Friday, October 14, 2011

D.C. Visit - Randomness & a Welcome Home Surprise :p

Living in San Antonio I've been seriously Asian food deprived namely Taiwanese food!!  I live for visiting home so I can indulge in lots and lots of yummy Taiwanese food.

Mince meat spicy noodles, Scallion pancake and vinegar cucumbers

Thousand year old eggs w/ Tofu and Fried Dumplings

My high school bestie Hannah's dog Candy!


In case you were curious what I looked like in high school - Hannah went and pulled out some old pictures we took over 10 years ago!!! ACK~!!

Back when sticker pictures were all the rage hahahahahaha. Boy I am really dating myself hahaha.

More high school pictures

Hannah and Hannah's mom (one of the coolest mom on the planet)!!

Oyster vermicelli noodles

Mince meat noodles

Shredded pork and salty cucumber noodles and Passion fruit boba

I got to hang out with the bride one more time before I left!  WOOT!!

Love you Tammy!

She took me to Shilla's bakery which is a korean bakery that serves up the most delicious yogurt bingsoo ever!!  The smoothest creamiest yogurt with lots of fresh strawberries, kiwi's, mangos, watermelon.  They also had fruit loops, corn flakes and mochi.  Who knew corn flakes was so nommy in froyo?!

Adorable Newlyweds Tammy & Joey!

Joey's twin brother Matt!

My parents backyard!  Apparently deer LOVEEEE my parents backyard!  There were deer that visited EVERYDAY that I was home.  It was so weird.. and on this particular day I counted ELEVEN deer that were just chillin' in my parents yard hahaha.

I looked to the house on the left and the right and the house directly behind ours and they didn't have a single deer in their yard.  SO RANDOM!!

The funniest part is if you look towards the left of the picture you can see where our fence has a couple of missing beams.  My Mom said she's actually seen the deer HEADBUTT the beams to get into our backyard! WTF?!?! hahahahaha.

Back in San Antonio I was greeted to a couple of packages, Bergdorf's fall lookbooks and a surprise from the HUBS! :) 

The hubs picked me up at the airport and surprised me with these gorgeous white roses.  All of my flower vases are already in Germany so I had to make do with this OZARKA plastic water container HAHAHAHAHA.  Improvising at its best!


Hubs surprised me with this ADORABLE necklace from Saks 5th Avenue. 


I don't think I could have picked out a prettier statement necklace for myself if I tried!

That's it for all the D.C. pics.. coming soon my new life in GERMANY!!!! :)


  1. That so random,deers in the backyard! They are too cute! Hehehe
    Awww your hubby is too sweet with the roses surprise!!:)

  2. Oh look at all that yummy food. No fair :O)

  3. sweet hubs. i know what you mean about not able to get good asian food in texas. it's always nice to hang out with old friends again.

  4. Your posts always make me want to eat! You guys are such foodies ;) The necklace is gorgeous!

  5. Ooh I love those scallion pancakes, lol.

  6. Your hubby is seriously so sweet! Also that's so random about the deer... your parents' backyard looks pretty huge though, maybe they are attracted to the nice-looking grass?

    xo, alison*elle

  7. I love your posts so much! I can't believe how many deer sneak into your parent's back yard!! lol

    Your husband is too sweet!! He picks out the best gifts for you! :D

    Also, the yogurt looks SO good!! They need to offer that everywhere!

  8. those yogurts look yummy!!! look at all the strawberries!

  9. omg lisa i love love that note from lucas! he's so sweet and cute! and love the necklace!

  10. How does your hubbie manage to pick such beautiful items? It's incredible!!
    you've trained him well.


  11. Hey Lisa, all that taiwanese food has made me hungry. Yummy, Yummy. And I can't wait to see you rock that statement necklace. Can't believe that you're on your way to Germany! Have a safe trip!

  12. Glad you enjoyed your trip!

    That is really very sweet of him to do the card and flowers with the necklace!! :)

  13. Those food pictures are torturing me!!!!! Is it finally the time for you to head out to Germany? Man, time flies!!

    Your husband is not only the sweetest but has the best-est sense in fashion. He deserves some sort of award from Husband Academy if there is one, Lisa.

