Monday, February 21, 2011

My Week in Photos

Bows!  I love bows :)

However on the right hand I didn't put any bows on and I think I kinda like it better.
 What do you guys think?

I used Chanel Lilac Sky and Sephora by OPI Only Gold for Me

I swear Nordstrom Cafe makes the MOST bomb Salmon Caesar salads and their Parmesan Crostini's are seriously laced with crack.

Pancetta! Pork makes everything better :)

w/ baby scallops and peas :)

Over rice!  It's yummy :) It tastes even better if you bake it with some cheese on top like a Japanese doria.. but I was so busy reading all of your blogs that I lost track of time (GUILTY ;).. and before I knew it the hubs was home and I didn't have time to bake it.. bahahahaha.

EDIT: If you guys have a question about the recipe please refer to the comments section of this post.  I posted a little blurb there.  Thanks :)

Eating the Valentine's Chocolate covered oreo's I got him :)

Dude Anthropologie has some super cute displays!  It's a little tree trunk village... like for gnomes but smaller!

       How freakin' cute is that?!

Napoleon's happy we're home :)

It's been storming really bad the last week in SF so to pass the time the hubs and I played Monopoly!  The hubs calls me "The Shark", and whenever I start building hotels he starts to sing the theme song to Jaws and yells out "SHARK ATTACK"  bahahaha.

Marinated overnight Carne Asada

Deep fried corn pattie w/ lettuce

Marinated Carne Asada goes on top

Sour cream/Salsa/Re fried bean mixture on top :) I swear it looks better then it tastes.. the hubs requests this dish once a week!

So I always try to make my life easier by making things that can translate into at least 2 different dishes in the same week.  The same marinated steak I used in the taco salad I put in a spinach pasta.. and the marinated steak flavor permeates the entire pasta and the flavor is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!  Since it's a cream pasta I literally put in three bushels of spinach haha that's the only way I can get the hubs to eat veggies. 

                                                     Does your fur baby do this too?? hahaha.


  1. omg thank you for such a lovely comment!! you're amazing!!! ah we have so much in common- a love for food, our boyfriends (only if they have chocolate) and chanel nailpolish! love what you have done with the gold there! i am so following you back babe via bloglovin' !!

  2. SO cute your blog and post! I really love your nails! So sweet.. and food pics look so yummy!! wow!
    Follow me? I'll be very happy if you do it!
    THank you so much!

  3. Wow, so delicious foods! :)Yammi

  4. Hi Lisa! Thank you for visiting my blog at!

    I read yours a bit and I must say, the food alone got me! The rest of your blog is also very lovely. I am a new follower at your too.

    Looking forward to reading more of your posts!

    The Girlie Blogger

  5. love the kid with the red tutu and all the food is making me all hungry. i haven't had food for the last six hours. i might as well go to the kitchen now. :)

    great photo stories. :)

  6. Omg I am so hungry after reading this post. lol. That pasta looks so good.

    Your nails are so cute. I like the bows but maybe just on the one finger? I usually do the same thing and decorate my ring finger and thumb nails. =]

  7. the scallops and peas look yummy!!! i love this post! so much food involve! hehe ;)

  8. OMG I need to ho over for dinner. That looks delicious! Oh I love the bows... The polishes are awesome <3

  9. omg all that food looks AMAZING! it's making me hungry!!

    and thank you for the sweet comment and for the follow! i've been following you for a a few weeks now! i love your blog =D

  10. Hello lisa, thanks for dropping by! You look like you had a lovely week! Your dog is the cutest!
    P.S. I've followed back! (I thought i followed you already, my bad!) xXxXx

  11. Hi Lisa. Thanks for dropping by my blog. You have a great blog and I'm already following. =] Thank you for subscribing.

  12. Yup, he's a Shiba. Your Napoleon is so cute! Looking forward to more posts! And recipes?!

  13. Awww,Your nails look so cute!^__^*I love ribbons too!<3
    &So delicious,All the food!(:
    It looks like you had a really lovely week!!^^

  14. Love the bows!!!

    your doggy is so cute! what breed is it?

  15. momo is havanese... they look similar!

  16. Oh MY GOODNESS! How cute is you're doggie!!!! Its staring at the food your hubs is eating lol!
    Im getting all hungry looking at these pics!

