Friday, April 13, 2012

Dusseldorf & Other Randomness!

We headed to Dusseldorf for the weekend!!  Did you know Dusseldorf, Germany has the largest population of Japanese ex-pat's in ALL of Europe!  Do you know what that means??  Getting my Japanese grub on!! muhahaha!

I'm currently completely obsessed with this Maxi dress that I got from Forever 21 it's the most amazing Orchid color!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE!  I'm also obsessed with the dagger necklace I found at H&M! :)

Adding in the Hubs (because he's soooo much cooler than me ::CRIES:: hahaha :)!

It's so pretty here!

Please excuse my very scruffy slightly homeless looking dogs.. they are in desperate need of a haircut.. but I've been reluctant to take them to the groomers because it's so cold here.

I LOVEEEEEEEEEE Molton Brown products!

I could not get over how adorable this cafe was!

Ebi Fry w/ Tonkatsu sauce
Miso soup & Oyakodon

OMGGGG the Oyakodon was SOOO delicious!! I was literally hyperventilating as I was eating it bahahahaha!  I dunno.. maybe it's because I haven't had good Japanese food in like 8+ months! :p

Found an amazing Japanese bakery with some of my favorite things that I use to eat on the daily when I still lived in Hawaii! YAY! :)

So pretty!  I love cherry blossoms!

It's Ramen time! 

I've been having SERIOUS ramen withdrawals.. like really good and rich ramen.. and I had read that there was a place that had AMAZING ramen!

Had to snap a pic of this because it says "TAIWAN RAMEN" MUHAHAH!  Taiwan pride! :p Coincidentally there were two girls eating behind me that were FROM Taiwan!!  I got all excited hahah it helped ease a little bit of the homesickness :)

Chicken Karaage 


It was soooo nommy!  It was piping hot, crunchy but not too much breading and soooo juicy.

Chicken Karaage Ramen

Look at that GIANT spoon! 

I seriously wanted to jack the spoon.. muhahaha I need a big soup spoon like this at home haha.  

How ADORBS is the Hubs hahahah :p

BTW this was about 15 min after the restaurant opened (and yes we were the first patrons in line hahah).  We tried to go the restaurant TWICE the day before.. but both times they had like RIDICULOUSLY long lines and we gave up waiting both times.. so we decided to get there 30 min before they opened the next day.  The things I will do (and make the Hubs do muhahah) for good food!

Miso Ramen

My ramen was amazing.. the miso was soooo rich and creamy you could tell they threw in some pork bones in there because the soup was way more delicious than a typical miso soup.  The noodles were the perfect texture.. apparently their noodles come straight from Sapporo, Japan.  The best part was the meat.. they had Char Siu.. which was only OK..  but the star was this fried thin fatty pork they threw in there. OMGGGGGGGG the thin fatty pork was SO GOOD it was so good it was almost disgusting hahaha.

Completely obscene shot of my eggs.  And yes it tasted completely obscene as well!!! :p

Our verdict?  The Hub's said this was the best Ramen meal he's ever had in his entire life.. I dunno if it's the best in my entire life.. but I would def say it beats out any place in the SF Bay area and it's definitely on par with the ramen from Hawaii!! WHOOP WHOOP!  To bad it's also 4+ hours away *sigh* I cannot believe I have to drive 8 hours for ramen!! ARGH!  But it was worth it! :p

For MONTHS the Hubs has been walking around our city and pointing at different people wearing Superdry jackets and wondering a loud where they were getting them from.  Well on our LOOOONG 4+ hour drive back from Dusseldorf we fell upon a giant outlet and decided to take a break and check it out.  Low and behold a Superdry outlet store!  The Hubs was ecstatic and found an awesome jacket which he's completely in love with.

Even better is that I went on the Superdry website after I got home to check out the prices.. and the jacket he picked up is BRAND NEW and still being sold on the website.. and he got it for about $30 bucks cheaper!!! MUHAHAHA. I have a sickness.. I NEED to feel like I got a good deal..

Some of you that follow me on twitter may have seen my latest acquisition!  A pair of something blue that I picked up in Dusseldorf!

Which I have since moved onto my shoe shelf! 

Are you totally surprised that they aren't a pair of blue shoes HAHA!!  

They are in fact a pair of Foo Lions and not what is commonly misinterpreted in English as Foo Dogs.. I'm not entirely sure why they are translated into Dogs.. possibly because of the Shih tzu which in Chinese literally translates to "Lion Dog".

Anyways I loooooove love them on my shoe shelf.. especially next to my pair of fuchsia Brian Atwoods.. however now that I've mentioned a "pair of something blue" I am starting to feel that I desperately need a pair of blue shoes bahahahahahaha. oy.


  1. Oh my, those Foo Lions look SOOO good on those shelf! The colour I'm absolutely in love with! And how beautiful are those sceneries!!
    Your scruffy dogs are so fluffy is so cute!!


