Sunday, February 6, 2011

faces plus spa grand opening

A little while ago I was invited to attend the grand opening of a spa called Faces Plus.  The spa is located in Santa Clara, just south of San Francisco.  I've never been invited to the grand opening of anything so I was really excited to go! :)

Long story short the opening was AWESOME. 

Warning - this post is really picture heavy.

The owner of the spa Kristen Eng painting the eyes on the dragons.

Chinese dragon dance and fireworks to bless the new business.

The guests spilled out from inside the spa onto the front porch and even on to the sidewalk! Crazy huge turn out!

Ribbon cutting time!

The mayor of Santa Clara Jamie Matthews

City Council Member Otto Lee with the owner Kristen Eng

All of the men waiting for their girlfriends/wives bahahaha.

This mural was actually painted by the owner of the spa Kristen.. if this is any indication of the quality of the work they do.... sign me up. muhahaha.

The spa has a really great serene and peaceful flow throughout.  I loved it!

They really paid great attention to details.  This is a little relaxation and waiting area.

I wish my shower looked like this. LOL.

Loved her outfit!!  Isn't she super cute?  Her pom pom vest and Goyard bag are to die for!

Some of the products they offer at the spa.

Makeup bar where they also sell some of Kristen's own line of makeup and brushes!  I tried them out the brushes are SUPPPPPPER SOFT!!!!  I'm uber picky about brushes because I have really sensitive skin and they felt so wonderful on my skin.

One of the models at the event.  Isn't she gorgeous?

The Goody Bag ;) yessss please. muhahaha.

This eyeshadow palette was included in the goody bags and is part of Kristen's very own makeup line.  The palette retails for $30 dollars and they offer two different types of palettes.  Love these colors!!! :) I've already used some of the colors and the shadows go on really smoothly and the pigmentation is fantastic.

Word on the street is that they are adding a board certified doctor to the staff soon so it will be a Med-Spa!

If you are interested in learning more about the spa and their services go here. 

A big shoutout to Kristen Eng for throwing and inviting me to such a awesome grand opening bash! 

Thank you!!

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  1. Ahhh so jealous! Those eyeshadow colors look FAB

  2. What funnnn!!! I love spas though I probably visit only once a year because that's all I can afford~!~ :D

    I love the GOODY BAGS - that is such a nice gift!!! :)

    Looks like you had a great time!

  3. Hi Lisa! You've got two awards from me! I guess you have received these awards before. Nevertheless, I'm giving them to you. Congratulations! You have an awesome blog, I love it!
    Check them out for rules! :-)


  4. the decor is beautiful~
    it really gives off a calm, relaxing, serene vibe~
    even through a computer screen!!! haha
    && cute goody bag~

  5. this spa looks amazingggggggggg ~!!!

    lol on your pic "all the men waiting for their gf/wives" hahaha. my hubby always sits where all the men are when i go shopping lol

  6. Looks like a wonderful place to be :-)
    I love the eyeshadow palette, gorgeous colors!

    Thank you so much for your comment - following you, too :-)
    But I've to disappoint you: While Paris is my favourite city, too, I don't live there :-( That was just for a photoshoot/blog collaboration with a fellow blogger. I wish I'd live there, though! Who knows, maybe one day? A girl can dream, right? ;-)

  7. Wow- what a beautiful spa!
    I love the asian decor.

    Loving the goodie bag also!