    Nails are gorgeous too! xo

    I also get SO excited when I see Japanese drugstore products overseas coz its hard to find here. And they are too cute. Taking pics and going crazy is something I would do too hahaha

  17. your doggie is super cute! I'm drooling now. everything you cooked looks so delish!

  18. Hi beauty!
    Great way to describe your week in pictures!
    XOXO from a new follower,

  19. nice blog ;)

  20. Hi love! Thanks for following me, I'm following you too now :)

  21. that chanel nail polish looks so hot!
    and bowwwws <3

    the chocolate covered oreo balls look so good in comparison to the ones i made :(

    AND so much food on this blog entry that its make me hungry! T^T

  22. Hi again Lisa, thanks for following my blog. I have been a follower of your blog through GFC since December 2010. Maybe you just didn't notice. hehe

  23. what a nice post!great photos!!i like so much your blog!
    could you visit mine and follow me?:)i'd be very happy!

  24. oh shizzle. that looks really good! you're such a great cook:) I like simple recipes, they're usually the yummiest! thanks for following me girl. you rock!

  25. Lol @furbaby :)

    He's too adorable.

    - Richelle @

  26. yummy photos! and i love the gold flakes on ur nails and the bows ^^

  27. awh thanks you! im following bck ^^

  28. You're nails are really pretty - i love the bows. I am obsessed with bows! Yumm...those baby scallops with peas look so delish and creamy. Is there a recipe?

  29. hi guys!! i just want to address the whole recipe thing since a couple of you have asked..

    the truth of the matter is i don't cook with recipes.. haha you could say i don't follow instructions very well.. which is also why i'm a terrible baker.. so i never bake... whereas cooking is left more up to your own personal interpretation.

    most of my dishes follow the same base recipe.. and then i just build from there.. for example creamy pasta basically starts out as a typical fettucine alfredo.. just add butter and heavy cream/or milk depending on your preferance.. and cheese.. the dish flavor profile generally changes with different proteins (ie.. adding pancetta.. or steak).. and if it's a seafood dish.. i'll probably add in a some white wine.. also changing the type of cheese you add to the dish also will drastically change the flavor profile as well and then you add whatever veggies you want :)

    so i just cook based on what i've picked up from watching food network for the last 10 odd years.. haha.. i hope this was helpful.. i did google a creamy scallop pasta recipe for you i would imagine results would be pretty similar

  30. omg totally drooling over the food pics (i'm such a sucker for that sort of thing)

    also i'm a monopoly shark as well! have you seen the hello kitty version? it's super cute

  31. Absolutely LOVING your nails with the bows on them. The Nordstroms Cafe by me is now completely terrible.


  32. love your nails and the food looks yummy :)

  33. Your nails look adorable! And all the food made me hungry! It looks so good :)

  34. Love the gold glitter polish! That food all looks yummay :)

    I am now following you, please don't hesitate to pay me a visit at

    <1 <2 <3

  35. Lisa, you are making me soooo hungry (and I just ate breakfast!). What lovely photos you took, I love this post!

  36. Hi Lisa - now following your blog! Love your manicure and I started feeing hungry just looking at all the food photos! Every time I have been in SF, I always visit the cafe in Nordstrom. They have amazing food there.

  37. I was in a rush this morning and didn't eat breakfast .. let's say that once I read your post I had to eat! Omg pork and a creamy scallop mix?! Brilliant.
    I really love the nails, I tend to be unoriginal when it comes to my nail color. Mixing two colors is so unique and a mood brightener!

  38. You had such a delish week! Loved the decorated nails, they are so pretty and feminine, keep the bows in both hands they are adorbs, love the Chanel pink lacquer!

  39. Waaah, your nails look so pretty! The Chanel nailpolish looks pretty, how opaque is it? I still need a basic pinky shimmer polish, but I want it to be semi-opaque. And all of the food, weh, trying to make me hungry ehh XD!

