Friday, May 17, 2013

Mother's Day Weekend + Mini Shopping Haul :)

This Mother's Day (weekend.. yes it stretched into a weekend celebration!) was really special for me.. I don't think I've been able to celebrate Mother's Day with my mom in over a decade yes a DECADE because I was living all over the US and recently in a completely different continent!

So I was beyond thrilled to be able to spend it with her this year :)


My mom is the bestest!

She is the smartest and hardest working woman I ever known in my entire life and if I end up being even half the woman & mother that she is I'll be thrilled!

                            The Hubs and I ordered her this 7 tier boxed fruit and dessert gift set!

Hehehe isn't my mom so cute??!

Admittedly I really just wanted to watch her open box after box after box.. and there were a few desserts in there that I wanted to "sample" myself bahahahaha!

We sent one to my mother-in-law too :) 

Happy Mother's day mom-in-law!  

Especially for raising seriously the best Hubby a girl could ask for in 100 lifetimes!

Totes off topic but anyone out there ever wished someone would get you a gift and then gift wrap it in a larger box and then gift wrap that in an even larger box and so forth? 


just me? :p

I love you mom!

My mom loves Chinese food.. she's an avid world traveler.. (like she's been to Europe some 20+ times in her lifetime..) and yet no matter what she still says Chinese food is the best food on the planet bahahaha.  So instead of taking her some fancy schmancy mother's day buffet I took her to....



All of my favorites.. ::cough cough:: I mean my moms favorite hahaha.

After Dim Sum we decided to do a little shopping (attempt) to walk off lunch haha!

We went to Target & Loehmann's!

Just noticed my entire shopping haul is PINK!

Grapefruit Yes To makeup wipes for me and a Hello Kitty retractable leash and squeaky toy for my fur daughter!

Hello Kitty retractable leash for my baby girl!!! 


Sidenote I must seriously have been in a pink mood.. just noticed that even my nails are pink hehe

My Loehmanns score!

Thursday Friday Tote bag @ 50% off!

Thanks Mom!! :)

(I KNOW I KNOW!  It was Mother's Day and I tried to argue with her but she insisted! #blessed #mymommyisthebest #ilovemymommy)

Thursday Friday specializes in lightweight cotton canvas tote bags w/ pictures of Chanel/Hermes/Balenciaga bags on them!  So cute!!  And you know I love my Chanel muhahaha!

I immediately grabbed this bag when I saw it and walked around the store and was literally stopped by 3 separate shoppers to ask where I found this bag hahah.

The bag is open top but it comes with an adorable shiny gold clasp.

(UGH I'm a sucker for shiny gold hardware!)

So much room inside!

My new Thursday Friday tote next to my Jumbo Gold Chanel flap!

Fits all my travel essentials!

Laptop, Chanel bag (I ALWAYS hand carry my designer purses better safe than sorry!  Don't ever check them!), Nook, Makeup bag, Scarf (I always get cold on airplanes.)

As you can see there's tons of room left for snacks.. and Dutyfree shopping of course MUHAHAHA.  

#shoppingaddict #thinkingahead

The next day we took out my fur daughter Jojo!

Cute little kiddie train going by!

Trying so hard to get to the ducks hahaha! 


Cute swan pedal boats!

Hubby where are you?  

I need you to pedal HAHAHA.

So happy and excited to be out and about!

She practically dragged me into the water hahaha!

The adorable little ducklings w/ their mom soooo cute and how appropro!! :p


  1. Wow such a nice post and really inspring. Your mum is so pretty and looks like amazing presents. I didnt know it was mothers day in the uk i think we had it a month ago wow i learn new thins all the time. X

  2. awww i love your moms surprised expression! so cute!
    I've never gotten gifts in a box within a box within a box...but always wanted one! but i've gotten something wrapped in wrapping paper after wrapping paper after wrapping paper. the suspense is crazy but so fun haha

    cute hello kitty items! and i loveeeee that duck pic!

  3. no way! i need to check out my local loehmanns for that canvas bag you got! i've been eyeing their website and thinking of ordering one haha.

    hehe, your mom is so happy in the pictures. hope she enjoyed her mother's day!

  4. Omg, sounds liek your mother's day was extra special this year =D Aww. Your mom is utterly adorable. I loved that smile on her face when she opened the box :)
    omg, the smile on your puppy's face!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    And the canvas bag is a real score. Love that it fits SO much!!!!

  5. awww your mom is so cute. she looks so happy xx

  6. Aw, I wish someone would take me to dim sum, haha.
    Such a sweet daughter - looks like you and your mom had a fantastic M-day!

  7. Aw! Cute you!

    I have that Thursday Friday bag but in Blue :D I should really make better use out of it... been using it to the gym. HAHAHAHAHA cause it's so much room!

    DIm Sum Yum!

  8. Lisa that tote is SO awesome and your mom is adorable!

  9. Aww sounds like you both had a wonderful mother's day! What a sweet post! :)

  10. Lovely post Lisa. Your mother looks sweet! :)

  11. I love that gift set you got for your mom, so cute.

    Delightful Ideas

  12. Great gift for your mother!


  13. Fantastic gifts! Very cool photos!:)

  14. Glad you two could finally celebrate mother´s day together after a long time. You mom is so cute and the gift are gorgeous. You made me really hungry.


  15. Your Mom is adorable!!! Glad you got to spend Mother's Day with her!! Love your new goodies!! I NEED that tote bag in my life!!! It is perfect for travel!!! We totally would have fun shopping together!!! HA!

    Best, Mree

  16. Naww you are your mum (haha yes that's how we spell it in Australia) are so cute!! Looks like it was the best day/weekend :)

  17. It is great that you are able to celebrate mother's day with your beloved mummy. Your mum looks so cute and she looks so happy with your tiered presents. Lovely of you to send over to your mil too.

  18. Everything in this post is so sweet! That 7-tired boxes of yumminess is awesome! I know what you mean about wanting to sample some goodies LOL Actually I always have to moderate what my mummy eats as she tends to eat too many sweets for her own good!

    oo0o0o0o Are the yes to grapefruit wipes good? I want to try them but have just finished my Daiso ones (truth- I actually had to leave them on the cruise because I seriously had no more room in my luggage LOL). I also want to revert back to good old olive oil for a bit but who can say no to some good makeup wipes for those seriously lazy days? =P

    I also always hand carry my bags or put them into my carry on I also never check in anything valuable. However my carry on got so heavy that I could barely put it in the overhead bin and I usually panic when I'm holding up the line of people wanting to get off LOL Oh and yes! Boys are so handy when there are things that need physical strength. One time the bf and I went on that tea cup ride in Disney and he had to turn it, obviously LOL I wanted to go on again but he said no since he had to do all the work Hahahahaha

    Oh! I saw some duckies and their mom at disney world too but then something came down (maybe an eagle?) and snatched one of the babies away!!!! I know since I actually counted them before hand and then recounted and one was missing, that poor thing but oh wells, circle of life right? ><

    Hope you and your family are doing well! I'm slowly catching up on blogging lol

  19. Washington DC looks like a great city and happy mothers day to your mum! All the food looks so good, especially those rice noodle rolls! (Sorry, I don't know the Chinese name for them.)

  20. I need that loehmanns bag in my life! I love that you carry tons of stuff with you...if you could see the inside of my bag, yours will cry of envy (right this very second, i am aware that there's an open packet of skittles secured with paper clips, a snickers bar and 3 mint ghirardelli chocolates somewhere in my bag, oh plus 2 small packets of ketchup from Mcdonald's LOL).

    Oh and the food in this post...sigh, you're making me hungry.