Friday, May 24, 2013

Farewell Texas it's been Fun (& Yummy! :)

Indian buffet!!! 


Omg sooo good and the most legit Indian buffet I've ever been to.. totally O.D.'d on chai tea and chicken tikki masala muhahaha :p

Mango pudding, Rice pudding, Fried dough ball soaked in honey and fruit


Hello Kitty machine!!!

Found the Steri-pods for your toothbrush that I've been seeing about all over the blog-sphere!

Awesome for traveling especially if you are a germaphobe like me!

I gave my Hubs one.. and he thought it was a once time use and threw his away 


Btw's to clarify THEY ARE NOT ONE TIME USE!! 


The Hubs parents came for a visit :)

Baby Back Ribs, Mac & Cheese & Mashed Potatoes

Took them out for some good ole' Texas BBQ! :)

Banana Pudding w/ vanilla wafers


Din Din w/ the In-Laws!

Took them out for some Japanese Tenpenyakki!

Spinning the egg!

Building an onion volcano!

And the volcano erupts!!

I know it's soo cheesy especially since I've seen this a bajillion times (and I'm almost 30 ahahaha!) but I always love seeing this hahahahahha and get so excited! :p

All the yummy steak and shrimp.. I'm literally drooling as I look at this picture bahahahaha!


No wonder it tastes so good -___-

The Hubs parents gave me the CUTEST red envelope EVER!!

These contain money and are given during the holidays & in particular during Chinese New Year. 

Made the Hubs stop at Sonics on our way to the airport right before leaving Texas so I could get this INSANELY delicious Salted Caramel Pecan Chocolate Cake Sundae.  Ok so I might have gotten diabetes from it BUT.IT.WAS.SO.GOOD.

teheheh do you see Jojo's furry paws sitting on The Hubs lap?? :p


  1. i love indian buffets! unlimited naan bread is the bomb!
    so many yummy food pics! texas looks so fun!
    the sundae at the end...omg!

  2. I love Indian food! And the sundae looks irresistible too!


  3. Amazing photos! This chef is very cool!!

  4. I've not tried Indian buffet before. I'm quite adventurous when it comes to food but I can only eat so much curry, chick peas, nan and all the other spices that I don't think I can stomach an Indian buffet.

    I don't know what's that travel toothbrush sanitizer about but I would so totally knock my hubby if he threw away something not meant for a one-time use.

    I hope your in laws had a lovely time eating and catching up with the both of you. The red packet is so cute.

  5. Yummy ^^ And sweet Hello Kitty :)
    have a nice weekend ^^

    New post - Kisses

  6. I'm amazed at how much you eat and how bangin' your bod still is! You're an inspiration!

  7. That sundae from Sonic looks amazing!!! Great pictures as always!!

    Best, Mree

  8. Mmmm Indian food! looks like a good time, Lisa!

  9. Yuuum. Indian Food...I only discovered Indian food a couple years ago...yea, totally behind here.

    Tenpenyakki is so much fun...I think part of the fun is getting hyped up with

    Are you guys back in the states again? Welcome back if that is the case. Living in Europe (even briefly) would be such a dream come true for me :-)

    ~Jane B.

  10. Wow. Indian buffet looks yummm... Love the dessert in the last pic too!!! :)
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  11. Oh my goodness! Everything looks soo delicious! I love teppenyaki! They all tell the same jokes and do the same tricks over and over but it's still so entertaining! My heart is with the Indian buffet though! It's so hard to find good indian food. My mouth is watering!

  12. Fantastic pics!

  13. All of that food looks delicious. It looks like Texas was an amazing time for you.


  14. Girl you are so freakin' funny! I LOVE the last comment of this post! I'm so happy that you had fun in Tejas!!! LOLOL

  15. Oh Indian food! YUMMY YUMMY YUMMMMM!

  16. Red pocket needs to come around a few times a year for us poor students LOL But it should stop whenever I get married cause I know I'll hate having to hand them out Hahahaha Maybe I should just go on vacation during those times =P Oh boys!!! Can't believe he threw his out, isn't it sorta obvious it isn't made in a flimsy way aka not one time use! I usually just bring my old toothbrush and throw it away at the end of the trip haha this time I had to leave some stuff since I literally had no room in my luggage and almost maxed out on the weight!

    The indian buffet looks delicious! There are a lot of them around my city but I've never been to any of them! To be honest I just want some naan and butter chicken sauce and I'm good to go! Oh I tried that fried dough think in honey too once but it was saturated and sat in honey and was all soft and it didn't taste very well then....Oh your nails are really cute!!!

    re: Omg I did leave a note saying I would love some lotion (along with the tip for our housekeeper) on the first day but got nothing when I returned =( We do have costco here but my card just expired and I don't really shop there enough to justify renewing it, I'll try and tag along with my friend next time they go hahaha As for the olive oil, it is harder to take off than traditional oil but not so much where I would say it's a hassle and it's done wonder on my skin though it's not on there for long.

    Omg Don't you hate that?! When you buy a huge bottle of something or a lot of something and it turns out you don't even like it/there's something better out there and you are literally stuck forced to use it all? UGH!! I literally feel your pain! Like I rather throw that money I spent on it away and get what I actually really want! Good thing I can usually pass things like lotion onto my dad LOL (the guy who uses body lotion on his face -.-) Oh I'll have to give the FRESH soy cleanser a try! I always walk by them in Sephora but haven't tried anything out yet!

    Yes poor little duckie now imma have a hard time eating bbw duck, nah who am I kidding that stuffs too good! Nice and crispy please!!!!

  17. It looks Amazing!!!! Wish i could be there too;))) u also sell the stuff on your other blog ?:) let me know:)

  18. The dough balls soaked with honey are my favorite things to get at Indian buffets. Also, the banana pudding looks amazing!