Monday, October 17, 2011

Moving to Germany!

Ceasar salad w/ fresh anchovies

Frankfurt Airport the hubs and I had some delicious Italian food! 

Margharita Pizza

Pasta Carbonara w/ Fussili

Omgosh this was SO NOMMY!!!  It had the most delicious cream sauce and giant pieces of pancetta!

I found these adorable reusable shopping totes at the airport!! 

When I showed them to the hubs he said 'aww cute little sperm'



Our hotel room!  It was more like an efficiency suite since we weren't sure how long we would have to stay at a hotel because we weren't sure how apartment/house hunting was going to go for us.  It's a pretty awesome deal the room was very clean and it was only $49 Euro's a night which is about $60 USD.

Our crazy luggage!!

One of the most best things about moving to another country? 

Trying the SNACKS! bahahaha.

How adorable is this? 

 I showed it to the hubs and he said "awww cute little titties"



Germany is big on Doner Kebab's.  They're essentially their version of a Gyro's but they are like a BILLION times tastier and yummier than a gyro.  I think in our first week  here we ate like 5 of them.  To be totally honest I still have no idea what meat is in it. HAHAHAHA. scary right?  It tastes like chicken.. and pork.. maybe both? HAHAHAHA.

They have these tasty sandwiches everywhere.  There are like 4 of them on one street alone and probably 20+ of these shops scattered throughout our city.

They are also really big on gelato.  They have a ton of gelatorias scattered throughout the city and they have the most delicious geltao.  Ice cream does not even compare.. to be honest american gelato doesn't even compare.  If German gelato tastes this good I can't wait to try Italian geltao!!! haha.

Our local shoppin center.

Which has a giant drugstore/conveniance store in the basement.

And a grocery store!

Germany's verision of fast food.  They serve all sorts of seafood predominately fish. 

But they serve it in almost any form you can think of: fried, pickled, grilled, sushi.

Fish w/ champagne sauce & potatoes, Fried fish baguette sandwich, potato salad and brocooli gratin

There are also lots of cafe's scattered throughout the city and they are opened super late and you can order beer and drink outside!!  It's very neat but I still find it surprising that you can go to a cafe and order Coffee or order Beer heheheh.

They also have the most delicious cupcakes!  I've noticed that the sweets in Germany are a lot less sweet than compared with the US.  I actually prefer the Germany sweets they're similar to how Asian sweets taste. 

More Germany posts soon!! :)


  1. Can't believe you're in Germany already. I really enjoyed this post. It's fun to see how life is in a different country. Wish you and your hubs best of luck!

  2. LOVED this post. I got to visit Germany over spring break during my semester abroad, so it's so fun seeing all your pictures! Kinders are the best, and so is gelato! I had SO MUCH gelato in Italy, lol.

  3. It's always so interesting going to a new place and getting to experience all the new food! What is that crazy dessert your hubby's eating? It looks gigantic.

    xo, alison*elle

  4. The food looks amazing. Yay for being in Germany. My sister lives in Heidelberg. Your husband is so funny but he ruined that adorable tote, I thought they looked like cute dumplings.

  5. LOL, I laughed crazy when I read your husband's comment about the tote bag! Yay for getting to Germany safely!! Looking forward to all your European posts!

  6. omg i cannot believe you've moved to germany!! i'm sure it will be am amazing adventure =) can't wait to keep reading about your travels!

  7. the happy hippo candy bar looks good!!! ur hubby is hilarious!

  8. Lisa, only you could make airport food look like you're dining at Wolfgang Puck's. Thanks for the sneak peek of Germany. I wonder what the chinese cuisine is like? Looking forward to hearing more about your crazy adventures!

  9. I LOVE eating snacks from other countries! I stock up on so many of them and then get disappointed later, but it's all part of the fun. There are these German peanut curls that are sooooo delicious and addicting. If you ever find them (I forget the name), stock up on some because they are ffffffaaaaaannnttttaaasssttticccc!
    Your husband's "sperm" comment made me laugh!
    ♥ laura

    the blog of worldly delights

  10. I am so excited for you!! Good luck apartment/house hunting!

    Can't wait to see more!

