Friday, April 12, 2013

Tacos, Tony Parker and a sparkly Chanel reveal!

Taco Taco Cafe!

Voted BEST Taco's in America by Bon Appetit magazine & Food Network!

Puffy Taco's & Fried Catfish

All of this food for $20 bucks! 

Their famous puffy taco's!

It's deep fried... and I realize Mexican food is not exactly calorie friendly.. and it most definitely is not calorie friendly when you decide to take a tortilla shell and then deep fry it.. but let me tell you this taco was SO WORTH ALL OF THE CALORIES! bahahahahahah!

OMGGGGG I've never in my entire life had as delicious of a taco as this!

The Hubs is so excited!!


Blouse: NORDSTROM RACK, Jean Leggings: HUE, Studded Boots: PIPERLIME, Necklaces: CHANEL & ANN TAYLOR, Handbag: CHANEL

Snuck into the Sak's woman's lounge to take a OOTD :p

And again at the "happiest place in the world!" Chanel! 


The Hubs encouraged me to pick up a new piece that I'd been on the hunt for for a long time!  

I snapped this pic while the Hubs was signing for it.


Hehehehe that's why I look so giddy :p!!!!

What marriage is all about - COMPROMISE!

The Hubs escorted me to Saks.. and now I'm escorting the Hubs to the "man store" heh...

Puhahahah this photo is so awkward ::CRIES:: hahahahahahaha

Totes random but aren't these the monkey's from Japan... where you can get the black boiled eggs??

Mini Chanel reveal time!  


I have a very small collection of Chanel costume jewelry just 2 pieces (now 3 :)!

The first one is the Chanel pearl necklace you see in the above picture that The Hubs purchased for me during our first trip to Paris for our 1st wedding anniversary.  

The 2nd I revealed here a vintage gold Chanel piece that the Hubs surprised me with recently.

I actually don't really believe in buying designer costume jewelry because it is quite pricey (now don't get me wrong I LOVE costume jewelry I just don't really believe in spending a lot of money on it because I feel if you're going to spend a lot of money then it's better to invest in fine jewelry! Habit of nature because I use to work at Tiffany & Co. so I can't help but think that way :p)

But I had been searching for a very particular piece of Chanel costume jewelry for a loooong time. Something that Chanel is well known for.  I've searched for it in just about every Chanel store I've visited in the US, throughout Europe and even Asia! I've actually tried on about a dozen different ones but I just couldn't find one that I was in LOVE LOVE with.

Well I finally found it! WOOT!! :) 

Crystal CC Brooch!!

I love it!! 

I've tried on SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO SOO many Chanel pins!!  

I think it's just so classic and chic pinned on just about anything a blazer, wool winter coat, a dress shirt and even a simple tee-shirt!

I especially love it pinned on my Chanel pearl necklace.. it's kinda of neat because it sort of blends into my pearl Chanel CC necklace so it looks like it's one giant necklace w/ the tiny pearl CC's and the one giant over sized crystal CC's!

They've made Chanel "CC" pins in a bajillion different styles.. and I've tried on so many different ones from flower motif ones to pearl encrusted ones.. and they just weren't "me".

Well as all of you know I just adore "bling" anything hahahaha.  

If it sparkles I love it.. I'm like a bird hahaha!



Cardigan: J. CREW, Leopard dress: F21, Brooch & Handbag: CHANEL

Loving my new Chanel brooch hehehe!!

San Antonio Spurs vs. Sacramento Kings!

The Hubs managed to get us into a private practice viewing before the actual game started to watch the players get ready for the game.  They called it a "shoot around".

Tim Duncan!

Tony Parker!

Otherwise better known as the Ex Mr. Eva Longoria ahahahahaha

Sorta wish they were still together so that she might be there hahahaha.

I really only know sports players based on who they've dated or married.. like I know Lamar Odom because he's married to Khloe Kardashian and I know who Kris Humpries is only because he's the Ex Mr. Kimmy Cakes hahaha.

The Sacramento Kings are owned by Adrienne Maloof from the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills so you know I spent the majority of the game scanning the court side seats vs. actually paying attention to the basketball game.  Priorities right? :p  Didn't spot her sadly booo ::SAD FACE::

I thought this was so neat you can eat dinner at the bar and it opens up right to the court so you can have a nice dinner while watching the game! 

Buffalo Blasts

After the game we hit up one of my all time favorite guilty pleasures.

Cheesecake Factory!

Totally bad for you and yes it's a giant chain but something about it is so good!

