Wednesday, February 9, 2011

what's in my purse

I was really inspired by Tiffany @  I am Style-ish recent "What's in my purse" posting so I thought I would do one too. :)

I personally love seeing what's inside people's purses because.. well I'm just a nosy like that. LOL. 

So here are the contents of the purse I used today. 


Chanel Sparkle & Glitter Flap - a gift from the hubs

(thank you hubs :)

Kleenex wet naps
Chanel beauty bag
Louis Vuitton Monogram Pochette - gift from the hubs
Louis Vuitton Vernis Sarah Wallet - gift from the hubs

(I really don't say this enough.. but you seriously are the best hubby ever :)

In case you were wondering what the little round white container is it's silica gel.
I keep one of these puppies in all of my high end designer handbags and shoe boxes.  There are so many horror stories about girls finding mold inside one of their designer purses when they take them out of their dust bags.

If that ever happened to one of my Chanel babies.. I would probably cry for days.

A close up.

1. The contents of my Louis Vuitton Pochette

2. Tylenol & Advil - I need a cute pillbox.  I saw one the other day at the Sanrio store it was a heart shaped Hello Kitty pillbox covered in Swarovski crystals and just in time for Valentines.

*hint hint hubby* hehehehehe. jkjkjkjkjk.

3. Dramamine - I get car/sea/plane sick realllllllly easily. 

4. Small Altoids

5. Petsmart/Petco cards because we spend a crap load there for Napoleon.

6. Lexus key fob - Ok this is actually quite laughable that I have this because...
I don't drive.. I don't even have my license anymore.  For some reason or another I just have not been behind the wheel since I turned 18.  The hubs drives 100% of the time.. but I keep the spare on my key chain in case the hubs loses his keys or I have to get into the car when he's not around.

7. Pepper Spray in Pink for Breast Cancer Awareness - I actually got this as a Secret Santa gift and it is by far the BEST Secret Santa present I've ever received.  So a big thank you to whoever gave this to me. (Sharon was this your present?? hehehe)

8. Building access swiper card thingy to get into our apartment complex.

9. Um.  Hello Kitty key toppers.  Yes Please!

I really love that the pepper spray bottle is detachable from your keys.  I also love that it say U.S.A on the side of the bottle..... so I can mace you while I'm being patriotic and supporting breast cancer awareness. HAH.

1. Contents of the Chanel beauty bag

2. Bath & Body Anti-Bac in Nectarine Mint

3. Sephora Nectar Shine

4. Chanel Glossimer 119 - came inside the Chanel beauty bag (Thanks BFF Shirley :)

5. Chanel Glossimer 85 - also came inside the Chanel beauty bag

6. Mac Kittie Kouture - I actually don't use this one too often as it is a bit too glittery for my taste but I got it  when we went to Vancouver last year so whenever I see it in my purse it makes me think of the trip and the crystallized Hello Kitty always makes me smile.

7. Lorac Mocktail in Tropical Dream

8. Goody Spin Pins - I can put my ridiculously long hair in a bun and it actually stays put!

9. Bobby Pins

10. Hair ties

11. Clearasil Pimple Blocker Pen - I LOVE this!  I use it whenever I feel like I'm getting a pimple and you can put it on top of your foundation too. 

12. Sephora Cuticle Oil Pen - I live in SF so my cuticles are always dry.. this pen helps a lot!

13. La Mer Moisturizing Gel Cream - Isn't this so cute?  They gave me this when the hubs purchased me my very first jar of La Mer cream.  I just scoop it from the big jar and put it into this container when I'm on the go and for trips.

14. Sephora Blotting Oil Papers - I actually don't really like these.  I prefer the Clean & Clear ones.. or the ones you can get from Asia.. I'm just trying to use these up.

My magenta camera with the Hello Kitty Swarovski sticker I got in Taipei! 

Sorry for the graininess it was taken with my blackberry.

That's all folks.

Now show me what's in your bag.  Seriously.  I want to see.


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  1. ooh i wanna do a post like did you fit all that in your purse?! <3 thanks for sharing

  2. I HAVE THE SAME EXACT CHANEL BEAUTY BAG! hahaha and I got excited : ) Great idea of carrying around those Kleenex wet naps. I also love the idea of what you did to your camera <3

  3. omg you have the best stuff in your bag, everything is designer and so cute! lucky you :)

    Fashion Bag 411

  4. I have the spin pins too!!

    Great post.... You are too organized, I throw everything in my bag... But then again it's probably cuz I'm not carrying a chanel :)

  5. that glitter Chanel is one of my dream bags to have!

  6. lol, after about 50 bobby pins, i can get my hair in a bun, too! love your bag!

  7. Of course I totally adore your bag and yay for Hello Kitty!

    On your key is that a huilding access card? I have one as well that I keep on my keys cause I would always forget it when it wasn't on my keys.

