Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Exploring Germany w/ the doggies!

This is the view from the bus square!  This is where all the bus's converge in the city.  Germany has AMAZING public transportation.  There is a bus stop on every street and the buses go everywhere!  They are also a bajillion times cleaner than the buses in the US.

I'm super loving all the pretty houses in Germany.  The buildings are just gorgeous!

Germany is UBER dog friendly you can take your dogs everywhere!  We've seen dogs at the mall, even inside the fitting room.  We've also seen dogs at restaurants even nice ones and the dogs can sit inside, we've also seen dogs inside McDonalds!  You can take your dog in taxi's, on the bus, even on the train.  They actually have an button on the automated ticket machine for the train and it's a picture of a dog so you can buy your dog a ticket!

Much of Germany is going through a rebuilding process so you often see really gorgeous old buildings right along side new sleek and modern construction.

Hehehe this just reminded me of Alice in Wonderland :p

What an a typical streets in our city look like.

More nommy Gelatoria's!

AHAHAHAHA I just really wanted to get this.  Apparently they are really big on doing this with desserts.  This one is "spaghetti & tomato sauce w/ parmasean cheese" which is just vanilla gelato and strawberry sauce with white chocolate shavings on top.  They also have pizza, lasagne and various other Italian specialities all made with gelato!

Our town square :)

This is how Napoleon hangs out on the street hahaha.

Duck Curry and coconut rice

They surprisingly have LOTS of Thai food places here and they're actually REALLY good.. I actually think some of the curries are even better then back home!

Various sushi

Umm.. the sushi however not so much.  I don't think we'll be eating any more sushi for the rest of our stay in Germany hahah.

More pictures of our town square.

and another :)  Do you feel like you're in Germany with me?? :)

I love love the cobble stone streets!!

We have a BMW dealership right across from our hotel and my husband is officially obsessed with getting a mini cooper.  I have to admit it's so adorable!!

That wraps up today's post with the doggies :)


  1. Aw too bad about the sushi. The curry looks great. Your dogs are so cute. I wish public transportation was as nice in the U.S. as other places in the world.

  2. OMG, you're in Germany?!! LOL How fun! I love thai food! Duck curry is my FAVORITE. Too bad about the sushi though!! Omg, and your dogs got to go?!

  3. Being from Vancouver, I don't think I'd be able to live without sushi. It's literally on every street corner here! Love all these pics... your town/city looks so nice and kind of peaceful?

    xo, alison*elle

  4. That's great that the place is so dog friendly! I have a Shih Tzu puppy myself and it kills me that I can't take her with me to places here in the states. Enjoy your stay!

  5. Wah, you've made it to Germany! Glad to read that you're adjusting well to your new home/environment. Seems like your doggys are loving the life. :D Loving the pics!

  6. I'm glad to know Germany is dog friendly! :) That's too great. :D Thank you for sharing your new home with us!!

  7. Thank you for the tour!! It looks like such a lovely little town, so picturesque!

  8. AWWW! I totally feel like I'm there with you! All that gelato looks sooooo nommy! And in so many different flavors too!
    ♥ laura
    the blog of worldly delights
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  9. Aww your new town is the epitome if a quaint European town. Yum how cool that you get great Thai food!

    Chic 'n Cheap Living

  10. awww wonderful picts! bf also just came back and took so many photos! hehe. u must be really enjoying germnay right now!! its so awesome that its so dog friendly there, how i wish i was there!:)
    i didnt know you were from Thailand!:D

  11. I was showing pictures of your dogs to my little girl and she said, "i wanna go to the doggies' house" and I said, "sorry, honey they are in Germany"

    Looks like you guys are adapting well. Why was the best burger I have ever eaten was in Spain and the best pasta dish I had was in Paris? I love European interpretations of foods we take for granted here in the States.

    Great, now I want gelato!

    Your pictures are great - can't wait to see more!

  12. Looks like so much fun !! The buildings are gorgeous !


  13. everything looks so quaint! :) napoleon seems to be having a grand time haha!

    ohhhhh, and i absolutely love gelato! :D

  14. Gelato galore! love the photos and your cute doggies seems to be enjoying their new home.

  15. thanks for sharing these beautiful pix of Germany! That's so awesome that you can bring your dogs everywhere with you! if only it's like that here in the states!

  16. Wow Lisa, that sounds like an ultimate doggies' paradise right there. Your buddies seem super happy. The city def is clean and buildings are lovely. I think i could move there since you mentioned there are a bunch of good Thai food, yummm!!

  17. you had me at thai food! germany looks so incredibly beautiful and I can already picture a whole line-up of OOTDs featuring those gorgeous cobbled streets!. shame about the sushi but I'd be willing to compromise...gelato...nomnom

  18. Wow, I really do feel like I'm there with you! Looks like you're having a great time.

  19. Looks gorgeous! Hope you're enjoying your time in Germany.

  20. Haha, that's so true about the sushi :/
    there's a sushi chain called bento box, which isn't too bad though... see if they have one in your area!
    If you're in the Cologne/Duesseldorf area, I can also recommend some places :)

    one of my fav ice cream cafes also has ice cream carbonara, tortellini, etc. :)

    have you gone to a brauhaus yet? the bratwurst is surprisingly good! and try currywurst express sometime too, it's interesting :)

  21. Sigh, it is the perfect place for doggies! The first thing I'm doing if I move to Germany is to adopt a doggie :)

    I saw the gelato place in tv recently, the guy that owns the place has a very interesting story, he inherited the place from his Italian family (he is 3rd generation there) and is the most popular ice cream parlor in Germany. lol at the "spaghetti"!!!

  22. Sweet post! I love dogs! Delicious ice-creams!!

  23. You're in Germany already. Great to hear and welcome to Germany. Your pictures are amazing and it really looks like your having lots of fun. Did you try some of the German candy yet? Remember the DUPLO chocolate bars I once posted on my blog? You really gotta try them :)

  24. Looks lovely! Enjoy exploring a new place!

  25. the sushi looks like the kind they sell at giant haha

    but everything else looks so amazing!! so glad you and the fam are having fun there!

  26. Awww, such cute pics Lisa. Germany is really pretty, I loved looking at all the different houses when I visited last year. And the gelatto looks delicious. I hope the move is going well for you, have fun!

  27. So lucky you live in a pet-friendly place. Lovely pics, Soog. ;) The whole fam-bam looks very happy.

  28. Gorgeous photos!! You, your hubby, and your dogs look so happy! <3

  29. yes, that totally felt like i explored germany too! thanks for the wonderful photos and accompanying stories! :D

    <3, Mimi

  30. I love how it's so clean! And the doggies can go everywhere. Awesome. That duck curry. Looks soooooooooo good!


  31. You should come to Japan for yummy sushi! :)