Monday, February 21, 2011

Birdcage Bangle Giveaway

Thank you ALL so much for participating in my Birdcage Bangle Giveaway!  There was an overwhelming amount of entries (seriously, I thought I would only get 20 entries at the MOST).  I inputted everyones entries into Excel and and then used and the winner is...

New Orlean's blogger extraordinaire Juley of Swank Heights.  Congrats Juley!  Go visit her.. she's got some amazing style!

Juley I've already sent you an e-mail and I should be sending it out tomorrow.  Thanks for getting back to me so quickly!

Don't be sad blogger peeps.. I'm so touched by all the love and support you've shown me in the last month and a half my little blog has been in existence, that I've already begun planning my next couple of giveaways.  I've ordered things from Gilt, Hautelook, Ruelala and Sephora

You won't want to miss them.. so stay tuned blogger peeps!


  1. Wahhhhh! I didn't win ;) Congrats to the winner though! xx

  2. awww... sad that i didn't win. it was such a cute bracelet! but congrats to juley! i love her blog & style. i'm sure she'll put it to good use :)

    thanks for the giveaway, lisa!

  3. Lucky winner :) enjoy the beautiful braclet !

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