Friday, April 19, 2013


I SWEAAAAAAAAAAAAAR this is my LAST Miu Miu reveal! (at least that's what the Hubs hopes bahahaha!).  I'm sorry I can't help it I think I'm addicted to Miu Miu shoes.. they just make the cutest, feminine, whimsical shoes ever!! 

But these were sooo so cute and they were 40% off and in my size.. and they were calling my name.. and I swear I'll get a lot of wear out of them and


Enough with the excuses. 

And on with the reveal hahah!

A Peek!

Peeptoe pumps perhaps?


I know I've been on a serious wedge kick lately.  I'm obsessed!!

You may remember the reveal I did last year w/ these Miu Miu wedges.  When I first got them in the mail I couldn't stop wearing those they were so comfortable and when I found these I almost had a heart attack.  I mean blush pink and gold sparkles?!  How could I not?! muhahaha


These are slightly different then the black Miu Miu wedges these have T-strap design.

But the back is my favorite part they have two straps of gold glitter on the back they look SOOO cute hooked on to the back of your feet!

They are made out of suede and have glitter on the straps.  One thing I really love about Miu Miu is the attention to detail.  If you will notice there's no glitter near the buckle area of the strap because obviously buckling and unbuckling will cause the glitter to shed so instead they actually coated that particular area with a type of gold metallic paint. 

They are the same height as the black ones they measure 4 and 3/4 inches w/ a 1 and 1/2 inch platform.

And have I mentioned that I love them?? bahaha. 

I love that it's a blush nude color because they really help to give the illusion of a more elongated leg. 

I have to admit I'm a tad petrified about wearing them out because of the fact that it's a blush color and it's in suede!!  It'll be like a magnet for rain and dirt and mud ARGH! hahaha but they were to pretty to pass up!

I'll just wear them only in an indoor mall or something. bahahahahaha

I'm warning you I think you'll be seeing these A LOT in my spring and summer OOTD's!!! :)  muahahaha!!


  1. They're so cute! The glitter sparkle so much. <3

  2. Those wedges are super cute! Time to find a good suede cleaner! Also, where the heck are you finding cute Miu Miu's at 40% off?!

    xoxo, Julie

  3. so freaking cute lisa!!! love all your reveals i get so excited for you. can't wait to see these babies in some outfit pictures =)

  4. Are you sure this is your last reveal? Lol :) Congrats, Lisa! She is super gorgeous <3

  5. love them!! You should totally do a tour of all your shoes! I spot them here and there in the back but you know, nothing like a completely tour!


  6. RYC: Yes LOVE Brandy Melville!!! I think it's a lot better than urban outfitters imo :P

  7. Oh really lovely shoes
    They´re a really cute cream pink color
    really cute

  8. STOP IT, these are the dreamiest!!! If I imagined myself as a shoe.... these would probably be it! :)

  9. Pretty pair!!New post on my blog --->

  10. OMG!!!! They are SO pretty <3 Im lovin' it x

  11. awww the shoes are so pretty <3

  12. I love miu miu

  13. HOT SHOES! there's nothing like going out gorgeous shoes!!!!

  14. Gorgeous shoes!!

    Best, Mree

  15. Great shoes! I only own one pair of Miu Miu and they're leopard flats. I love heels but I can't walk in them!!! Any tips?

  16. These wedges are so glamourous!


  17. they are so cuteee ...they gotta be comfortable!

  18. I really love miu miu shoes and I've been eyeing a pair of oxfords from them for a long time now. :3

    I love the look of suede too, but I have to admit that cleaning it and keeping it clean stresses me out.

  19. why do I love these shoes. they sparkle and they're miu miu and they're wedges! LOVE!

  20. not gonna lie, 40% off is a pretty darn good deal! glad you got it ;) hehe hope your hubby wasnt too angry, lol! who can resist a good deal?
    nice wedges! they look great for the summer!!

    alex @

  21. i agree with you about miu miu shoes! cutest ever! and which girl can resist glitters and girlie shoes! so so cute and perfect for spring!

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  23. Well the discount really demands attention, so props to you for the excellent buy!

    BTW, that top is gorgeous, I have wanted to incorporate camouflage into my wardrobe but the print can be a bit too much at times. This top though, is perfect! Love it!

    Who do you dress for? Check out my post & tell me about it!

  24. I want them ! Wonderful shoes, you are very lucky :)

  25. i love the museum! ah that whale is rad. your heels are beautiful!


  26. so pretty! honestly, who can say no to glitter?! ;)

    <3, Mimi
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  28. Hi Lisa! These wedges are totally you!! I'm dying of jealousy!! I wish that Clarks (my fave granny brand) will use sparkles/glitter. One can wish I suppose (LOL).

    ~Jane B.