ring looked like on her finger.. and then instead of giving it back plopped her own ring on there... and then everyone on the table started piling them on muhahaha!

Peter joining in hahaha!

So excited!!!! 


Taking selfie's w/ all the sparkly diamond rings haha!

Gorgeous bling all in a row! 

#bling #filter #sparkly #love

Hubs testing the out the German Riesling!

Fried Chicken Liver on toast



Butterfish over fried potato croquette

This was the Hubs dish and I TOTES wished I had ordered this... IT WAS SOOOOO INSANELY DELICIOUS!  

The Butterfish was so rich and buttery and the fried potato croquette... I'm telling you ALL potatoes should be made this way bahahahahaha!

The girls!

The boys!! 

So much fun!!!! 

Miss you guys so much! 

Can't wait to see your gorgeous faces soon!

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

OOTD: Leather Panel Leggings

Blazer & Top: F21, Leather Panel Leggings: AMAZON, Earrings: BLOOMINGDALES,
Necklace: CHANEL, Bracelet: H&M, Shoes: YSL, Handbag: CHANEL

Monday, May 27, 2013

OOTD: Pink Lemonade Sorbet

Blouse: F21, Skirt: J. CREW, Earrings: BLOOMINGDALES, Necklaces: F21 & J. CREW,

Friday, May 24, 2013

Farewell Texas it's been Fun (& Yummy! :)

Indian buffet!!! 


Omg sooo good and the most legit Indian buffet I've ever been to.. totally O.D.'d on chai tea and chicken tikki masala muhahaha :p

Mango pudding, Rice pudding, Fried dough ball soaked in honey and fruit


Hello Kitty machine!!!

Found the Steri-pods for your toothbrush that I've been seeing about all over the blog-sphere!

Awesome for traveling especially if you are a germaphobe like me!

I gave my Hubs one.. and he thought it was a once time use and threw his away 


Btw's to clarify THEY ARE NOT ONE TIME USE!! 


The Hubs parents came for a visit :)

Baby Back Ribs, Mac & Cheese & Mashed Potatoes

Took them out for some good ole' Texas BBQ! :)

Banana Pudding w/ vanilla wafers


Din Din w/ the In-Laws!

Took them out for some Japanese Tenpenyakki!

Spinning the egg!

Building an onion volcano!

And the volcano erupts!!

I know it's soo cheesy especially since I've seen this a bajillion times (and I'm almost 30 ahahaha!) but I always love seeing this hahahahahha and get so excited! :p

All the yummy steak and shrimp.. I'm literally drooling as I look at this picture bahahahaha!


No wonder it tastes so good -___-

The Hubs parents gave me the CUTEST red envelope EVER!!

These contain money and are given during the holidays & in particular during Chinese New Year. 

Made the Hubs stop at Sonics on our way to the airport right before leaving Texas so I could get this INSANELY delicious Salted Caramel Pecan Chocolate Cake Sundae.  Ok so I might have gotten diabetes from it BUT.IT.WAS.SO.GOOD.

teheheh do you see Jojo's furry paws sitting on The Hubs lap?? :p