  40. omg, so many delicious food pics that i'm drooling!! i love your nail polish and the gold glitter really adds something special. love it!

    cute and little

  41. Wow! The nails look too cute! :) I loveee baby pink nails. The food pics all look too good!! I haven't tried Nordstrom Cafe's food before but I've been hearing so much good stuff recently. xD

  42. Ohh, I see, thanks for your reply ^^!

    I think the Dior foundation is the best because, it has great coverage and it doesn't make my face orange looking, unlike most of the western foundations. Makes my skin look fair and radiant, without my skin looking sweaty -.- And your skin won't look shiny in pictures with flash :)! I'm using no 010 btw XD, which appears pretty dark, but it's very light. Also has FPS 20 SPF and line smoothing lifting. I think it's really lifting, becox after usage my face looks more plump (=younger looking) XD

  43. Cute nails, they look like Easter eggs :)

  44. precious puppppyyy! Also, i love the nails, i like the bows!

  45. I love the puppy.
    I love your nails.
    I love Chanel nail polish. (It's the best.)
    I love food.
    I want you to cook for me.
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  46. All your food looks so yummy!! Hehe, I love Godiva chocolate.

  47. love it with the bow :) and that dog is so cuuute! truly excited to see you guys back home haha =)


  48. I definitely like it better without the bows! And all your food pics are amazing!! And that photo of daddy + little girl is too cute ;)

  49. 1. your food looks delish !

    2. your doggie is super duper cute !!

    3. i love your nails !!! =D

  50. I love your nails! Well, I think with the bows, it's really cute, but without, it's more wearable and can match more outfits? So I guess now you get the best of both worlds hehe

    That picture of that little girl is cute. Kids are so fashionable these days ;)

  51. I have too much to say so I'm going to bullet this :)

    -yes to the bows!
    -yes to Nordstrom salads! I am addicted to their Chinese Chicken Salad
    -OMG Monopoly! I went through a Monopoly phase where I made hubs play with me all the time just so I could buy out all his properties. hahaha
    -all your food looks yum!
    -yes, Macho (our boy dog) does this to my husband all the time!

  52. Hey! We were at the Shabuway in Mountain View but I am originally from San Mateo! :P Small world!!! Love your blog!!!! <3

  53. the nails are adorable~ but the bows blend into the nails that's probably why you like the second pic more =]

    OMG you have me drooollingggg...
    @ your comment blurb
    LOL it means you're a naturally good cook =D

    it's the monopoly credit card!!! =0
    never tried that yet, but i like the original where i can PRETEND i'm super rich lol

  54. the little bow on your nail is just gorgeous!
    i absolutely looove pancetta!!
    and the little girl is just adorable!
    awesome blog!

  55. you're putting me into a blog-food-post coma! love your cooking pics, sadly I can't cook to save my life, and can only post about stuff my BF cooks or of dishes when we eat out ;) Thanks for sharing!

  56. Aww your nails are pretty, that dusty rose Chanel polish is lovely! Ah your cooking looks so yummy and healthy and the last photo is super cute with your pup trying to sneak a bite of your hubs food!

  57. Omg, I loove your nails! :O So amazing! :)

  58. love love love your nails!! great job!!

    those dishes look amazing!

    love your blog, just started follwing!

    Annina of

  59. ahhhhhhhh Lisa can I kidnap you? jkjk love your nails and food posts! Puppy is super cute, too

  60. ur nails are SUPER cute!! i really love the bow stickers u have on them :D
    u are such a great cook!! im drooling over everything u made~ especially the scallop, pork, and pea sauce u made!! i love scallops! yumm yumm!! :)
    and yessss everytime i eat something my puppy needs to smell it coz he needs to know what im eating haha its really cute though :P

  61. Your dog is so adorable in the last pic. I like the nails without the bow more too...your food pics make me hungry!

  62. May I come over to dinner?
    Skippy just sits there and stares are you with his cute puppy eyes :( It's so hard to say no! The trick is on us!

    I like the bows on just one hand :) It throws people off. hehehe

    And I LOVE LOVE LOVE Nordstrom Cafe! I tell Bunz it's clam chowder Friday. I really like that cheese bread they give us :)

    Just Better Together

  63. I love this post! A really nice way to show what u did the week^^ I love ur puppy so cute >4< the meals look so delicious too ;Q

  64. All of that yummy food made me so hungry! Hello fellow San Franciscan. xoxo

  65. Omg. Your nails look incredible, we need that Opi varnish ASAP!? The bows look pretty but we prefer the hand without!


