Friday, February 11, 2011

picnic boutique + picnic goodies

I subscribe to a bajillion different online coupon companies that send out coupons based on what city you live in.   I think this one was from Scoutmob and it offered me 50% off coupon to a boutique in Russian Hill so I thought I would go check it out.

IT IS SO FREAKIN' CUTE!  They sell clothes, jewely and housewares stuff but I felt the clothes and jewelry were DRASTICALLY overpriced.  So I immediately headed over to the houseware items.

You can get tiny jewelry boxes to spell out digusting messages to your loved ones. hehehe.

You can also send your Valentine a cute v-day card showcasing the anatomy of the human body.

My husband the ninja caught me doing what I do best.  Shopping (Again).

HOW CUTE IS THIS?  The T-shirt not the Hubs. haha jkjkjkjkjk.

I wanted to take one of these heart shaped mugs home.. I thought they were so adorable and even comes with it's own spoon and placeholder.  LOVE

I've always seen this brand @ Neiman Marcus but I never really checked it out because it's so pricey.. but I figured since I had a 50% off coupon I would take a gander.  (Apparently it's one of Oprah's "favorite things".  No wonder it's so effin' pricy!).  The lotions are DIVINE.. they are so silky creamy and buttery smooth and they all have a nice delightful scent without being overbearing. 

salt & pepper chicken and watermelon slush

After our little shopping trip we went down the block to Quicky for some lunch.  HAHA.  Don't you know this is the lunch of champions?

So we ended up taking home the T-shirt of the rescue dog the hubs is holding up plus these goodies!

I love anything and everything to do with Matryoshka dolls something about them just make me happy.

I'm not going to use them as cups I'm just going to line them on my vanity next to my real Matryoshka doll that my parents brought for me on their trip to Europe and put jewelry/lipglosses/ makeup brushes in them.

I caved and bought the ridiculously overpriced ($24) lotion.  BUT IT SMELLS SO FREAKIN' GOOD.  It smells like a mix of apple, jasmine and roses! I have a really sensitive nose and most lotions that have scents in them really turn me off.  Plus it came out to $12 dollars.. although come to think of it.. I've never spent that much on lotion before either.  I'm kind of a no frills type of girl.. this is my normal everyday lotion.  HAHA see.  No Frills.  :)

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  1. Awwww what a fabulous little store!! Everything looks so quaint. :) Too bad it was so expensive! :S It must be SO nice to be rich. Lol. I love the doll glasses you purchased and the t-shirt is adorable as well. xo

  2. such a cute little store! i love the anatomy of love! hehe

  3. Everything in that store is adorable <3 I love places like that because I can't spend hours and be amused at every little thing.

    Ah, what can I say, I'm just too simple minded.

  4. wow, this looks like such an adorable store. and the lotion sounds wonderful!

    cute and little

  5. really love stores like this, everything is so exquisite!

  6. I think I am so obsessed with your blog no that I discovered it!!


  7. What a fantastic store! I'd love to visit there! :)


  8. You got yourself some really great pieces :D! And that store looks fab!

  9. OMG the heart cups are soooo cute!! And you got some awesome stuff :D I gotta go this place~~ thanks for the post!!

  10. nice post !
    visit my blog <3

  11. I LOVE that cute boutique !!! I love going into boutiques like that that are different and have a mixture of everything. I couldn't tell from the picture but what's the name of that luxurious lotion ?

  12. What an adorable boutique! Looks like so many goodies!!

  13. Very lovely items, I like the heat-shaped mug & matryoshkas best :-)

  14. omg! These are SOOO cute!

    Happy Valentine's Day!
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