Friday, June 29, 2012

OOTD: Fuchsia & Kelly Green

OK so I have a story about the necklace I'm wearing in today's OOTD!  I got it from The Bauble Bar and I'm completely in love with it!  It's so big and bold I love it and I sorta reminds me of Kate Spade I think because of the Kelly Green color.  

Ok so I wore this out this past week to the grocery store and this older woman came up to me and GRABBED my necklace and started to speak to me in rapid fire German!!!  I was completely dumbfounded and stood there stammering that I only spoke English and that I was really sorry if my necklace offended her in some way!  She finally let go and continued to ramble at me in German AND THEN she grabbed it A SECOND TIME and continued to yell at me in German.  At this point I'm completely flustered and feeling totally helpless finally a bystander steps and says "oh she wants to know if it's heavy" 

WHAT THE EFF!!!!!?!!!


I'm like "you're joking she wants to know if it's heavy?!" 

He's like "yeah.........."


Le sigh.  Some things are truly lost in translation.

HAHAHA ok. totally random.. but that's what happened to me this week and I thought I'd share it with you guys. hahahaha. BYEEEEEEEE. :p

Cardigan: Zara, Tunic & Skirt: Forever 21, Leggings: H&M, Necklace & Bangle: Bauble Bar, Bracelets: t+j designs & BCBG, Shoes: Prada, Handbag: Chanel

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Schweinfurt Volksfest!

Date night @ the county fair!

Some kind of boxing game.. I was very confused by this.. but it seemed to draw a very big crowd?!

Lots of amazing baguette sandwiches stuffed chock full with various types of seafood!

Giant pretzel's spread with different types of cheeses some of them were even stuffed with sandwich fixings!

Requisite HK pic! :)


This was a haunted house/roller coaster ride...

I screamed like a little girl.

and so did The Hubs. HAHA.

A couple of nights we went back again!! puhahah!! I can't help it I love carnivals!

I have never once played or seen The Hub's play darts.. and I had no idea he was so good!


He actually got 3 out of 3 darts in the bull eyes!!!

 but sadly his 3rd dart knocked one of the darts off the board. :(

But he still won me two stuffed animals.. and when I say me.. I really mean our fur babies.. because these ended up chew toys in 3 seconds flat. ahahaha.

Is it
A. a Gorilla
B. an Orangutan
C. Beauwolf!

It's a dog!!

 But seriously could have been Beauwolf! hahahaa!

Various sugar coated fruits!!!

THEY LOOKED SOOOO GOOD!!! I seriously wanted to try everything!

The candy apples are so pretty!

That is some looooooooooooooooooooong sausage!

This is Schweinshaxe which is ham hock that's been roasting on a rotisserie grill!  But you can find it prepared all sorts of different ways in Germany.. I had it deep fried when we moved here and that was pretty amazing too!  The skin is sort of like a cross between Chinese roasted pig and Chicharron.  In other words AMAZEBALLS!

They even had a band in the back playing all sorts of jams.. one time they played YMCA and I kid you dozens up people jumped up and started doing the "YMCA" muhahah.. 

Germans know how to par-tay!

I would recommend you STOP SCROLLING ANY FURTHER if you are easily offended!!!!!!!!!



German Shenanigans!

Proof that German's loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee The Hasselhoff!!!

Friday, June 22, 2012

Teppanyaki in Kaoshiung

My dad took the Hub's and I took this amazing Japanese Teppanyaki restaurant in Kaoshiung.  The cuts of meat were absolutely delish and superb quality.. it is definitely not Benihana haha.. although to be fair I do occasionally enjoy the kitchiness of Benihana :p

Our Chef!

Our sauces they were DELICIOUS!  They were made fresh on site.. and you can definitely tell a difference even down to the sauces as opposed to the bottled sauces and dips you would get at Benihana.

Amuse Bouche

The opener was so yummy.. the noodles were made from radishes with a shrimp and freshly made tofu with caviar on top in a yummy consomme.

Pumpkin soup w/ baked cheese bread

See the tiny cups??


The chef steamed the chawanmushi on the grill right in front of us!!  This was soooo yummy!  It was topped w/ foie gras and roe

I'm actually not even entirely sure what this was... some kind of clam I think? and scallops! r

Shrimp & Chicken

Enoki Mushrooms

Fried Garlic

YUMMMMS fried garlic is so nommy.. I can eat them like chips haha

Salad w/ mandarin oranges

Kurobuta pork

Can I just say I'm OBSESSSSED w/ Kurobuta pork (also known as Berkshire pork).. it was SOOO DELICIOUS!

Kobe Beef

The Kobe beef was also delicious.. but I'm a pork fan through and through.. last meal on earth would definitely be Kurobuta pork please!!

Caramelized Banana

This was SOOOO NOMMY!!!  Honey caramelized banana's are SOOOO crazy delicious!!  I love this!  I really dislike banana's but covered in sugar and grilled.. I could eat a giant plate of them.. I was seriously tempted to ask the chef for another one puhahaha.

Fruit plate

I love star fruit :)  I always look forward to going back to Taiwan so I can eat starfruit.. and isn't it cute that they even cut part of my orange so that I don't have to peel it back myself? hahaha

After our lunch we went downstairs into the lounge area for coffee and tea... can I just say I WANT MY FUTURE HOUSE TO LOOK LIKE THIS?!  It's soooooo pretty!!  I love tufted ANYTHING! Chairs, sofa's, headboards.. ESPECIALLY tufted headboards!!  It just looks so glamorous!