  2. *drool* the food you guys are eating looks so delicious! and your dogs are way too adorable!!!! and your shoe collection is so pretty!

    have a good one!

  3. love the layered bracelets!

    isn't dusseldorf where the lindt chocolate factory is? i visited there when i was in germany!

  4. OMG! i wish were there at the same time, we could have double dated tehe :3 this makes me so happy :p what a really cute coincidence!

  5. I HAD RAMEN TODAY! bwahahaha, gotta love farmers market at the ferry building on tues/thurs.
    dusseldorf looks awesome - my boss always said it was a cool city..

  6. You guys take the best trips! And I love the foo lions on your shelf! Now I'm super hungry and need to go pinch the hubs and ask why we can't take such amazing trips..

  7. o0o the food sounds yummy!!

    Superdry is a pretty popular brand nowadays.

  8. Ah, all the food looks so yummy. That giant spoon is amazing, I would totally want to take it too HAHA.

    xo, alison*elle

  9. so jealous of your ability to be so close to such amazing places for travel! your dogs are just PRECIOUS

  10. i think they look right at home with your gorgeous shoes! ;) and oh man, yummy food!!! now i'm craving japanese food, haha!

    <3, Mimi
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  11. this looks like an amazing trip!!! i really like the moustache labbit in one of your pictures (i have a plush version ^_^).

    I'm so happy that ur husband was able to find a super dry store! I love super dry :)

    last but not least... i am so jealous of ur shoe closet. love love love! esp ur mcqueens :O

    elle x

  12. LOL @ homeless looking dogs! I know how you feel. My Wally (white fluffball) starts looking really homeless too if he doesn't get his hair done. hahaha

    Can I have your shoes? Please?! ;)

  13. I'm in love with your shoe cabinet! I DIE! Love the color of your maxi dress too! I had ramen after a night of alcohol intoxication. Man, I'm hungry!

  14. OISHII!!!! The ramen looks SO good and that egg looks RIDICULOUS! How on earth do they make it like that? *droooooooooooooooool*

  15. the food pictures! omg! i love raman, it's my absolutely favourite food ever!
    i can't believe you found a super dry store, i always wanted to go to one but can never find one, the only super dry stuff i can find here are the few stray pieces that some asian store sells next to a bunch of other brands.
    oo the foo lions look so cool, are they for good luck? they look like bodyguards for your shoes haha

  16. Such a packed post!!! Hahaha I find it hilarious how I get super excited over your food and shopping adventures...oh well I must live vicariously through someone right! Super duper hungry now, might have to substitute craving for Jap for instant noodles :'(

  17. Lisa I adore your food pics! My mouth waters every time. The ramen looks delicious! And the foo lions are beautiful!

  18. hey Lisa! I envy you! I love all your photos and those cherry blossoms are just so lovely! We don't have them here in the Philippines, but it's in my bucket list that I should be able to see and have a lot of photos of them soon! OOh i love Superdry! I think they have great jacket styles! great for hubby!


  19. Thank you for sharing your pictures. The foods look yummy. I have yet to try ramen. I hope to soon.

  20. The ramen looks great! If you like ramen, come to Southern California for the best ramen in the universe! (Other than in Japan of course...)

  21. wow I can so do with a bowl of hot ramen right now!! Your picture looks soooo good!!!!
    And you should do a full shot of you in your maxi dress ;)

  22. Have the exact same pair of Foo Lions and LOVE them !!! So cute with all your pretty shoes !!


  23. You're making me hungry haha I love your dress a very nice shade pf purple and the pictures are beautiful

  24. hi how are you ......where didi you find this outlet

  25. Good pictures! The puppys are ohhhhhh soooo cute! You're still lovely:)

  26. Love your dress doll! The dog statues are so gorgeous. I love their lacquered finish.

    This is so cute! I see that you picked up that adorable Gap dress (both you and I and everyone else wanted this). It looks perfect w/ the cute little Sperry's. I've seen them in metallic too- have you seen those? I thought they looked really cool.

    The Fashionable ESQ
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  27. Those Foo Lions are amazing.
    Also that food has made me so hungry!!
    Looks like you had a great time!

  28. aw mans. i wrote a giant comment only for it to delete when i tried to post it! long story the orchid purple on you. andddd i want to eat everything you just had! nom nom nom

  29. Hello, miso ramen, you are making me droooool!

    (Taiwanese foods that I miss most - the oyster omelettes, dan dan mian, and the thick soup with the fin noodles they sell on the street stands that I can't remember the name of but can still almost taste!)

  30. Awww you must have missed all your Asian foods! Wait till u come to Vancouver!! I will take you out to some of the really good Japanese restaurants :) love the blue dragons haha I actually thought they were dogs too hahaha

  31. That Ramen looks good!

    I miss Mexican food so much (Australia would not know good Mexican if it hit it in the face) - that when I found a good restaurant here, I've been known to go wait in line early to get in.