  14. delicious food! i'm glad you're having fun!

    if that is your husband's writing, it has got to be the nicest guy hand writing ever!

  15. Those deers are harilious!!

    Your husband is an amazing man!
    He should teach Husband/boyfriend 101 to some of these youngetres here in SF!

    Just Better Together

  16. The food looks so delicious and your husband gesture is so nice ;)

  17. Omg! ur hubby's so sweet, and yeah it's very pretty! love the foodies, and that yogurt seriously looks yummy, I feel like I'm going to heaven if I'll have a taste of that. LOL...
    so excited for your Germany pics, yay!

  18. sooooo many awesome pictures stuffed into one post! the food looks absolutely amazing, I want noodlesssss hahaha. and that frozen yogurt...!!!!!!!!!!!!! omggg!!!! as a deprived asian I wasn't allowed to eat fruit loops hahah so obviously I'm completely obsessed with them :P and the necklace is so amazingly gorgeous! you have that man well trained ;)

  19. Lisa! Photo overload! Omg so much delicious food! I swear, your food posts feed me! :) I love all the deer in your parents' yard! They're all so cute! And aaaaa! the necklace is gorge!
    ♥ laura

    the blog of worldly delights

  20. lovely pics! it's hard to find potpingsoo in germany, and they're just introducing froyo there, but i can recommend some places when you get there!
    it's also hard to find good asian food, but there are some gems here and there!

    can't wait to see your german posts!

  21. aww lucas is so sweet!!

    totally craving taiwanese food now! yummm

  22. I literally said "Oh my god!" out loud when I scrolled down and saw that crazy amazing necklace. You are one lucky girl!! (Also, patbingsu is one of my faves- yum!)

  23. awwwwww, that was so sweet of your husband!!! ;D

    & maybe the grass in your parents' back yard is just better than your neighbor's? lol That's so weird, but I'm sure nice to look :)


  24. That food reminds me of the breakfasts I used to have on the weekends! Your mum should give us her recipes! :D

    That's so sweet of your husband to welcome you home with a gift. You picked a keeper! ^^

  25. I love these photo diary posts of everything random!! Especially of lots of food. LOL. Love you, Lisa!!!! <3

  26. awwww your hubby is sooo sweet! :)

    love the food pictures. definitely made me hugry. :P

    having deer visit your backyard seems fun haahaha!

  27. nice post to have ur friend, and the necklace ur hubby picked is just awesome!!!lucky u!!

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    Miss Kwong - Art and Fashion

  28. I love to eat the oyster vermicelli too! I had that in Taipei a couple of years back. The famous one (Ah Zhong)...

    Germany soon already?? Exciting!! :)

  29. I love the necklace! Your hubs has such fantastic taste - can't wait to see you wear it :) And Lisa I think we are Taiwanese food soulmates - I LOVE all the food you post, if you're ever back in the Bay let me know and we'll go eat!! :)

  30. Haha that's so random how the deer like to graze on your parents' grass and not the neighbors'. And you have changed quite a bit since high school Lisa. I always love looking at others' old photos and seeing how their style has changed since. Your hubby has great taste btw - that statement necklace is beautiful!

  31. Your husband is so adorable. He also writes like a woman. BUT I LOVE IT!! He has such nice handwriting. His handwriting is better than mine now that I think about it. LMAO!!!

    DEER!!?!?!> SO LUCKY! I love deer :) Reminds me of bambi.


  32. omg where is that awesome food from? the first 2 pictures?!!? i wanna go lol

    ps ew to the pictures of me

    pps lucas has awesome taste that is a gorgeous necklace!

  33. nice pictures (:! , the dog is cuteee and the food looks good!

    CMPang x

  34. I'm salivating looking at the Taiwanese dishes! Hope your move went well.

  35. Your husband is so thoughtful and your friend is just as adorable as you are. I love old school pics...they are always so funny

  36. The food looks amazing!!! The necklace is so pretty, your hubby has good taste.