  8. Ooo I love the wallet and the Hello Kitty keys~ hehe. So cute!
    We dont have Sephora brand here yet. I would like to their products one day!

  9. you have the tidiest bag in the world :D
    and it's a chanel glitter bag, oh my!!! your husband should be an example for every man out there ^___^
    the hello kitty key-thingies are sooo cute!
    also "I can mace you while I'm being patriotic and supporting breast cancer awareness" lol!!! you're funny n___n

  10. super fun post! my bag would be boring seeing that I am very minimalistic : ( I only carry big bags to stuff my puppy in! hahaha.

    ps- your husband is a good man

  11. Your hubs is so sweet for treating you to these designer pieces :-)
    My bag is REALLY MESSY. I mean REALLY! Seriously, you don't want to see! There's paper and receipts everywhere. I LOVE those Hello Kitty keys and your pink camera witht he hello kitty bow - cute!

  12. haha I want ur bag!
    great stuff

    kisses from behind blue eyes <3

  13. ooo totally diggin the hello kitty keys!!! And very good recommendation on the silica gel. I need to find one, otherwise, this Florida humidity will do some severe damages. Good rec!!

  14. Cute post! We have some of the same things in our bags. Girls will be girls ;)

  15. your hubby is so sweet !! ^__^

    heheh it's so nice to hear that you are from east coast too !!

    we have so much in common ! i get car/sea/plane sick easily.. but i usually don't do anything about it.. i get plane sick so i dont sleep the night before if i'm going somewhere.. i only get car sick if my hubby drives crazy.. lol. then i tell him i'm getting sick and he'll drive "better".. i think i should try dramamine..

    i have the same pepper spray! i got it on amazon ! =D

  16. where did you get that silica gel thingy?? i should get one for my bag too!

  17. great post! Your new chanel bag is so pretty!

    Don't forget to enter my Apothica give-away!

  18. Love, love, love your bag! Oh my gosh...mold? So all you do is put that silica gel inside each bag? I seriously should get some then.

    Where do you buy yours?

  19. New to your blog and wanted to say hi. I love it!

    Your bag is to die for! xoxo

  20. Great stuff in that beautiful bag of yours!

  21. hi girls!! thanks for all of your wonderful comments.. you guys are so sweet!!!

    as for where i got the sorb-it can.. the hubs actually brings them home from his workplace.. they just toss them.. but i think that's just a waste and probably bad for the environment so i make him bring them home so i can reuse them..

    this website has them in packet form for purchase

  22. Thanks for the follow Lisa! I'm following your blog as well :) Great post - I'm really envious of your Chanel bag hehe. And that's really smart to keep silica gel in your bag all the time - I never really thought about mold developing in handbags :)

  23. I LOVE your Chanel!! And I love that you are like me with bags inside of the bag :) Keeps everything so much more organized.

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  25. Great blog! The purses are so adorable as well as all the contents haha! My purses are just filled with so much junk. I see you are from MOCO! Haha I lived in Fairfax, VA and worked in DC for the past 10 years -- graduated from George Mason. But now I'm in Vegas!

  26. Great blog! the pusrses are so cool! i allways need very big ones becous i put there a lot of things!

    lovely post!


  27. Love the Chanel flap :-) You have pretty amazing stuff inside your purse!

    Would you mind visiting my blog? Follow eachother if you like?

  28. so lovely bag :)
    visit me back if u have spare time
    nice to read ur post
    if u mind, we can be friend and follow each other...

  29. the sorb-it gel is such a cool concept. i need to get some! xo

  30. I ♥ your bag *_*
    Everything is so cool ♥

    I like this post of you ^_^

  31. Aaaw, this is beautiful!
    I love it!

    ...OH MY VOGUE!

  32. cool! i love the chanel glosses, i have one as well and actually wrote about it on my blog today! how cute! nice blog. now following
    check mine out

  33. i love how everything is so organized!!!

    so smart using the silica gel to prevent molding in all your expensive bag && shoes~

    btw where can you get it?? or does it come w/ the bag??

  34. Omg you have pink mace? Possibly the most amazing thing ever, too bad pepper spray is illegal in canada (yes I'm serious, wtf right?)


  35. Adore this post... love seeing what girls have in their purses! LOVE the pink mase too! Hehehe! Following your blog now!

    XO, Liza and Jewls

  36. I love when people do the "what's in my purse" because I am just as curious! :)

    Just Better Together

  37. oh almost forgot to add, I LOVE LOVE LOOOOOVE your Chanel purse !!

    Just Better Together

  38. thanks for this! i'll do a this one sometime soon! :)

  39. Hi Lisa,

    Your husband is so sweet :)

    Love your kitty key holder and I got the same Mac Kittie Kouture :p