  32. That dress and the colour is soooo pretty it makes me want to cry a little bit. :p
    The dogs look fine...they will get a haircut when they are ready...:P
    Also, I saw this necklace in H&M and didn't pick it up...seeing it here makes me think that,that was an awful idea...!

  33. wow your outfit is soo pretty and i love the blue statue...soo nice with your shoe collection...and the food looks yummy^^ and i love youor dog soo cute...i just want to hug them^^

  34. great inspiration! love the first pic!
    thanks for sharing!

    if you like we can follow each other on bloglovin :)
    let me know!

  35. Yay you finally got your Japanese food fix! I don't know what I would do if I had a craving and wouldn't be able to fulfill it instantly! The food looks sooo good :)

    Can't believe they have Superdry outlets over in Europe! I love my superdry jackets, but they're super expensive over here.. about $80-$100 more than the US price on the website! I decided to make an online order with them during Christmas for my bf since they have free shipping to N. America.. but then I paid about $50 in customs & duties. So lame!

    Your new "something blue" looks great with all your shoes - such a vibrant pop of colour!

  36. Can I have all your shoes, pretty please? Hehe cute Foo Lions
    Love the pics from your trips. I hope to visit one day

  37. I am SO hungry right now! ha ha :) love your new addition to your shoe shelves! A pair of shoes in this shade of blue would be AMAZZZING! :)

    Love, Rachel

  38. I'm so glad you found good ASIAN food where you are coz you mentioned that it's so difficult to find Asian food. I love ramen too. Those with pork bones broth. Yummy yummy. I totally understand what you mean by the fatty meat. Yummy. Love them... and I don't usually like fatty (jellyish) stuff.

    I got the same Molten Brown miniature shampoo at home now. It was a wedding favour from my hubby's friend. We haven't gotten round to using it though.

    Aren't Foo lions for feng shui purpose? No? I'm not really a traditional person though. I could be wrong.

    My hubby is back and he's beside me playing game. I was just telling him about you and your hubs and how excited you were to know he's from the Air Force.

  39. Did not know that about Dusseldorf! I'm so glad to hear you got your Japanese food on!! Everything looks crazy GOOD. XD Wish we had a Superdry outlet here. I'm forced to make do with Nordstrom Rack...haha :P Love your bright blue foo lions. I think they are for protection or something?

  40. Cool photos. Love love you shoes collection !!!

  41. Yay I love good Japanese food! What is Taiwanese ramen??? I do miss Taiwanese cold noodles though - yum!

    Chic 'n Cheap Living

  42. love all the photos! those trees are blossoming and are soooo beautiful!!

  43. I can't believe how ridiculously cheap prices! I can't find any noodle dishes below £8 here. Oh. My. Goodness. I totally get you. I would've queued there too. I haven't had proper Japanese food since I got to the UK. I'm practically salivating just looking at these photos!

  44. i swear whenever i read your food posts, this bom chicka bowow music goes off in my head. food pron indeed lol.

  45. I love spring-homeless looking doggies-Chanel-sparkling bangles-noodles-cherry blossoms-shoes-AND YOU! Thanks for giving us a glimpse into your world. Have a wonderful week Lisa! Thanks for stopping by my blog.

    Always, SOULBeautiful x*s

  46. I didn't know that Dusseldorf had so many Japanese! :O what am I still doing here again???? I must get my bottom there fast and eat all those goodies asap!!! Thanks for all the recommendations!

    Love the blue dogs!


  47. You have a beautiful blog with so many inspiring posts! Congrats on your work!
    Would you like to keep in touch following each other?

  48. omg the food looks sooo deliciouss

  49. Omg a food eating trip! Bf and I need to do one of these but I know what he'll say "what's the point? Vancouver has all types of food you can want to eat" <-- gotta think of another excuse hahhaha Your fur babies look adorable scruffy! To be truthful I see lots of homeless peoples dogs in pristine condition! It's like the dogs groom themselves but I never see them matted or too dirty looking, it's so strange!!!! Not to mention they are loyal to the max, I could never trust my dog to be off leash when we go for walks, not even if he had a leg chomp off! I also love love love your arm candy!!! To die for!!! *sigh* I wanna wear bangles so much but I have too much of a hard time always being conscious of them not falling off, it's really a kill joy =(

    P.s The best part of egg pudding is the burnt sugar syrup!!! OMG nom nom nom! <-- this goes for creme brulee as well hahahahaha except there's a crunchy layer too, omg I'm going to gain weight just by typing this post hahahaha

  50. Nice pictures! I went to dusseldorf next year!! =D and also got a picture at that store with all those bunny dolls! =D xx

    1. Oops i meant : i went to dusseldorf last year WAAHAHAH! XD

  51. Hey..I got tricked by you when I read a pair of blue..
    Thought it'd be shoes! LOL

  52. awwww! i dunno there many japnese over there n the foood was sooooooo looook delicious! it really cuteeeee seee how you n you husband always spending time together! :)