Carbonera w/ chicken

So good and so comforting.. haven't had Cheesecake Factory in like 2 years!!  Ahaha I missed it so much :p

It was so huge I actually ended up taking it home and it actually made two more meals YES TWO! 


Seriously the portions at Cheesecake are RIDIC hahaha.

Steak w/ french fries & onion rings


  1. Really gorgeous brooch !

  2. OMG how fun!!!! =) Your Chanel reveal is gorgeous...I expect nothing less from you girly! ^_^ You two make the happiest couple ever. He better always treat you like that! :)

    YAY you went to a bball game! Last last week I went to see Lakers v Golden State in Oakland! haha =)

  3. Looks like you've been up to a lot, Lisa. Your Chanel brooch is so pretty!

    xo, alison*elle

  4. Lucky girl! I am drooling over your Chanel collection. Those pieces are absolutely beautiful, Lisa!

  5. OMG! Those food looks delicious :) Espero que andes muy bien, abrazos!

  6. ohhh Lisa that brooch is just stunning! and the game looks like fun, even if I'm not a spurs fan. ;)

  7. Love the new pin! It looks so ridiculously sparkly! Also, the cat fish looks delicious. ^^

  8. The taco looks delish and that Chanel pin - gorge!

  9. LOL omg lisa we are seriously two peas in a pod. every time the bf tells me who he picks for fantasy i'm like BOOO we don't like him he broke up with with kim/eva etc LOL glad you guys are having fun and you look gorgeous as usual. i'm so jelly of your amazing bag collection!

  10. omg looooove the brooch! i`ve been eyeing it but haven`t pulled the trigger..please post more know how much i love the shiny things!!

  11. You're so cute Lisa! All your excitedness! I love it :D haha

    its funny that your hubby encourages you to buy expensive stuff! My bf always talks me out of it!! He's like "if this didnt have the pink pattern on it, you wouldnt buy it, correct?" hahaha

    The chanel pin is very pretty though! yay sparkles!

  12. Lisa you honestly have the best wardrobe !!! I love all of your chanel pieces <3<3

  13. Love love love your new pin, it's fantastic!!!! I love your Chanel pearls!! I have the same ones but hardly wear them. I'm gonna wear them this weekend!!

    Now, I'm craving The Cheesecake Factory!!!

    Best, Mree

  14. Love the food best . ! do free to drop my blog to comment my latest Chapter 173 post and I have follow U :) If you would like to FOLLOW me back Click Follow at the Navis

    LOVED ur blog

  15. mmmmmmmmmmmmm food. hungry and it's fricken 2am where I am :p I'm so dead for work tomorrow... considering I have to be up at 5am for a wedding ahahaha bugger.

    LOVE the Chanel brooch! It's classic and simple.

  16. Ah ! The chanel pearls is so pretty : )

  17. Yummy photosssss, oh and I'm in love with that Chanel Brooch, it's fantastic, Lisa.

  18. Food looks great and the Chanel jewellery is totally amazing.


  19. I've always loved Tim Duncan - my brother makes fun of me all the time - but I can't help it. I'm loving your Chanel jewels. And that deep fried tortilla shell looks amazing.

  20. Looks like a totally fun trip! Tacos look yummy and I love the brooch - so very classic :)

  21. Woohoo..congrats on the brooch! :)

  22. You look so adorably greedy wolfing that Taco!

    Oh my, I wouldn't mind compromising going to that very odd man store with animals all over. It looks like an interesting place. Hahaha... on the basketball match. I know nuts about it too and yes, I only know of Lamar coz of the Keeping Up with the Kardashians. I haven't been watching a lot of that recently. And wouldn't it be cool to spot Eva Longoria. Haha wishing Tony Parker and Eva are still together just to spot her. The bimbo in me would think that way too.

    Why don't you have a smart phone in Germany? Is the data plan expensive or is it inconvenient or something? If you have an Instagram account, do let me know.

    Yes, we do wanna have kids. I agree with you that "i don't think chinese ppl can get away without having kids my in-laws would have a heart attack".

  23. I haven't eaten a taco in ages. This post totally reminded me of that! And that's a really gorgeous brooch! :D

  24. Great pictures ! It must be so fun ! Your necklace is wonderful :)

  25. I love going to basketball games... but i love eating more... and your pasta pic totally make my tummy growl *grrrrrrrrrrr*

  26. After seeing the whole post, I still can't get over the tacos.. ha!

    lovely brooch!

  27. OMGGG the Chanel brooch is amazing Lisa! So glad you finally got your hands on it. :) It is really classic and perfect addition to any outfit!

    xo – Sheila
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