    T & J


  66. Gosh your blog posts are making me hungry lol.

  67. Yes, to all the food an the nailpolish. Thanks for sharing the photos and drop by me too, soon.


  68. I swear your pictures are just funny. Especially the very last one. LOL. Your dog has so much personality. BTW I wish I knew how to cook as much as you do. I need to get moving or like my mom would say "no asian man would want to marry you. :( I still gots me some time.... *crosses fingers*

  69. Your nails look so cute. And the food looks delicious.

  70. A perfect week my love! I adore your nail polish! I have the same gold sparkles from Sephora on my nails as well! However, I have them over Essie's Sew Psyched.

    Hugs xoxo

  71. Hey Lisa! Thanks for the nice comment on my blog! Thanks for introducing yourself so that I could see your blog! I love what I see...Chanel nail polish, yummy food, AND Godiva!?! I feel at home! :p

    Excellent nail polish job! I am looking at my bare nails in shame! :p

    Never tried the salmon salad, but love the bread at Nordstrom cafe!

  72. Love your photos Lisa... Napoleon is soo adorable! <3 the last photo. And you look like an amazing cook. Your hubby is a lucky man! :)

    Happy Monday!

  73. I love all your photos! And your nails look so pretty! I love anything that has bows on them haha xD

  74. Super lovely post!


  75. i love it!!! those are the nails i'm talking about! but seeing the whole thing is even better! all the foods look sooo yummy, babe! happy late monday! xoxo

  76. All the food here looks delish omg and Those nails are awesome

  77. love your nails w/ the gold glitter. & you are an amazing cook. sorry i'm drooling all over your site. what time is dinner? ;)

  78. i really love the nails. the lilac color is pretty and the glitter and bows add a very cute touch. with or without bows, your nails are still cute. :)

    the food looks very delicious. especially the one with the scallops. i read your comment regarding this dish you cooked and that's amazing how you don't really follow recipes, yet the dish looks very well executed and i am sure it's very yummy as well. :)

    yeah, the elf 100 shadow palette experience was horrible. i was thinking of returning it too, but i couldn't find the return policy on my invoice. exchanging it would've been a good idea too. if not for another palette, maybe something else would've been alright. :)

  79. Awww Napoleon is adorable!! And your pictures of food are making me drool (I had an unappetizing bowl of ramen for lunch =[)

    I do prefer your mani without the bows too.. idk why because I'm a total bow lover hahaha

  80. girl, you are cruel!! i am trying to eat healthier, and your photos are making it so hard!

    btw, i really love photos of you guys. looks like you guys have so much fun together. reminds me of me and my hubby. too bad, my hubby is too shy to let me post him on my blog.


  81. Lisa.. my furbaby totally does that. I don't like when she begs, but she's just too adorable to scold. lol.

    Oh gosh, you week looked decadent. Look at all that yummy food! om nom nom. I wanted to go on food adventures with you... or maybe just come over to dinner one day.. ha ha.

    I also like your nails. Super cute. I've always wanted to get Chanel nail polish, but I don't know if I want to spend $20+ on nail color. Maybe the nail polish fairy will bring me some one day. hehehe.

    So.. I'm not sure if I've ever asked you, but your about me section says you "left your heart in Hawaii".. did you live here for sometime? or vacation? Come back and visit! We'll chill.

    Wishing you a great week Lisa!!

    xx Love & Aloha

  82. Your dishes are really inspiring Lisa! I've started to cook more, and I'm going to definitely try to make your scallop dish! It looks so good!

  83. lisa! you should have a food blog, you are amazing!

  84. You look like a really good chef. The food looks so yummy! I feel so hungry looking at them even though I’m not hungry now. I really love scallops and they look so deliciously succulent.I very much prefer your version instead of being baked with cheese coz yours seems more healthy and chinese style. The meat thing looks interesting too. Definitely cafe or restaurant worthy. Your hubby is a lucky man! I love your nails with the bows and I love ribbons.

  85. heyyy...i dind knew your blog...saw u at fashion mom´s blog....this is like the most cool post i have ever has all my fav...nails,dog,food,lover...:)<3<3<3
    shame on me for not descovering u before...cant stop browsing your blog...fascinating...
    hope to keep in touch:)<3
    kissesss sweetie

  86. Yes yes - Nordstrom Cafe's crostinis are laced with crack or opium or something. nom nom! Love the nails!

    xx Vivian @