  11. Airport food was "yummy?" That's amazing because SFO tastes like BLAH! I steer clear from airport food.
    And the hotel looks great for $60 a night!
    I can't wait for you to update us on your new Germany life! But wait -- you never told us why you had to move :(

    Just Better Together

  12. I love how the snacks are all animal shaped!! I can't wait to learn more about life in Germany from you!

  13. OMG! Nordsee and Doner Kebaps!! Ahh those were my favorite things in Austria!! Can't wait to see more pictures and hear more about your life in Germany! ^o^

  14. i want to go there one day soon! it mustve been so fun


  15. lol your husband is so funny,i wouldn't have seen those that way if it wasn't for that O.O but anyway germany seems like a nice place to be at! can't wait to read your upcoming posts!!

  16. Yammi, yammi foods!! Sweet photos!!:) Cool crock!!:)

  17. OMG u're in Deutschland!!! Gutten morgen! hehehe Can't wait for more posts from you :)

  18. wowww germany looks amazing! AND SO MUCH GOOD FOOD, hope you guys enjoy your awesome new life!!!!! and lol at your husband, boys will be boys *sigh*

  19. OH MY GOD - you are already in Germany, Lisa!!! The doggies appeared a bit suffering from jet lag, poor things. So many new and exciting places to explore. Man, I love that beer mug with a gun handle lol. Your hub seems extra happy sipping German beer there. Cant wait to see and hear more.

  20. Goodluck in germany! I'm sure you'll have a great time!

  21. Hey girl - how many suitcases did you fill up with your gorgeous pumps alone?

    Yum - beer and fried fish sandwiches, I'm so there. Honestly, my sister just got back from Germany a few weeks back and she LOVED it! It's on my growing list of places to go.

    Good luck on apartment hunting and I cannot wait to read more about your German adventures!

  22. haha lucas is hilarious!

    all the food looks delish! can't wait to see more pics of germany, looks like you two are getting settled in :)

  23. Good lucky, Honey! I love Germany! :)

    Btw what a pistol cup? Looks fun!


  24. love this, Lisa! my own free tour of Germany. hahah. i love those Kinder snacks!!!! the chocolate is sooooo good. i would love to try all the different snacks!!

    can't wait to see more! hope you're having fun exploring your new hometown!

  25. Mmm omg! Look at all that yummy food~ I hope you 2 have a good time and enjoy the adventure!!

  26. Haven't commented in a while, just wanted to say thanks for sharing all the pics of your new home. My sis moved to the Netherlands about 10 years ago, and I know a big move like this can be very stressful, but you have your wonderful man to team up with! Enjoy your new city, I have visited Germany a few times, and it's true what they say, the Germans are super punctual and polite. Try to get out to the country a bit. The Rheinland (about 200km north of Frankfurt) has some beautiful towns, such as St. Goar and St. Goarhausen. Oh, and the plain but hearty food! You're going to have so much fun!

  27. I don't even know when to start! First, your hubs seems to be enjoying all the beer there already! hahaha Second, I NEED That hippo chocolate kinder give to my bf because he loves their chocolate! Three, I can't believe u manage to fit your life into those luggage's! Where are your bags?! Carefully stored Im sure LOL! Oh and lastly, those eco bags are too adorable and look like something you'd find more in asia but your that he mentions it LOL but hey, those are cute sperm! And that's when you make him carry the sperm bag LOL

  28. oh wow--germay?!? that's so exciting!!

  29. your hubs and i would get along so well. he's so funny!

    oh lisa! i can't believe you're in germany! food looks amazing though.

  30. The drugstores here in Germany are at each corners of a city and the one on your photo shows my favourite one ;)
    The Doner Kebab is from Turkey and almost all German and Turks are eating it.
    It´s mostly out of beef.
    I hope you enjoy your time here.
    And you realy have to try Kinder Riegel :)

  31. I always prefer to stay at Motel 1 as well, they are effing awesome and super affordable, so it leaves room for other expenses like lots of food and shopping hehehee!
    Kinder happy hippo is the best! I'm an addict :D

  32. Oh about the Thai places, yes the best Thai I ever had was in Germany. Also amazing Vietnamese and Korean food. Soooo good and fresh and for a fraction of the the price one van find in let's say Paris (also famous for the good asian restaurants)

    Looks like you had a very good time!

  33. omg, Kebab's....yum! I love those things. I don't think I appreciated them enough when I lived in Germany. Enjoy your time there, it's beautiful and there is SO much to do/see.

  34. oh gosh, i've been totally out of the loop, i didn't know you moved to germany! i was gonna say i'm gonna miss you, but i just realized you are still here with even more interesting posts! i wish you and your husband a wonderful stay in germany! :D

    <3, Mimi

  35. I know this comment is late, but better now then never, right? I know in Turkey Doner was beef, so hope this helped. :)